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Coloring your hair is always a lovely passion for the girls. Everyone loves to have shiny colorful hair. So that it makes you gorgeous for any occasion like parties and so on. Without the true color of your hair, you won't look that much shinny. Similarly, your personality can be measured also by your hairstyles and so on. So that you need to be careful before coloring your hair. Unless it will match with your profession and lifestyle it can mess up your personality. Again, you can be bored with any permanent hair color. So, you can try temporary hair color depending on your mood. Hot Huez is one of the temporary colors. It can be ideal for you in terms of temporary hair color. Let’s see how you can apply this and details about it.

What is Hot Huez

Hot Huez is a temporary hair color. It’s a Temporary Hair Chalk. You can simply apply this hair chalk on your hair. It changes your hair color into an eye-popping color. So that you can change your look instantly as well as with your hair color.

Hot Huez hair chalk is instantly applicable so that you can apply it shortly. Also, you do not need to worry about coloring. It’s a temporary hair color. You can also remove this with a wash or applying shampoo on your hair.

So, in case of a special party or occasion, you can make your hair special. It’s very glamorous and interesting to try on. Just you can simply choose your favorite color and apply this to your hair. Change it anytime when you are bored with it.     

How to Use Hot Huez Hair Chalk

Hot Huez is very easy and fast to apply. It won’t take that much time. Within a second you will get the color after applying. Follow these 4 steps to apply hot huez hair chalk on your hair.

Step1: Choose a small portion of your hair. Not choose a large portion of your hair.

Step2: Use a hair conditioner and spray it to your selected hair portion. It will wet your hair a bit. This will make it easy to apply the hot huez hair chalk.

Step3: Then apply hot huez hair chalk simply and slide it from top to the end of your hair. Just slide on and leave it. Not to rub it roughly.

Step4: Lastly apply any hair spray to make the hair color strong enough to be ready.

That’s how simply you can use your hot huez Hair Chalk easily.

Why Use Hot Huez Hair Chalk

Hot Huez is a very common way of temporary hair coloring. So that you can apply this easily. At the same time, it's temporary so that you will not face any hassle to remove this hair color. So, let’s check these 6 reasons to choose Hot Huez Hair Chalk.

  1. Hot Huez is very easy to apply. You can instantly apply this to see the color change. It won’t take that much time.
  2. Hot Huez is available in 4 amazing colors. So that you can choose anyone depending on your mood.
  3. Hot Huez is a very light color and will not damage your hair. So that you don’t need to be worried about your hair damage.
  4. As a temporary hair color, Hot Huez can be easily washed out with shampoo or water. You can change it anytime.
  5. AS it is a temporary hair color, it stays less than for 6 hours. It will not stain your hair with colors.
  6. At the same time, Hot Huez hair chalk is travel-friendly. You can apply this anywhere and move with it easily.

Where to Find

You can easily find hot huez near your hand. It's available in almost all cosmetics shops. So that you can find it at your local parlor and cosmetic stores easily. You can also search it for superstores girls’ cosmetic section.

Also, you can buy Hot Huez from online stores. Online stores are great to find your product very easily. Without any hassle, you can buy it and receive your product at your doorsteps. is one of the best online stores. That has a huge cosmetic collection for girls at any age. So that you can find any cosmetics product for your use alongside hot huez hair chalk for your hair.

Price on

Price is always important for any product. So, always tries to offer you the best one within your budget. You can find various price varieties from the different merchants and sellers. And then you can compare and choose the best one for you.

You can find hot huez hair chalk within 400Tk to 500Tk from These prices can be high or low depending on the pricing policy of the merchant. Similarly, you can get special discounts and offers from depending on special occasion and promotion.


Coloring your hair is great fun to enjoy. It helps you to get a glamorous look with your hair. So that temporary hair color is the best way for your hair. Just because you can apply it shortly and remove it anytime you like. At the same time being a temporary color, won’t mess your hair. So that you don’t need to be worried about hair damage.