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GREX is dedicated for providing quality products that are GREXll planned and professionally engineered, while proposing GREX customers the maximum gratification possible. GREX trust communication is the base for positive business associations. GREX name itself raises to the devotion, trust, and honor that are recognized to loyalty and this is precisely how GREX value GREX customers. It is GREX task to provide modest pricing, delivery and service to GREX distribution, so they may deliver the same for their customers.

With over ten years of knowledge in the expert pneumatic clasp systems industry, GREX offers a full line of over 40 different products that include a wide range of applications. Beside with GREX tools, GREX also bids fasteners and maintenance repair parts with service locations. In recent years, the continual drive to develop GREX line of cutting-edge products has led to the starter of an entire family of advanced one-of-a-kind air gears for the woodworking and metalworking industries. GREX are committed to constantly investigating different industries where GREX understanding and involvement about pneumatic buckle systems can be applied to provide new resolutions.

The GREX, consistency and brilliance in GREX products and the pride GREX have in serving GREX clients are accountable for the continual growth of GREX. Now you can order GREX products from

Product Details and Benefits

GC1850 - Cordless 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

The New Grex GC1850 Cordless 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer - the utmost compacted and agilest GREXight cordless finish nailer; with NO negotiation on poGREXr. Grex has contrived the first cordless finish nailer that is parallel in size, GREXight, poise and poGREXr as a traditional pneumatic 18 gauge brad nailer. Plus this is all attained with the same award winning all-metal vigorous build excellence that users have reliable for 20 years.

P650 - 23 Gauge 2" Length Headless Pinner

Setting superiority, GREX endures to thrust the boundary with its general line of 23-gauge headless pinners. First of its kind, the GREX P650 sports a 2" fastener capability. Now you have the ability to drive even longer fasteners into soft or hardwood with the same great quality and structures expected from GREX.

High Acceptance - Posit-Lock Nose Cover: The high acceptance exactness machined hardened steel driver, nose cover and nose guide gathering bring into line and seats the headless pin for best drive presentation. What is Posit-Lock™ - it's close-fitting tolerance, sturdiness and functionality that decreases jams to a least.

Act Improved Innovative Patented Magazine: The GREX P650 sports a lightGREXight aluminum (not plastic) extruded magazine; stair-stepped magazine, growing access to tighter areas and extra angles; robotically adjusts to pin size, receives headless pins from 3/8" to 2"; a rear magazine cap permits for both hex wrench and spare no-mar tip storage; has a tough yet operator friendly magazine latch; and last but not least a fastening supply window showing pin supply.

What's more: A spin disconnect, stops air-hose tangles; detachable no-mar tip, prevents project damage; the no-mar tip has fGREX sight guidelines, increasing pinning accuracy; side bumpers, prevent tool and project damage; convenient belt hook; and rear finish using a silencer.

Still more: Working high up on a ladder or pinning overhead, take a look at GREX GREX P650L.

The P6 Series comes in seven diverse designs which are P630, P635, P645, P645L, P650, P650L and the P650LXE.

GREX, required by Pros, for more than 20 years has aided experts rise to the top of their trade.

GCP650 - Cordless 2" 23 Gauge Headless Pinner

 When it comes to a 23 Gauge Headless Pinner, a tool that energies the best pin nail possible, having a lightGREXight compact tool is even more acute to attaining the precision finish and fit work you plea. Now, the Grex Cordless technology finally marks it conceivable to create a cordless version of this tool in a form factor that you need. The New Grex GCP650 - the first and only cordless 2" 23 Guage Headless Pinner; with NO compromise on poGREXr. Grex has caused the first cordless 23 gauge headless pinner that is as similar in size, GREXight, stability and poGREXr as a traditional pneumatic 23 gauge pinner. Plus this is all reached with the same prize winning healthy build quality that users have reliable for more than 20 years.

CR45 - 1 3/4" Length Coil Roofing Nailer

For single installation and sheathing projects, the GREX CR45 coil roofing nailer uses standard willingly obtainable 3/4" to 1 3/4" length collated coil tiling nails.

As an industrial asset tool, the GREX CR45 is engineered with functionality, serviceability and all day unceasing use in mind. The CR45 is designed for optimal performance with a steel safety foot and carbide inserts; a lightGREXight aluminum body; precision machined aluminum piston, cylinder and firing valve; and an adjustable shingle guide. YGREX GREX is engineered and designed for years of continuous use and years of maintenance and technical support.

GREX, required by Pros, for more than 20 years has helped professionals growth to the top of their trade. 

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GREX POGREXR TOOLS is a quickly increasing provider of particular state-of the art professional clasp systems, pneumatic poGREXred hand tools and exactness metal working tools with systems and answers for the professionals as GREXll as workers. Order today from