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Hero Motorcycle Online in Bangladesh

Hero Motocorp Ltd., previously Hero Honda, is an Indian motorcycle and scooter company based in New Delhi, India. The company is the biggest two-wheeler producer in the world, and further in India, where it has a market portion of about 46% in the two-wheeler category. The 2006 Forbes record of the 200 World's Most Respected Companies has Hero Honda Motors listed at #108. Toward 31 March 2013, the market capitalization of the company was ₹308 billion (US$4.3 billion).

Hero Honda began its operations in 1984 as a shared venture between Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan. During 2010, when Honda chose to move out of the shared venture, Hero Group purchased the shares held by Honda and focused on its entirely owned subsidiary, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI).

 During June 2012, Hero MotoCorp endorsed a scheme to merge the investment arm of its parent Hero Investment Pvt. Ltd. among the automaker. This decision appeared 18 months after its split from Hero Honda.

"Hero" is the brand title employed by the Munjal brothers for their flagship company, Hero Cycles Ltd. A shared venture between the Hero Group and Honda Motor Company was organized in 1984 as the Hero Honda Motors Limited at Dharuhera, India. Munjal family and Honda group both retained a 26% stake in the Company.

Through the 1980s, the company launched motorcycles that were prevalent in India for its fuel economy and low cost. A famous advertising campaign based on the proverb 'Fill it – Shut it – Forget it' that emphasized the motorcycle's fuel productivity helped the company grow at a double-digit pace since the beginning. In 2001, the company converted the second-largest two-wheeler production company in India and globally. It keeps global industry leaders to date. The technology in the bikes of Hero Motocorp for almost 26 years (1984–2010) has evolved from the Japanese equivalent Honda.


Hero MotoCorp has five manufacturing tools based at Dharuhera, Gurgaon, Neemrana, Haridwar and Halol under the Green Field stage. These plants collectively have a production space of over 7.6 million 2-wheelers per year. Hero MotoCorp has a sales and service network among over 6,000 dealerships and service points over India & Different countries. It has a customer fidelity program considering 2000, proclaimed the Hero Honda Passport Program which is presently known as Hero GoodLife Program.

It is informed that Hero MotoCorp has five collective ventures or associate groups, Munjal Showa, AG Industries, Sunbeam Auto, Rockman Industries and Satyam Auto Components, that amount a majority of its elements.

The company has a pronounced aim of producing revenues of ₹640 billion (US$9.0 billion) and amounts of 1 million two-wheelers by 2016–17. This in association with distinct countries where they can instantly market their two-wheelers following the severance from Honda. Hero MotoCorp expects to achieve 10 percent of its revenues from international markets, and they required to launch sales in Nigeria by end-2011 or early-2012. Hero motocorp launched XPulse 200 venture motorcycle in India on May 1, 2019, simultaneously among the XPulse 200T touring motorcycle.

Company performance

The company has marketed a higher 70 million 2-wheelers since its inception in 1984 till March 2013. It traded 6.07 million 2-wheelers in 2012, out of which 5.5 million were motorcycles. Hero Motocorp exchanges more two-wheelers than the second, third and fourth-placed two-wheeler companies put collectively. Its most famous bike Hero Honda Splendor sells higher than one million units throughout the year.

During 2013, Hero MotoCorp registered the best ever calendar year performance of higher than 6.1 million unit sales. By marketing 625,000 units in October, it enhanced the first-ever manufacturer to cross landmark 600,000 unit sales in a month. In the last portion of the year, the company sold higher than 1.6 million units, while in non-festive time in April–May 2013, it accomplished to trade 1.1 million units.

Equity Investments

During July 2013, HMC got 49.2% shareholding in Erik Buell Racing, a motorcycle sport company which designed street and racing motorcycles based in East Troy, Wisconsin, United States. EBR indexed for bankruptcy in 2015 and Hero Motocorp advance to obtain specific assets for ₹182 million (US$2.6 million).

HMC invested US$30.5 million (₹2.05 billion) as a Series B sequence of funding during October 2016 and took a 32.31% stake in Ather Energy, a startup company constructing electric scooters. It invested a moreover US$19 million (₹1.3 billion) during 2018.

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