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 Buy Orignal Holcim Cement at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Its a Swiss-based global building materials and aggregate company named  Holcim. The company started in 1920 and now one of the biggest companies in the case of cement. Holcim extended in the Americas during the 1950s and went public. Holcim continued to expand in Latin America and added Asian divisions(the 1970s and 1980s). Holcim becomes one of the two largest cement manufacturers worldwide by 2015 with the help of series of mergers and buyouts, roughly tied with challenger Lafarge. Two companies agreed to merge In April 2014. The new name of the company is  LafargeHolcim as the new holding merger.

This company employs 69,000 populace and does business in more than 69 different countries. This company is the market leader in cement production in many countries including Bangladesh.

Foundation and development

Founded by Adolf Gygi in 1912 as "Aargauische Portlandcementfabrik Holderbank-Wildegg was the name Holcim. Main and first  headquarters were in Holderbank, (Lenzburg district, Canton of Aargau, ca. 40 km from Zürich). Holcim company merged with "Rheintalischen Cementfabrik Rüthi" owned by Ernst Schmidheiny In 1914.

Merger with Lafarge

Two companies agreed to merge On 7 April 2014. The new name of the company is  LafargeHolcim as the new holding merger. Two companies agreed to terms on a "merger of equals" valued at nearly $60 billion which was awesome. They converted 10 Lafarge shares being converted into 9 Holcim shares(public). Two companies involve Holders of 86% of Lafarge shares accepted this offer in June 2016, according to the company, meaning that the merger would continue.

Their new capacity would vastly exceed the 227 million ton capacity of current industry leader Anhui Conch by 427 million tons a year. ( Holcim and Lafarge announced  The new company would be based in Switzerland; Lafarge Chief Executive Officer Bruno Lafont will lead the new company, while Holcim's Wolfgang Reitzle will be lead chair)

“This deal will save the new company 1.4 billion euros (US$1.9 billion) annually and create "the most advanced group in the building materials industry” – executives of different levels said about the deal.

According to many analysts, the deal could lead to additional mergers within the industry and give a competitor a chance to pick up assets at an agreement offer. 

Types of Holcim Cement

There are many kinds of cement to offer by the company. Below is the list with some details:


This companies expertise enables us to cater to customers' needs concerning the challenges of plastering, incorporating an Innovative Proprietary Ingredient (IPI) to deliver a world best products without a doubt.  This is a result of an in-depth understanding of the functions of plastering and other different works.


This one complies with BDS EN 197-1: 2003, CEM II/ B-L, 42.5N average; it is the only Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) product in Bangladesh. Manufacturing clinker production facility and treatment ensure the reliable quality of Supercrete bolster.  This is an effective product for adaptable concrete solutions with a major benefit for construction cost reserves. This is an artistic demand (Fair Face Surface) and a priority not a compulsory product by construction workers.

 Holcim Strong Structure

Surely, BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM II/B-M (S-V-L), 42.5N comply with regular Portland Composite Cement (PCC). The varying practice of this type of cement started in the last few decades in this country. This one is suitable for all types of building works as the raw material of concrete and brick. individual PCC types cement containing PFA & slag, Holcim (Strong Structure) provide long term power growth advantage in the work.

Holcim Red

 This is BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM I, 52.5N average, comply with, An Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Used clinker (comes from Vietnam and Thailand), the key quality factor of Holcim Red. It is a reliable and authentic source. It's special because of Holcim Red is that it gains muscle within very short time which adds improvement for concrete as well as the full construction.

Holcim Grey

Strong Soil stabilization Segment under the cement category BDS EN 197-1:2003; Holcim Grey, an innovative solution for, CEMIIIA 32.5N. If you see the project requires; sure is a cost-optimized solution with correct workability according to the type of soil. It's regarding the potential extra days for execution, The easier soil mixing with the best cement solution will lead to faster deep soil mixing process reducing risk for the person who uses.

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