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HERON PREMIUM Water Purifier ৳ 11430
Heron X-100 Water Purifier - Blue ৳ 14430
Heron X-100 Water Purifier - Pink৳ 14430
Heron CT-40 Water Purifier৳ 13600
Heron Max Water Purifier ৳ 14800
Heron Elegant Water Purifier ৳ 13300
Heron G7 Water Purifier ৳ 15300
Heron PRO-7 Water Purifier ৳ 16465
Heron GRO-2300 Water Purifier ৳ 35820
Heron GRO-2300-S Water Purifier ৳ 21825
Heron Commercial Water Purifier – GRO-400 ৳ 38250
Heron Max Life Water Purifier ৳ 17548
HERON PRO-7 (RO) Water Purifier৳ 17490
HERON GOLD RO 6 stage water purifiers৳ 11000
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At present, we are less and less aware of water-borne diseases. Water-borne diseases are mainly transmitted through a virus born in water. Diarrhea, cholera, gall bladder, typhoid, polio, etc are mainly major diseases but there are many types of hydrotherapy. Death can also be caused by these diseases. Cholera once came to earth as a pestilence and killed millions of people. To prevent these diseases we must be careful about drinking water. Water should be boiled, but a good quality water purifier is now available in the market to avoid these problems. Heron is the best water purifier from these.

What Kind of Product:

Heron is essentially a 100% pure water guaranteed water purifier. The people of Dhaka can never imagine to drink direct supply water. The main reason for this is that the water we get from WASA is not 100% pure, but odor comes out of water. So if you drink this water without purifying it, you will sick between some times. And there is no comparison of Heron Water Purifier to purify this water. Its 6 level purifier system will give you 100% pure water guarantee. Heron Water Purifier can be obtained very easily and at a very low cost, as well as arrangements for home delivery at home.

Product Detail:

Heron Water Purifier is capable of providing pure water to hundreds of employees in homes, offices, factories or industrial areas. Usually, the pressure is high in large offices or factories, so water purifiers are needed in those places. There are many different types of heron water purifiers.

House RO Water Filter:

These types of water purifiers are mainly suitable for home use. Since there is not a lot of people's pressure in the family, this water filter is basically able to meet the needs of the house and is very low in cost.

  1. Heron Water Filter Machine: These look a lot like ordinary filters. But Heron Water Filter's water purification system is different from other inexpensive filters. The Heron Water Filter is capable of purifying water at 3 levels.
  2. Heron Cold & Hot Water Filters: These filters not only purify the water, but also meet the demand for hot water during the winter and cold water during the summer. Basically can supply water according to your needs.
  3. HERON GRO-060 RO Water Filter: These filters are basically high water holding capacity and can meet the needs of more people. Also its water purification capacity is more powerful. You can be easily installed anywhere in the house or on the wall.
  4. Heron Wall Mount RO Water Purifier: These water filters can be easily installed anywhere on the wall. This means that the extras do not need any tables or furniture to hold the filter.
  5. Heron Water Purifier Quality: Another name for water is life. If that water is not pure then we all know that it is the water that can bring death. So to drink water, you must make it pure. And among the many ways to purify, the best way is to boil, but this is very time consuming because you can't drink hot water. Therefore, you can drink instant cold and pure water using water purifier. There are many types of quality purifiers in the market, of which the quality of Heron Water Purifier is the best. This is because it purifies the water at that 6 level and provides completely pure and odorless water.

Benefits and Use:

To keep yourself and your family healthy and healthy, you need to drink pure water. There is a huge demand for water in our bodies. On an average you should drink 2 liters of water per day, but if that water is not pure then the amount of good and bad is higher. So the demand for pure water is higher than water. Without drinking pure water, various diseases can attack us. These include diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, gums. Infectious and life-threatening diseases like polio can attack us. So we have to drink pure water to get rid of it. And the Heron Water Purifier guarantees completely pure water.

Heron Water Purifier Price in : Water Purifier is available at various prices. Depending on what you use, you can buy. Large Heron water purifiers are mainly used in large areas such as mill factories or offices, so their weight and size are quite large and prices are higher than normal. Again, the purifiers available for use in homes are relatively low and small and light. If you want to buy a large Heron water purifier, it ranges from 10000 tk to tk50000. And for home use at home you will get between 3000 tk and about tk 20000 total. You also get the benefits of home delivery at home.


Finally, it can be said that water is an essential element of our life. The role of water in keeping our bodies healthy is immense. But playing this water without purifying it can be counterproductive. Therefore, you should always try to purify the water. We are living with millions of bacteria on earth. A large part of it lives in water. So how can anyone attack us is not right. So to be free of these we need to drink pure water and Heron Water Purifier is guaranteed 100% pure water.