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Buy Original IFAD Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

IFAD group was established in the year of 1985. IFAD Autos Limited was the first company of the IFAD group. The growth of the IFAD group was moving upward with the formation of another concern IFAD Enterprises Ltd. IFAD group has started its business in two different industries: automobile and electronics industries. From the beginning of the 21st century, IFAD Group has expanded itself to the consumer and agro-industry. IFAD Multi Products Ltd. had entered the consumer industry by manufacturing as well as supplying quality Atta, Maida, and Suji, followed by consumer iodized salt and industrial salt. Furthermore, from 2010, there was an increase in the consumer product line including premium drinking water, noodles, crackers, custard cakes, and biscuits. This group also founded the IFAD Agro Complex Ltd. which supplies the Hatchery and Fishery Industry of Bangladesh.


IFAD Enterprises Ltd. is another one of IFAD Group’s companies that traces back to the very beginning of its business activities. So, the IFAD group has four companies that are running nowadays. With these companies, IFAD became a group of companies that are serving the country across the world. The four companies of the IFAD group are given below:

  • 1-IFAD Autos Limited 1985
  • 2-IFAD Enterprises Limited 1988
  • 3-IFAD Multi Products Limited 2003
  • 4-IFAD Agro Complex Limited 2004

IFAD Autos Limited

IFAD Autos started their corporation in 1988. IFAD Autos are dependent on four path-Customer focus, Responsibilities, Aspiration, and Teamwork. In 1989 they introduced the country's double-decker bus and started tire business. In 1994 they were the only one agent of Ashok Leyland. In 1995 they started the bodybuilding of buses. In 2004 they earned a huge profit. They became a public limited company in 2011. The golden days of IFAD were, they were the best and highest importer of Ashok Leyland among 30 countries. In 2017 they at last assembled a plant. With 1000+ employees their sales value $750m. They already sold 40,000+ vehicles in the whole world.

IFAD Enterprises Limited

IFAD Enterprises Limited is a Bangladesh based (A Concern of IFAD Group) digital marketing agency specializing in helping businesses grow their online presence through digital marketing and optimize their operations through our software solutions and mobile applications. It was established in 1988. Formed in 2013 from the need for greater effectiveness, they are a passionate group of visionaries, technophiles, and strategists. IFAD Enterprises Limited digital-savvy but channel-agnostic. They are not typical agencies. IFAD Enterprises Limited is low on fluff and hell-bent on doing great work, because “good enough” is not in our vernacular. IFAD Enterprises Limited offers over 2000 compressors for mission-critical applications in Bangladesh.IFAD Enterprises Ltd. (a concern of IFAD Group) is a sole distributor of ELGi Equipments Ltd. India. ELGI Equipments Ltd. is an air compressor manufacturer that provides a range of compressed air solutions to the Manufacturing facility. It offers a range of compressed air solutions from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors, and centrifugal compressors, to dryers, filters, and downstream accessories. Its portfolio of over 400 products has applications across various industries, including food processing, pharmaceutical, automotive garages, textiles, paper, cement, steel making, electronics, air separation, water well drilling, and quarry. It offers coolants and lubricants, air audits, energy-saving products, and customer care services.

IFAD Multi Products Limited

IFAD Multi Products Ltd Instituted in 2003. IFAD Multi Products Ltd is recognized as one of the largest consumer food producers in Bangladesh. It began its journey by erecting one of the largest automated flour mills in the nation and currently contends as one of the largest suppliers of flour products. Concurrently the company also established itself as one the largest suppliers of salt, both consumer and industrial grade, following a thorough refining process that attributes to its superior quality. Currently, the company is also a major manufacturer and supplier of instant noodles, stick noodles, a varied range of biscuits and cookies, packaged whole spices and bottled drinking water extracted from local aquifers, all of which has been established in its own industrial park. The company has a number of other consumer products in its pipeline which will manifest itself in the very near future.



