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Harmony Soap 75gm-5 pcs package 75gm৳ 167
Soap Combo Pack(4Pcs) - 300G ( Indonesia )৳ 176
Harmony Fruity Soap-8pc (India)৳ 500
Combo of 2 Soap OMO White Plus Soap & HARMONY Natural Fruity Soap 75g - Malaysia৳ 305
Hermony Soap combo offer৳ 319
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Harmony Products Online in Bangladesh |


The Harmony offers you the finest and best in homemade soap, with beauty and bath products, which is always made from scratch. Each bar of the soap takes up to a minimum of three weeks, with some kind taking as long as eight weeks to make. You can easily choose from over one hundred and fifty essential oil and fragrance oil scents and all. All of their bars weigh between five and half to five and three quarter ounces. Take a small moment to look around our fine site. If you are specifically looking for something very specific in homemade soaps, beauty or the bath products, please feel free to use the fine Harmony soap. The Harmony soap is almost translucent and it’s pretty shiny and smells like a strawberry candy. The smell is magnificent of Harmony soap. The Harmony soap can fill an entire room with the fine smell of strawberry very quickly. A unique blend of moisturizer and aloe-vera quality extract keep your skin moist. It is enriched with the natural fruit extract which contains vitamins, that makes your skin feel very smooth and very soft. The exclusive fine fruit fragrance leaves the natural freshness and elegant scent. Some people like the peach soap very much. This peach smells is very light but nice. It is perfect for those who have very sensitive noses. It does smell of the peaches but in an artificial sort of the way. It is very light peach and pinkish colored and very pretty in real life.

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History of Harmony Products

At the Harmony Soap Company, they make soap and the bath products from the scratch. Each fine bar of soap takes up to three weeks to make, with the some even taking as long as eight weeks. They produce over one hundred and fifty scent for you to choose from their company for worldwide. Their all natural soap recipes and bath products are the result of years of experience in formulating the soap recipes. They use only premium and unique ingredients. All of their base oils are the best vegetable oils and which provide emollient properties for your fine skin. The quality is in each step of the production. They are loves to hear from their customers because it is the praise of others that makes it all worthwhile after a lot of dedication.  

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Excellent Harmony Soap and Varieties

The fine product is extraordinary. In the fine soap business, Harmony soap did what they did best. They created the soap that worked. They created a very fine product that made you look better, feel better. A product that is everybody wanted to use. To be successful the Harmony soap created a very powerful marketing mechanism. This is why the Harmony soap business was successful and still is. It brings the wow factor to an excellent, fine soap. It provides the very potential for a product to everyone. But, again remember without a quality product the fine flow would quickly whimper out. There are different products in Harmony soap,

  • Essential Oil Soaps
  • Fragrance Oil Soap
  • Hybrid Oil Soap
  • Bath and Body

Harmony Exclusive Products for Women in Bangladesh

The Harmony soap is a leader in special effects in women’s body. Who could resist with an elegant staple peach, fruity soap. It can bring something to the table for all and everyone, like their Grape Fruity Soap. Some exclusive Harmony soap are- 

Citrus Lemon Fruity Soap: The skin whitening soap is the very foundation of any good skin to lightening regimen. To make sure that everyone is able to include this essential step in their daily skincare routine. We offer several different whitening, elegant soaps with different strengths and the formulations to suit different skin types. These classy soaps are proven to be very effectively treated hyper pigmentation, the dark spots and the acne scars. With everyday use, you will start to see results in a matter of weeks.

Fruity Grape Soap For Women: Fruity Grape Soap For Women is another fine and classy soap of Harmony. This is a fine basic cleansing soap, a very natural plant-based for skin whitening and the anti-acne agent recognized by science as very effective on stressed skin, the whitening clear and very smooth and younger.

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