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Hyundai HYS-009 Video Camera Webcam HYUNDAI HYD-009 WEVCAM HD Camera for Computer and laptops৳ 850
Hyundai Electric Kettle৳ 1190
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Electronics is a branch of electrical engineering. Where the flow of electrons is discussed through a vacuum tube or a semiconductor. Generally, small-scale electrical appliances such as computers, ICs, etc. are discussed. In 1904, John Ambrose Fleming invented two electrodes, a fully enclosed vacuum tube, and was able to send one-way electricity through it. So from that time, it can be said that electronics started. 

Electronic engineering is mainly used for the design and testing of electronic circuits. Electronic circuits are usually made by a resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, etc. to perform certain functions. An example of an electronic circuit is a wireless device that can only cancel out other than the desired wireless stations.

Prior to World War II, electronics engineering was known as radio engineering or wireless engineering. At that time, the scope of its work was limited to radar, commercial radio, and television. The development of consumer or user-centered equipment began to expand after World War I, and this branch of modern television, audio systems, computers, and microprocessors were included. From the mid-fifties, the name of wireless engineering changed slowly, and by the end of the decade, electronics were named.

Prior to the invention of integrated circuits or ICs in 1969, electronic circuits were created with large individual components. The circuits made of all these large parts occupied a great deal of space and required a lot of energy to operate. The speed of these parts was also very low. On the other hand, integrated circuits or ICs are numerous (often more than 1 million or a million) small electrical components, most of which are mainly made up of transistors. Composite circuits are made by combining these parts with a small penny-sized silicone on a chip or chip. The most sophisticated computers or electronic devices needed today are mainly manufactured by integrated circuits or ICs.

Hyundai Motors Company is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturing company. This is the third-largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. Hyundai Electronics is a chip manufacturer in the world. It was spun off as Hynix in 2001 and renamed as SK Hynix in 2012. Hyundai Electronics manufactures electric kettle, wireless speakers, etc. is the biggest online shop that provides branded Hyundai electronics products at a very reasonable price. 

Hyundai Electric Kettle:

Fulfill your sudden tea or coffee cravings with Hyundai Electric Kettle. It lets you boiled water within a minute. You can use it for making green tea, instant coffee or a bowl of delicious soup. This electric kettle can hold up to 1 liter of water and has a cool touch body with a width mouth, so and pouring water from it will be very busy. This is mirror-polished stainless steel. It has an auto cut features due to which boiling of water stops automatically. It has a glowing red LED for heating indication. It has 360 degrees rotation base for easy placing and lifting and removable filter. Buy this useful electric kettle from the largest online shop with 100% guarantee at a very reasonable price. Hurry!!! Check Electric Kettle Price in BD

Wireless Speaker:

Hyundai Wireless Speaker is the best wireless portable speaker. The Bluetooth speaker, music player, and lamp are rolled into one. It has LED mood lamp with 7 color variants. You can use a shade for every day for a week. It has a built-in microphone to connect calls with wireless convenience. It also has three brightness shades that you can adjust based on the time, location and available lightening. The built-in smart technology allows you to change color and brightness with a simple tap. Just connect your smartphone to the speaker through BlueTooth and you are ready to manage your voice calls with ease. Buy this wireless speaker from your trustworthy online shop at a very reasonable price.    Check Wireless Speaker Price in BD


Hyundai Automatic Mosquito Killer:

Hyundai Automatic Mosquito Killer is the best electronic mosquito killer. It is used to attract flying insects. The electrically charged high voltage metal grids will electrocute the insects. The insect killer series is thin modern styles, high efficiency, and safety. It is ideal for indoor use, such as in the houses, factories, food-shop, etc. buy this mosquito killer from