  • IFAD Egg Instant Noodles (chicken, masala)
  • IFAD Egg Stick Noodles
  • IFAD Instant Masala (8 packs)
  • IFAD Instant Noodles ( 5 packs)
  • IFAD Eggy Instant Noodles (8 packs)
  • IFAD Eggy (achari)
  • IFAD Eggy  Instant Noodles (tomyum)


  • IFAD Atta
  • IFAD Maida
  • IFAD Suji
  • IFAD Brown Atta



  • IFAD Drinking Water (500,1500,2000 ml)


  • IFAD PEP Up ( orange and mango flavour)


  • Kazu Delight
  • Jeera Biscuits
  • Cheesy Bites
  • Butter Delight
  • Choco Delight
  • Choco Cream
  • Choco Chips etc.


  • Wavy Chips ( wasabi,Bar-B-Q,salt and vinegar flavour)
  • Eggy Stix Chips (Bar-B-Q)
  • Eggy Pillow Chips
  • Custard Cake (chocolate,vanilla,strawberry)



  • IFAD Puffed Rice


  • IFAD Solid Gold Oil
  • IFAD Lachcha Semai


  • Iodized Salt

IFAD Agro Complex Limited

IFAD Agro Complex Limited is situated in Bhaluka, Mymensingh, and was established in 2004. Since its inception, the company has worked to establish itself as one of the most advanced and largest fish hatcheries in Bangladesh. Firstly, it was produced all kinds of Bengali fish but recently it produced only the mono-sex Tilapia for better competition. It has the capacity to produce 500kgs of renu (fish eggs) per season. It has 35 employees and 19 ponds is where the Tilapia is produced. Over an expanse of 400 acres, the project also capacitates the production of 10 million fingerlings and as well as 1500 tons per year in fish culture for local consumption. IFAD Agro complex is very popular with the farmers locally and it also marketing their mono-sex fingerling in B-baria, Comilla, Noakhali, Jessore, Sylhet, Chapainawabganj, and other regions in Bangladesh. Tilapia is one of the very testy and fast-growing fish species, so it has a great demand for the fish farmers and consumers. The best time for Tilapia farming is April to October. 17Alpha Methyl Testosterone Hormone is used for producing mono-sex Tilapia. In IFAD Agro complex 95% mono-sex Tilapia is produced and Tk. 1-1.5 crore is earned by Tilapia farming in per year. It has made a revolution in the field of fish farming. By farming Tilapia fish in modern ways using up to date technology and technique, desired income can be made within a very short time. With a strong foothold as the one industry leader, the IFAD Agro-complex company has already received accreditation from Cornell University and the Thai Fish Institute.

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The contribution of the IFAD Group of companies in the Bangladeshi economy has become very crucial with their expansion of the business. They are the 6th biggest importer in Bangladesh as of 2012-2013 fiscal year and according to Bangladesh Bank, they are one of the top 10 creditworthy groups in Bangladesh; total group liability exposure with the bank is over 300 million us dollars. The basic HR strategies have been followed by the IFAD group of companies. But few unique strategies exist over there as well. They have more than 3000 employees and among them, more than 50 people are working for the last twenty years. Companies provide unique benefit plans for these loyal employees and that is, they get 50% of their salary per month rest of their lives after their retirement. IFAD Group initiated and encourages women empowerment. Currently, there are more than 300 women working in different departments in four companies of this Bangladeshi conglomerate with a very high employee retention rate. HRM is completely related to its management process in IFAD. From recruitment to compensation, employee increments, salary structure and all other future probable actions are built by consulting with the management. The companies deal with employees need analysis, recruitment, and selection, evaluation, motivation, training, compensation, etc. They believe their HR is completely fine-tuned with IFAD Group’s organizational goals and strategies as they know what kind of people for what kind of jobs are needed; hence, they always build a workforce in a way that will meet organizational goals. All the four concerns of IFAD Group maintain quality very strictly. Hence, they got president award for quality and production in 2011. Along with this, Bangladesh bank has declared them as one of the 10 topmost creditworthy groups in the country. Furthermore, they got the “Krishi Ratna” award from the Prime Minister.