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Elephant King Mosquito Coil - Pack of 10pcs৳ 100
GQ Genius Pen - 20pcs ৳ 100
ECONO Trendy Ball Pen - 20pcs ৳ 100
ECONO Soft Grip Ball Pen - 2 Packet৳ 160
Econo Ocean Ball Pen - 2 packet৳ 100
Econo Castle Pencil Ball Pen 20pcs৳ 100
Econo Castle Multi Color Ball Pen (Pack of 20 Pens)৳ 100
Krispy Curl Chips 12gm 20 Packet ৳ 100
ECONO Full Time Ball Pen - 3 packet৳ 108
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Econo Castle Pencil Ball Pen 20pcs ৳ 100
ECONO Exam Ball Pen - 3 packet৳ 144
Econo FX Plus Ball Pen - 2 packet৳ 120
Elephant King Jumbo Mosquito Coil Pack of 10৳ 100
Econo Full Time pack of 18 pens৳ 108
Econo Champ & Econo Dx Teen Ball Pen 20pcs ৳ 100
Castle Ball Pen 1 Packet৳ 100
Econo Ocean Ball Pen - 2 packet৳ 100
Krispy MOTOR VAJA-20gm (24 Packets)৳ 120
ECONO Full Time Ball Pen - 3 packet৳ 108
Econo Student Ball Pen - 2 Packets ৳ 100
Super Action New Generation Booster Mosquito Coil - Pack of 10 ৳ 120
THINOS Chips 20 packets৳ 200
Econo Soft Grip Ball Pen & Econo Dx Teen Ball Pen 20pcs ৳ 130
ECONO Teach Point Ball Pen - 2 Packets৳ 100
Econo DX Ball Pen 3 Packets৳ 120
Econo DX Ball Pen (Pack of 30 Pens)৳ 120
Krispy Curl Chips 30gm combo Offer (10 packets)৳ 100
ECONO Trendy Ball Pen - 20pcs৳ 100
ECONO Full Time Ball Pen - 3 packet৳ 108
Krispy MOTOR VAJA-20gm (24 Packets)৳ 120
Krispy Curl Chips 20 gm (10 Packets) - BD ৳ 100
Castle Ball Pen - 1 Packet৳ 100
Econo Ball Pen 3 Packets ৳ 120
Econo DX Ball Pen (Pack of 30 Pens)৳ 120
Krispy THIN'OS Chips 30gm৳ 100
Econo Ocean Ball Pen - 2 packet৳ 100
Econo FX Ball Pen 2 Packets৳ 120
Econo Exam Ball Pen (Pack of 18 Pens, Multi-color Body)৳ 144
Krispy Curl Chips 20 gm (20 Packets) - BD ৳ 200
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GQ Pen Online in Bangladesh

In the course of the progress of the culture, people first invented scripts for calculating ideas and later painting for entertainment and then writing by pen and pen for writing the mind is infinite. The contribution of the pen is not to be blamed for the change that has taken place over time.

The pen means stylus. The English pen (pen) comes from the Latin word penna, which means feathers. At a one-time feather, pens were used. A pen or stylus or pen is mainly a tool used for writing. Ink is applied to paper or ink on a surface. Its history is about 3 thousand years. The ancient Egyptians probably started writing with the first pen. At that time, however, there was no paper. They wrote on the leaves and bark of different trees. The pens were used as taps, bows or bamboo scissors or blanks. These fragments were cut into a pen, cut into sutures and written in ink. Kali was also grown in the plant's cells and in various natural ingredients. This goes on for many centuries. From the 5th century, the shepherd of the bird occupied the place of Kanchi or Nalakagara. The feathers of the swan were the main instrument of pen making in that era. The feathers were tightly trimmed so that his or her head or head would be finely tuned so that it would be easier to write. 

In the primitive condition when people lived inside the cave, the walls of the cave were painted with a sharp object or something called Hijibiji. At other times, akibuki was consumed with the juice or blood of a leaf or victim. Soon after the civilization began to be written on clay jars or soft stones, among them the use of camel hair made in China can be noted.

But perhaps the Egyptians first started writing something like copper nibs on a wooden stick. And about four thousand years ago, the Grecians started writing in a traditional way. Their pens were made of ivory or something like this. The name was Stylus. That is why the writing style is still called "Style". And after the invention of paper in the Middle Ages, writing with feathers became prevalent.

There are many types of pens in Bangladesh. the biggest online shop provides many branded pens. GQ brand is one of them. 

Econo DX Teen Pen:

Econo DX Teen Pen is a newly launched pen of GQ. it is available in multi-colors. It is most widely used in Bangladesh. DX Teen Pen gives the impression of a pencil. The writing attribute is black. This is a ballpen type product. You can write smoothly and very fastly through this ball pen. You can have these 10 pens in one packet. Buy this product from the biggest online shop with a 100% product guarantee and the fastest delivery. Enjoy your shopping !!!

Econo Castle Pencil Ballpen:

Econo Castle Pencil Ballpen is made of high-quality material. This is a black body pencil pen. It is popular as pen pencil in Bangladesh. This black ball pen contains 20 pcs in a single package. This can be used by both children and adults. The quality is ensured with superior concentration. It contains an attractive black cap. It has a smooth writing attribute. Grab this most useful pen from the largest online shop Hurry!!!  

Krispy Curl Chips:

Wanna test something spicy and sour? Here comes Krispy Curl Chips for you. These chips are full of tango flavor. This is very popular among primary students. Buy this curl chips from the biggest online shop with the fastest delivery and 100% product guarantee. Hurry!!!