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Havells INSTA AQUA Dry Iron 750W Non Stick Coating-Aqua and White৳ 1000
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB- Single Pole 63A 10KA৳ 332
Havells Sparkle 1250W Non Stick Steam Iron-White & Purple৳ 1590
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Single Pole 40A 10KA৳ 304
Havells Jio Dry Iron 1000W Non Stick Coating-Purple and White৳ 1090
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Single Pole 50A 10KA৳ 332
Havells Sparkle Steam Iron 1250w, Non Stick৳ 1999
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 63A 10KA৳ 1139
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 06A 10KA৳ 684
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 10A 10KA৳ 688
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 16A 10KA৳ 688
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 50A 10KA৳ 769
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 20A 10KA৳ 684
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 25A 10KA৳ 688
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 32A 10KA৳ 684
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 40A 10KA৳ 722
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Double Pole 63A 10KA৳ 793
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 10A 10KA৳ 1007
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 06A 10KA৳ 1011
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 16A 10KA৳ 1007
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 25A 10KA৳ 1007
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 20A 10KA৳ 1007
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 40A 10KA৳ 1026
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 50A 10KA৳ 1064
Circuit Breaker Havells MCB-Triple Pole 32A 10KA৳ 1011
HAVELLS SPARKLE Steam Iron 1250w, Non Stick৳ 1999
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Havells Indian Brand in Bangladesh |

Havells India Limited started their business since 1958, the company has goods covering from home and kitchen appliances, lighting for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, LED lighting, fans, modular switches and wiring accomplices, water heaters, industrial and domestic circuit stability switchgear, industrial and domestic cables and wires, induction motors, and capacitors with others. Havells India holds some brands like Havells, Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard Electric and Promptech.

Aside from the Havells guarantee, there are many different benefits that you can avail of. The biggest benefit is that you can get fans online and not worry concerning going to several stores and wasting time. Check out the latest fan range online on Ajkerdeal and choose what suits you the best. Havels bring onward a collection of classic, stylish and efficient fans that you can place in your homes to obtain them beautiful. Match the fans among your furniture, walls, curtains etc. and obtain relevant alternatives for your living room, bedroom, dining, balconies, offices, shops and furthermore.


A producer of various kinds of fans including exquisite, antique finishes to fans particularly designed for kids to dual-color fans and High-Speed Fans, Havells started the fan business during mid-2003 and since then, has nevermore looked back. Including innovative designs and superior finishes being the key factors, Havells has favorably been capable to capture the heart of the customers' needs. An essential appliance for all households, it is essential that a fan functions accurately giving satisfactory airflow. Signify is a wall fan, ceiling fan, table fan, an exhaust or a personal fan, the complete variety from Havells is manufactured among the best materials to provide optimum results and last long. 


Ceiling fans are the usual hassle-free and useful home appliance entirety could ask for. A component of every home, they append to the ease and simplistic joys of life.


A blow of cool breeze to your face irrespective of wherever you are. An easy yet exciting innovation that enables you to bid goodbye to heat and uneasiness.


Movement in air circulation, strong base mounts, flexible height and strong airflow, All this including the Havells pedestal fan series.


Wall fans fit in rooms, lounges, seating areas, offices and every place you can imagine. What more can one ask for when it proceeds to location particular cooling. Among the major advantages of not wasting any floor space, the Havells variety of wall fans appear in a variation of world-class designs and colors to add the disappeared component of style to your rooms.


Compact and small footprint among aerodynamically invented ABS blades consolidated including high durability and flexibility.


If you require a powerful airflow in a circumscribed space, Havells has a resolution for you in everything its grace. Introducing the unique variety of personal fans that are a vast companion, implying small in size they are portable and a built-in handle executes the method even easier.


Bring home the Havells domestic exhaust fan and live better. Say hello to cross ventilation and conventional air transmission in rooms. A vital method of maintaining good health is suitable for air circulation. Good purifying endures bad odors, impurities and different unsafe gases away, and prevents the formation of damaging mold inside your home. A decent ventilation device retains your home apart from unfortunate destruction.


Upgrade your lifestyle among the variety of best-in-class kitchen and home appliances. Our goods are meticulously designed and engineered for better performance, space-saving design, energy effectiveness, added convenience, and complete value for your money.


Be encouraged to produce culinary wonders and combine a touch of magic among the range of cooking appliances.


Food preparation externally the right set of appliances is similar to a knight without a weapon. Traverse our pasture and become a master chef of your home.


Kick start your day among a treat for your thoughts. Brew your individual savory delight among the digital coffee makers and kettles.


Iron out each of the wrinkles away from your delicate combination of clothes outwardly damaging the fabric. Check out our irons and steamer on the Ajkerdeal website. 


Don’t engage the icy floor and chilly winter air spoil the convenience inside your home. Retain it warm and lively among the room heating solutions.

Air Purifier

Inhale fresh. Similar never before. Take home an air purifier which anchors new standards.

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