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Buy Original JERGENS Products at Chep Price in Bangladesh

Moisturizing lotions are mainly intended to improve the skin. It’s a cosmetic preparation used for protecting, moisturizing the skin. It can be considered as a pharmaceutical product. Moisturizing cream based on techniques developed by pharmacy and unmediated creams is highly used in a variety of skin conditions. Moisturizing cream is for those who have oily problems or skin problems. Sometimes doctors suggest that type of cream for the body or skin. This may be a physical barrier or a chemical barrier as with sunscreen.  Moisturizing lotions helps to improve the body or skin from diseases or something that could be harmful.


Jergens is a moisturizing lotion brand that is called skincare cream. It was established in 1901. Their products are useful to all. It’s a natural health care cream that is useful for skin care. From the start, the Jergens was able to make body skincare cream that could make a healthy and bright full face.  Jergens moisturizing cream has been dedicated to helping women of all ages achieve soft, smooth, and sensuously gorgeous skin. Every moisturizer and body cleanser in their collection is designed to enhance how your skin looks and feels, to leave you total-body beautiful.

Brand Value

Jergens moisturizing lotion is a brand that their products are available to the world.  They are available in America, Asia, Middle-East, and Australia with more than ten countries. Their product is such a kind of product that is universally recognized. They started their business from the USA and now they are spread all over the world.  There is no brand quite like Jergens. It’s a brand of KAO Company. KAO is a leading beauty industry.  They work to enhance the unique strengths and values of the beauty care brands through the business foundation of Yoki-Monozukuri. This foundation allows it to offer products that meet the needs of the consumers by carefully studying the diverse range of people’s lifestyles and responding to changing needs and desires.

JERGENS Products

Jergens was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first product of Jergens was coconut oil soap. It was specially formulated to perform in hard water. After that, they are developing day by day. Now with vast products, they have a total of six categorized products.

  1. Daily moisturizers: Daily moisturizers go beyond simply moisturizing–transforming your skin to leave it smoother, softer, and more radiant. With Dry Skin, Sunscreen, Extra Dry Skin, Deep Conditioning, Refreshing, and Body Moisturizer lotion that are for Daily moisturizers cream.
  2. WET SKIN moisturizers: JERGENS WET SKIN moisturizers work with water to instantly lock in moisture from your shower. Skin stays soft and luminous all day, without a heavy, sticky feel. It's all-day moisture made simple. WET SKIN moisturizers with Enriching Shea Oil, Hydrating Coconut Oil, Restoring Argan Oil, Original Almond Essence types. Lock in lasting with Jergens wet skin products.
  3. Natural Glow: Natural Glow is self-tanning moisturizers. It will build your glow gradually or get a quick boost of color with instant sun. : Natural Glow is available with Instant Sun, Tropical Sunless, Sunless Tasting Mousse, Moisturizing Pumps, 3 Days To Glow. Jergens  Natural Glow is a full-body towelettes works with your unique skin tone to create a sun-kissed tan within hours and pool party vibes for days - all in a simple swipe.
  4. Body Butters: It will treat your skin and transparent your mind. The powerful combination of Shea, Coconut, and Mango butter work to deeply nourish and soften skin while alluring essential oils offer the perfect indulgence for both body and mind. It will provide lasting relief for normal to dry skin with a lightweight formula.
  5. Cleansers: it is a moisturizing soap and body washes for lasting softness. Cleansing your skin doesn’t have to mean drying it out. That's where Jergens mild bar soap and liquid soap come in. Take care of your skin with these gentle yet effective cleansers, soaps, and body washes that won’t strip away your natural moisture. Liquid hand washes, mild soap, deep restoring argan body wash, shea butter body wash, coconut body was his Cleansers product.
  6. SOL by JERGENS: The sun's perfect color in a bottle, self-tanner mode with natural sugar. Let the sun’s perfect color wash over you. Made with a tanning active derived from natural sugars, the new collection of self-tanners works with a unique skin tone to give you flawless, sun-inspired color. With sunless tanning water mousse and towelettes, tone-enhancing body bronzer, sunless tanning applicator mitt is produced by SOL of JERGENS.

Price At Ajkerdeal.Com

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Each JERGENS product is specially formulated to smooth away dryness and bring out glowing, healthier-looking skin. From classic Cherry-Almond scent to their innovations like JERGENS Natural glow products, moisturizers continue to go beyond the ordinary to help the skin look its best–so the unique beauty can radiate from the inside out. JERGENS continuously improve and innovate their products, brands, and business processes in order to stay one step ahead of changes in consumer lifestyles and the business environment.