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Branded Body Spary - HE CONQUEROR (150ml)৳ 365
Branded Body Spary - HE CONQUEROR (150ml)৳ 299
Branded Body Spray HE RESPECT (150ml)U.A.E৳ 365
HE Power-On The Go Pocket Body Spray 18ml India৳ 198
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He Brand Perfumes & Body Spray Online Shop in Bangladesh 

The most famous beauty and healthcare brands in India such as Fast Relief, Kesh King, BoroPlus, Fair and Handsome, Menthol Plus Balm, Zandu Balm, and Navratna, etc are incorporated by Emami Limited. It is one of the fastest-growing as well as leading brands in India. Now they are also selling their products worldwide. 

History of Emami Limited

The company was founded in Kolkata, West Bengal. It was founded as a conglomerate company. The starting year of the company is 1974 and the name of the founder is jointly R S Agarwal and R S Goenka. Stil they both are running the company along with their children. 

Currently, they are selling their products up to 60 countries that include Eastern Europe, SEA, Africa, CIS countries, SAARC, and MENAP, etc. They have measured that in a second, more than 130 products are sold somewhere around the world.

Nowadays, Emami Limited has a big family of 3200 employees with approximately 3200 distributors. They have 4 regional offices, 11 overseas subsidiaries, 1 overseas unit, 1 Associate office, and 31 distribution centers across India.

Some Products of Emami Limited

In 2008, Emami Limited acquired ‘Zandu’ brand and in 2015, they acquired the famous hair and scalp business brand named ‘Kesh King’. They also acquired the German brand ‘Creme 21’ in 2019.

The Vision of the Company

To make people naturally healthy and beautiful.

The Mision of The Company

  • To strengthen and foster within the workers, sturdy affectional feelings of identicalness with the corporate through a commitment to their future,
  • To build Emami as similar to natural beauty and health within the consumer's mind,
  • To contribute wholeheartedly towards the surroundings and society group action all the stakeholders into the Emami family,
  • To encourage for decision-making in the slightest degree levels of the organization,
  • To drive growth through quality and innovation in merchandise and services,
  • To uphold the principles of company governance, etc.

The Challenge of the Company

  • To be got recognition as a worldwide brand,
  • To become an essential part of every house of India,
  • To be an important player in each product that they have a tendency to venture,
  • To become one of the best sellers worldwide, etc.

About ‘HE’ Perfume Brand

Who attempts the absurd will be able to achieve the impossible and HE believes so. A person has only one life to live and he should take his chances and not wait for anything. Because HE believes that it's better to regret the thing that can be done today than regret for the things that can't be done.

HE perfume is produced for those people who want to make things happen and want to take challenges, not to let them down.

HE believes that life is about living dreams and wearing passions. He believes in being interesting, as HE knows life is too short to be boring.

HE believes that every man has a superhuman strength or magical power. And obviously it is not about attracting thousands of women. HE perfume gives the inner strength to a user.

It also gives a feeling of invincibility and a strong sense that a man is the controller of his own life and anything and everything is possible if one wishes to.

The Famous Perfume Brand ‘HE’ Is Interesting

Sometimes in life, it can only be chosen between the hard way and the smart way. That why HE Deodorants has come along and showed the best way to get things done. That can make a man more interesting. For this ‘HE’ is interesting.

Products From ‘HE’ Perfume Brand

‘HE’ Respect Body Spray

  • It has a refreshing smell,
  • Suitable for man’s daily use,
  • It has 24 hours protection that lasts for all day,
  • It is skin-friendly, doesn’t occurs any skin problem,
  • Saves the skin from bacteria,
  • Ideal for men,
  • It is guaranteed as no gas perfumed body spray,
  • Quantity is 150 ml bottle,
  • The product is imported from the UAE. 

‘HE’ Conqueror Body Spray

    • Suitable for man’s daily use,
  • Saves the skin from bacteria,
  • Quantity is 150 ml bottle,
  • The product is imported from the UAE. 

‘HE’ Innovator Body Spray

  • It has a powerful and amazing fragrance that keeps fresh all day long,
  • It fights with body odor and bacteria,
  • The quantity is 150 ml,
  • imported from the UAE. 

‘HE’ Ruler Body Spray

  • It is a No gas perfumed body spray
  • It has a masculine, powerful fragrance that keeps smelling fresh all day,
  • It’s a combination of woody and amber notes flavor,
  • Fights with body-odor and bacterias effectively.

‘HE’ Achiever Body Spray

  • It contains long-lasting fragrance with an interesting fusion of citrus, amber, and woody fragrance notes,
  • It contains an exciting fragrance for the young high flier for those who want to accomplish every goal, 
  • The bottle contains 150 ml,
  • Imported from the UAE.


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