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Jovan Black Musk Body Spray UAE৳ 350
Gents Wrist Watch (Copy) + Jovan Black Musk Body Spray Combo Offer৳ 474
jovan sex apple Roll On Perfume for Men 6ml - France ৳ 230
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JOVAN Watches & Perfume Price Online in Bangladesh

Basically there is a list of some of the known commercially available Brands from the century onwards, sortable by year, name, company, perfumer, boutiques and the authority for its notability. Many Brands names are the same but their company, products and manufacturers are different at the same time. Jovan meaning of God is gracious, Father and the word is a Hebrew and Latin origin.

Brands Of Jovan

A list of some commercially available brands are found by the name of Jovan Brand. Another Jovan brand of watches is also a famous brand. Jovan krstevski is the founder of watch geek known as Wrist Review Blog where found every exclusive first-hand look at both new watches and new start-up watch brands. And of course,a very well known brand of perfume is Jovan perfume and Jovan cologne actually part of Coty Inc. brand create the history of fragrance business. Jovan brand now becomes an industry benchmark by their marketing policy were found its unique fragrance of perfumes for men and women.

History Of Jovan Watch And Jovan Perfume & Cologne

Basically, Jovan Kritevsky is the founder, proprietor and executive editor of  watchgeek established in 2011. It is known as Wrist Review Blog, where people find, explore luxurious watches, discovered various collections and enjoy Wristwatches . At the early age Jovan Kritevsky has always been love with wristwatches. He is the watch collector and adorer of watches and that's why he passionately writes for a number of publications about wrist watches reviews, which is one of the most widely read watch blogs in the world. Most of the WristReview readers are visiting from the USA, but Europe and Asia are also heavily populated with the audience, WristReview also covers watch events such as SIHH and BaselWorld so that people looking for an exceptional, exclusive features of watches. 

Another world known brand is Jovan with a longstanding history. Paris is the place for perfume and Chicago is synonymous with stockyards. But Bernard A.Mitchell, a sixtyish entrepreneur who  was going to start a perfume company in Chicago in 1968. Bernard Mitchell had started it with little more than an intention to break into the fragrance business.  Jovan perfumes forms part of the Coty Inc . portfolio of brands. Jovan has 46 perfumes in their  fragrance base, and their fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Murray Moscona, Domitille Bertier and Nadège Le Garlantezec. Jovan still produces many of  classics, including Musk, White Musk, Musk for Men, Sex Appeal, Island Gardenia, Black Musk, and Gingeng NRG. has  a huge collection of 200k products from a number of versatile categories. So visit AjkerDeal website for checked out the prices of Jovan products.

Benefits Of Using Perfumes

“ A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself a costume that differs according to the woman who wears it ” quoted by Paloma Picasso. But in general, every individual thinks that perfumes and deodorants do not only help to remove body odor but also boosts your morale also.

  • Perfume primarily used for fragrance and this is the most important part of a whiff of perfume.
  • One of the main benefits of wearing perfume is enhancing the mood and helps to lift your spirits.
  • A good perfume makes you attractive which draws an attraction.
  • Many perfumes sometimes function like a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Perfume can also be an important trigger of a happy memory. The different perfumes will remind you of each vacation and help you relive those moments.
  • Perfume has many relaxing and therapeutic benefits. Citrus fruit, floral and winter spice perfumes help calm the mind and soothe the body and ensure your stress levels are in control by the Aromatherapy.

Jovan Perfumes for Women 

  • Jovan Muse Perfume
  • Jovan White Musk Perfume 
  • Jovan Island Gardenia Perfume 
  • Jovan Black Musk Perfume 
  • Jovan Fever Perfume 
  • Jovan Individuality Air Perfume 
  • Jovan Individuality Earth Perfume 
  • Jovan Intense OUD Perfume 
  • Jovan Pink Musk Perfume 
  • Jovan Satisfaction Perfume
  • Jovan Secret Amber Perfume 
  • Jovan Silky Rose Perfume 
  • Jovan Tamarind Musk Perfume 
  • Jovan Woman Perfume 
  • Jungle Gardenia Perfume 
  • Wild Honeysuckle Perfume


Jovan Perfumes for Men 

  • Jovan Musk Cologne
  • Sex Appeal Cologne
  • Jovan Black Musk Cologne
  • Jovan White Musk Cologne
  • Jovan Tropical Musk Cologne
  • Jovan Ginseng Nrg Cologne
  • Jovan Fever cologne
  • Jovan Platinum Musk Cologne
  • Jovan satisfaction Cologne
  • Jovan Heat Fired Up Cologne


Jovan Black Musk

Jovan Black Musk is the best fragrance of Jovan product. Its Musk fragrance continues to be a best-selling Musk brand in broad distribution. Musk is a line of cologne for men and women. This fragrance introduced in 1972. There are many Jovan Musk varieties are available of aftershave and deodorant. The company of Jovan produced of Black musk cologne which is blended of exotic spices and wood meets with the seductive power of musk. Jovan black musk has bold driving force and captivating features. In 2009, the company added its best of Black Musk collection around the world. A good perfume can boost your confidence Just like a pretty dress and ensure that you get through the day without feeling conscious of your body odor. A simple long-lasting of Black musk perfume can work wonders to your personality by fragrance.

If you love this brand and choice for as a gift because it found for both men and women and want to buy it, visit is the largest online of Bangladesh and have a look on there. If you place an order online then you will have the delivery within just a couple of business days.

Jovan Sex Appeal for Men 

Jovan sex appeal cologne perfume is used by mens for many decades. It introduced in 1976, woody, classical oriented spray for Men with long-lasting fragrance.

This product of Jovan is used for everyday purpose, it helps keep unwanted body odor at bay and ensures that you smell good throughout the day. It has a spicy and masculine smell Consisting of green notes and spices layered with the rich aroma of patchouli scent will last for hours after its application. Attractive Jovan Sex Appeal perfume cologne capacity is in 88ml.

If you want to find out this attractive scent perfume. Go to the website where you will find all 100% original branded products and check out the prices of perfumes like Jovan Sex Appeal perfume.

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Jovan which had become the stuff of many scented memories for millions of Americans and people around the world. Whether you are planning a special evening in town or a more intimate dinner with family and friends, the extraordinary masculine fragrance of Jovan perfume will create the response you desire.Choose a scent that suits your personality. 

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and here you will find all kinds of original and authentic brands. As mentioned earlier, Joban Brand is one of the most admired brands in our country. Before stock out visit trustable website and order your favorite fragrance.

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