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Horlicks Standard Jar 1000 gm BANGLADESH৳ 695
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Founded by James and William Horlick is one of the world’s most popular health drinks(a sweet malted milk hot drink powder). Horlicks was first sold as "Horlick's Infant and Invalids Food". But after some time they added “aged and travelers" to their business. Horlicks was developed. First, of 20th century Horlicks sold as crushed meal replacement drink mixture.

GlaxoSmithKline (Consumer Healthcare)market as a nutritional enhancement. It was marketed in and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Jamaica.

On 3 December 2018, Unilever announced they were buying Horlicks for US$3.8 billion The Horlicks UK business had already been sold in 2017 to Aimia Foods, a UK-based subsidiary of Cott Corporation.


The main ingredient in the United Kingdom formulation is a mixture of wheat flour and malted wheat (46%), followed by malted barley (26%). As of 2019, the other ingredients include dried whey, calcium carbonate, dried skimmed milk, sugar, palm oil, salt, Anti-Caking Agent (E551), and a mixture of vitamins and minerals. The palm oil used is non-hydrogenated and certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.]The formulation may vary slightly in different countries. For instance, the Indian formulation does not contain oil but does contain soy protein isolate.


Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future serial sponsored by Horlicks in 1952 and heard Monday to Friday at 7:15 p.m. over Radio Luxembourg. Horlicks ran a television advertising movement that featured Scottish performer Billy Raymond and an actress In 1961. The great topic of the advert was "Horlicks – the food drink of the black. It was also the sponsor of the Lum and Abner Show for four straight years.

Around the world


These drinks came to India with the British Army; the ending of World War I saying Indian soldiers of the British Indian Army bring it back with them as a dietary extra. near the beginning, adopters of Horlicks were Punjab, Bengal and Madras Presidencies and many well-to-do Indians took to consuming Horlicks as a family drink. Drinking Horlicks became a sort of status symbol in upper-middle-class Indians and rich modules. The very first flavor available in India, as in Britain, was malt.

Bharat, where it has conventionally been marketed as The Great Family Nourisher, is the main market for the drink. The Bharat formulation for Horlicks is somewhat different than in most another country, as there it is artificial from buffalo milk rather than cows.

New flavors introduced in 2003 such as vanilla, toffee, chocolate, honey, and elaichi (cardamom). The current line-up of flavors includes original (malt), chocolate and elaichi with the latest offering Horlicks Kesar Badam.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the scope of the brand in India. They throw it to a newer segment of the market, It has become an umbrella brand for a wide array of products range from the flagship malt drink to instant noodles, confectionery, and breakfast cereal

Hong Kong

Its coffee rather than sleeping aid in Hongkong. It is served at cha chaan tengs as well as fast-food shops such as Café de Coral, Fairwood and Maxim's Express. Horlicks served hot or cold and is frequently sweetened with sweetness. Horlicks made with warm milk, and ice is added to it if a cold drink is required.

Southeast Asia

Horlicks in many countries also in southeast Asia drinken like Which were then eaten as chocolate. This drink remains popular in Malaysia and Singapore where it packed under licence from SmithKline Beecham and sell in large glass and tin boxes. Horlicks also available in a 1.5 kg refill box. The moto is"Taller, stronger, sharper".

South Africa

Besides its use as a hot drink prepared with hot milk, Horlicks is also a popular ingredient in "honey and Horlicks" milkshakes in South Africa.

United Kingdom

Horlicks is twisted by Aimee Foods in the UK. Horlicks is available in conventional (prepared with hot milk), Light (prepared with hot water), and Light Candy.

In 1958 it took over the Cheddar Valley Dairy, and by the early 1960s had retail rounds, depots, and shops at Burnham, Cheddar, Clevedon, Glastonbury, Nailsea, Taunton, and Weston-super-Mare

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