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Just A Trim The Mistake-Proof Hair Trimmer৳ 850
Just A Trim The Mistake-Proof Hair Trimmer৳ 800
Just A Trim৳ 750
Just A Trim cordless trimmer৳ 750
Just A trim Hair Trimmer৳ 750
Just A Trim৳ 750
Just A Trim Body Trimmer For Men৳ 750
Just A Trim Trimmer ৳ 525
Just A Trim Trimmer৳ 600
Just A Trim Trimmer৳ 640
Just A Trim Gentle৳ 950
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Just A Trim


Hair and beard are the most appealing part of men. You will notice these things first on a first meet. Also, men like to have a stylish look over their hair and beard. At the same time, your handsome looks depend on your hair and beard. So, having a good hair cut on your hair or beard is a must. Unless you will look so messy in any function or at a party. In terms of casual or formal fashion style, you have to depend on your dress code. Similarly, your hair and beard are also a part of your lifestyle.

In that case, a trimer is the only handy tool that can serve you quickly in a better way. You can get an instant beard trim or shape your hair without any hassle. That’s how you can be quick for any party or even for your daily office hours.

What is Just A Trim

Just A Trim is a small type of trimmer. It comes up with a basic trimming function and looks no big in shape. It's almost portable and easy to use. So that it is just perfect to use anywhere at any time. You don’t need to face that much hassle to trim your beard and hair.

Just A Trim comes with a small package and it looks silver and shiny in color. You will get two comb guards with your Just A Trim trimmer. Also, you will get a small cleaning brush with it. Just for your knowledge that it runs with two AAA pencil batteries. So that it is almost safe to use.

How to Use

People say that Just A Trim is a mistake-proof trimmer. Just for its easiness to use it perfectly. Just A Trim is not like any other trimmer or shaver. It’s very compact and cordless with a cutting edge on the side. So that you don’t need to worry too much. You can use it just like a comb and it will trim from the side. While a normal trimer is hard to use because of its complex cutting and trimming function. At the same time, Just A Trim is very light, slick and easy to use. All you need to put the comb guard on your trimmer for medium or short trim. And that’s how you can get an easy trim every time.  

Where to Buy JUST A TRIMMER?

You can buy Just A Trim on any local store. Also, you can get this product at your nearest super shops as well. But you can look at online stores to buy this product easily. So that you can check the price varies on the stores. You can also get assured about the quality of the product by checking product ratings and reviews. is one of the best ideal online stores in Bangladesh. So that you can find all your favorite products at this store. At the same time, you can get home delivery easily. You can get various promotional offers and price cuts on their hot selling items too.   

Available Products on

You can find anything on without any hassle. You can find your favorite product simply by searching on it. You can use their web site or apps from the play store. makes shopping so easy for you. Where you don’t need to visit any shop or maintain a queue for billing. It's just simple and also you can pay in advance or cash on delivery. So that you can be tension free.

You can get a Just A Trim trimmer on It is also a hot selling item among the online stores.


You can get all these in with your JUST A TRIM Trimmer

  • White or Silver
  • 2 Comb Guard
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • Easy to Use
  • Run with 2 AAA Battery

Pricing on Ajkerdeal.Com

You can get verities of the product on You can also buy a product on different price ranges. Original products can cost you a bit higher while replicas can cost you a bit less.

You can Just A Trim Cordless Trimmer within the price range of 500 TK to 999 TK. always offers you the best price with the best quality product from their merchants.

Quality of Products always tries to ensure the quality of their products. So that the customer gets the best quality product within their budget limit. It always tries to offer a competitive price from the other online stores. always tries to mention ‘replica’ or ‘copy’ on the product's title so that you can know earlier before buying whether you are buying an original product or a replica.  

Reason to Buy Just A Trim

  1. Easy to use
  2. Portable and cordless
  3. Safe to use
  4. Edge cutting
  5. Compact and lightweight
  6. Instant use and Sharp trim


You can get a lot of trimmer or shaver for your hairstyle. But using a handy and suitable one is always preferable. So that you can use it instantly to get a sharp look. Just A Trim is a mistake-proof trimmer for its simplicity. It's easy to use as a comb. At the same time, it is hassle-free for being portable and cordless. So that it is just perfect to take while you are on travel and you don’t need to be worried about its charging.