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Buy HUNCALIFE  Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Published in 1950, Hunca Cosmetic is one of the most established companies in the Turkish cosmetics industry. Hunca, a local leader in both deodorant and perfumery, has always been prominent with its creative identity. In 1978, Turkey's first domestic men's perfume and aftershave series, The journey began with both Madigan, Chaldean, Jags, Viva, and brands from around the world Turkey showing interest in the kyapiora. In 2011, Hanka entered the world of direct sales with the Hanka Life brand, combining its experience with Power with a history of more than half a century.

Hanka Life aims to contribute to the national economy and society by changing the lives of its representatives through business, income, and education opportunities. Hankalif, a 100% Turkish company, built on 22 acres of land in Tekirda /erkezai and has produced more than 1000 beauty and care products produced in its manufacturing centers with Halal, GMP, ISO 9001 and Turquoise certificates to satisfy its customers. And aims to provide them with healthier products.

Personal care

Treat your skin, which needs care, nutrition, and moisture, with products that do not contain harmful chemicals, whose pH value is suitable for the skin, mixed with the extract of useful plants.

Personal care is the routine we use to stay healthy and well-maintained. Body care, which will be done after a long day, will help to refresh your body and give you a feeling of well-being. A shower that you take with Hankaelf shower gills or soaps will help you rejuvenate by relieving the fatigue of the day. From the aroma of tangerine to the freshness of watermelon; From orange flowers to the scent of white lilies ... you can choose a shower gel to your taste or cleanse your body with nourishing, moisturizing, anti-aging in one of HankaLife soaps. Complete body care helps to remove toxins from the peeled skin from essential body cleansers needed to get rid of your body’s dead skin. Hand and body scrubs provide moisture and softness while cleansing your skin from dead skin and speed up your blood circulation while massaging. By biotin massage gel, you can reduce the feeling of edema and fatigue.


We have compiled the most enduring, interesting, and seductive notes of nature’s gifts and plants ’uniquely fragrant plants.

Your fragrance is part of your personality and personal care. Fragrance not only makes you feel better but also makes you noticed by the people around you. Finding a beautiful scent in human memory is priceless. In the perfume section of Hankleef, you can create your own perfume line by looking for one that applies perfume to deodorant, scented shower gels to scented body lotions.

Hancliffe women's perfume; It brings you many different flowers and fruit scents such as orange blossom, bergamot, grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, freesia, jasmine, pearl flower, tangerine. In your appointments during the day, you can get a light scent with flowers and elegant touches of Afruz Women perfume. Want to refresh? Survive the fresh viscosity of the Hancliffe Venue from the depths of the ocean. Useful to replace your light scented perfume, which you prefer during the day with a more impressive scent in the evening.


Our makeup products, which will provide the necessary beauty to your skin while adding beauty to your complexion, will boost your confidence.

At HankaLife you can find the products you need for your makeup. Hancliffe facial makeup products; Consists of foundation, blush, powder, concealer, and primer. You can prolong your makeup by starting with a primer and you can apply the tone to your skin with a Hankalef Foundation brush and close your blemishes. With the help of HankaLife liquid concealers, you can reduce the presence of dark circles under the eyes. You can finish the last step of the perfection of your skin with powder. With the color of your skin, you choose that blush will add color to your face and give you a more vivid appearance.

Another important step in makeup is eye makeup. You can clean your eyes with eyeliner or pencil after choosing the color you want rather than different color options than eye makeup products. You can use any desired Hanka Life mascara to get plenty and long lashes. With a small touch on your eyebrows with Hankaelf Eyebrow Pencil, you can have eyebrows and fullness in any way. You may have thick eyebrows and flat eyebrows or curved eyebrows.


With our products, you will have strong and healthy hair, which we have prepared for the various care procedures required for each hair type, enriched by plant extraction.

To have healthy and strong hair use the right products for your hair and take care of your hair. Effective hair care starts with shampoo that fits your hair needs and continues with proper hair styling and hair dyeing.

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