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Haojue Motorcycle Online in BD


There are many Chinese motorcycle companies producing motorcycles and importing them all over the world. Haojue Holdings Company Ltd. is one of them. Haojue Holdings Company Ltd a foremost motorcycle manufacturing company in China. Haojue was established in 1992. During the year 2002, Haojue began a joint business enterprise including SUZUKI. This precious company produces both Haojue and Suzuki motorcycles and both are much famous and well configured. This Chinese motorcycle company holds a workforce of 10,000 employees (approximate), and as of the edge of the year 2013, had 9.8 billion Yuan in assets and total tax enrichment of 11.7 billion Yuan. This motorcycle company has unusual remaining distributors at the domestic market and they export their commodities to across 80 countries and regions around the world. Karnaphuli Group is an importer and distributor of Haojue motorcycles in Bangladesh.

The Maxtra 125 is a race motorcycle produced by Haojue to participate in the Grand Prix motorcycle World Championship. Its initial season was during 2009. The engine configuration is innovative for a 125cc racing bike: the cylinder faces downwards, administering several instances in the intake system and in weight distribution. Furthermore, Haojue will try to develop the 125 by improving aerodynamics of the bodywork.

Charity Work

In enhancement to its extraordinary achievements in business operation and management, Dachangjiang Group Co., Ltd. (DCJ Group) has performed extensively recognized efforts to promote charity activities. Endeavoring to make its charity activities further sustainable and better established and help to elevate public awareness on charity work, DCJ Group funded RMB 10 million in 2007 to build the “Guangdong Haojue Charity Fund”, and different RMB 10 million in 2009 to build the “Jiangsu Haojue Charity Fund”, both committed to on-going contributions to debt reduction, education assistance, and disaster relief programs. By June 2019, the DCJ Group has obtained donations totaling RMB 185 million in a category of charitable programs, including higher than 30 “targeted” donations, for which DCJ Group was conferred the “China Charity Award” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the “China Charity Award for Outstanding Contributions” through the China Charity Federation.

Wenchuan Earthquake

Haojue donated up to 15.3 million Yuan(around 2.55 million USD) to relief work later the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province during 2008.

Yushu Earthquake

Haojue donated over 10.32 million Yuan(around 1.72 million USD) to relief work following the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province during 2010.

China Charity Award

During 2009, the company was awarded the “China Charity Award” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Donates 10 million Yuan on 2017 Heshan Charity Evening Haojue Charity Funds donates 10 million Yuan

Domestic industry

China's domestic motorcycle market has undergone a downturn in current years due to the banning of motorcycles in various Chinese urban centers. China's domestic motorcycle sales attained a high of encompassing 19,000,000 units during 2009 and then suffered gradual reductions for 4 back-to-back years. During 2013, the market slumped by 5.73% from 2012 through 13,880,000 units, 26.94% less than 2009. Domestic sales diminished due to the ban on motorcycles in urban centers, the national economic transmutation and the provincial market downturn. In Chinese rural regions, motorcycles are employed for a kind of purposes, including personal transportation, passenger vehicles, and cargo transportation. The improved living standard in these sectors in current years has headed to the replacement of motorcycles including mini-cars and e-bikes.

Export industry

Throughout the first 11 months of 2013, China shipped 9,128,400 motorcycles totaling RMB 4,865 million at an average cost of US$532.92 to 198 countries and regions. Export to Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America is considered for 87.57% of the total export volume, among Myanmar, Nigeria, Argentina, Venezuela, Philippines, Togo, Mexico, Russia, Angola, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia topping the commodity destination list. A total of 4,639,600 motorcycles were shipped to these top 10 countries, considering 50.83% of total export.

Global need for Chinese motorcycles has taken a hit across the past few years, including various political and financial crises in various markets seriously disordering the ability for manufacturers to sufficiently get their motorcycles to the end customers. Both the financial difficulties in Argentina and the political difficulties in Egypt are examples of markets lately becoming entirely unavailable to manufacturers.

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