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Hetian Iron in Bangladesh

The Heitan brand has brought portable steam iron for the customers. It has been very popular for its comfortable and lightweight design. The iron can be folded and carried anywhere easily. 

Many people go out every day and those who work have to wear clean clothes every day. Everyone, male or female, needs to be aware of clothing. Clothing is not expensive, but the type of clothing you are carrying must be light in color and must be ironed.

Many times when you go somewhere, the clothes in the bag get folded. Later, when this folded cloth falls off, it looks bad. So portable design iron is currently available in the market, which can be taken along while traveling and used as needed. They are quite small in size and have all the advantages of a normal iron.

Some Rules of Ironing

There are some special rules for ironing clothes. And if these rules are followed, the quality of the cloth remains intact for a long time.


  • When ironing a blouse or shirt, first iron the sleeves and collar first then iron the rest.
  • Do not iron the cotton cloth with a very hot iron, it will burn the color of the cloth. Always iron on the reverse side and if you use water while ironing before lifting, dry it in the air.
  • Iron the cushions upside down. If there is a monogram on the table mat, iron it from the opposite side.
  • Clothes can be ironed on the table. If you don't have a table, spread Katha on the floor and iron it with a thick cotton cloth.
  • Sprinkle water, starch, or arrowroot in the cloth. Otherwise, the clothes are likely to burn or get stuck.
  • For those who have allergies or other problems when using body spray or perfume directly on the skin, iron the clothes by sprinkling a little perfume on the clothes. This scent will last for a long time and will also protect you from the hassle of using perfume directly on the skin.
  • Block, handpainted, screenprint clothes in the opposite direction. Then the color of the cloth will not be lost.
  • Always put a smooth glossy satin or crepe cloth in the folds of another light wet cotton cloth and then iron.
  • Before ironing clothes, make sure that you are ironing cotton, silk, georgette, linen. Determine the temperature of the iron by understanding the type of fabric. Usually, the iron is written on the type of fabric according to the temperature required.
  • When the clothes are ironed, cool them for an hour and then put them in the cupboard. The clothes will be good for a long time. No matter what clothes you wear, make it clean and tidy. After cleaning the clothes, iron them nicely.

Fabric-wise Setting the Iron’s Temperature


Silk clothes mean that they are very light, delicate, and soft. So ironing should be done very carefully, very carefully. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit in any way while ironing silk clothes.

Chiffon Georgette

This fabric is very fine. even if is not ironed. However, if it has to iron, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 285 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cotton Cloth

Cotton clothes cannot be worn without ironing them. If one wants to dress nicely, keep the temperature at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Linen Cloth

This type of fabric is the most wrinkled one. So you have to iron linen clothes at a temperature of 445 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is better not to wear this type of fabric. However, in the case of ironing, the temperature should not exceed 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabrics can be damaged if the temperature of the iron is more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. So this cloth should be ironed with great care.

Irons From Different Brands

There are non-brand and branded iron machines are available in the market. If you buy a branded iron machine, you will get after-sales service and warranty. Therefore, if you want to use it safely, it is better to buy a brand iron machine. Iron machines of different brands including Rangs, National, Miyako, Panasonic, Transcom, Philips, Heitan, Toby, RFL Jackpot, Sibek are available in the market. Both the demand and quality of these machines are good. Apart from the brand, there are various non-brand iron machines. Iron machines with plastic bodies are much easier to use because of their lightweight.

Heitan Travel Steam-type Iron

The iron is best for carrying during a journey. It has a flat-folding handle for packing easily. It also has push-button for steam and a power indicator. The power of this steam iron is 700W and the voltage is 220 volt. It is made of plastic material. The iron is easy to trip and glide. 


Visit to place an order for Heitan portable steam iron and make your journey a pleasant one.