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Buy best Gowala Grocery, Doi, Ghee, Khejur Gur, Khirsa, Milk in online at low price in bd


Introduction:  For most millennial- and for the generations preceding and succeeding them, milk has been the ultimate-everything in all things; be it that both beloved & execrated glass of warm milk in breakfast or before bedtime or the finesse made myriad delicacies. Whatever it is, we all have something written in the diary of memories pivoting around dairy. In retrospect, there has always been a ubiquitous usage of milk in the oriental part of the world; especially the Indian sub-continent – the rich culture of cream-rich sweetmeats patronized by the rich of the society. Gowala founder and CEO, Bogra-born Md Shafiul Alam.  Gowala start their Business in 2016, selling traditional food items. Wrapped around the neck of the pots with jute ropes, it was a quotidian scene for a boy Shafiul Alam growing up in the northern town. It became a part of his identity and heritage even as it had been so with all born to that land of famed yoghurt. That call-of-heart he shares with dessert-enthusiast and fellow townsman, co-founder & COO, Rubayat Hossain.  

Product Summary: Gowala is a consumer dairy tech company that exists to serve the finest and finest dairy products; collected and made directly at the source to ensure the best-in-class quality and authenticity. Starting its operations with the simple and suave sweetmeats and dairy products such as Ghee – Clarified Butter, Mishti–Doi – Sweet Yogurt, Khirsa, Sondesh, Plain Milk, Khejurer-Gur – DateJaggery; Gowala aims to expand in all the elements of culinary arts while maintaining a premium quality and service to all who hold dairy dear. Gowla aims not just to supply and satisfy its customers, but create a platform for all things dairy and the delightful creations those beget. Gowala is famous for Doi.

Brand Value: Always product quality is Ensure in Gowala Shop.The market are many competitor, they are first doi ordering process in online and fulfil and ongoing our mission .Gowala all product come from Bogra .it’s so hard to maintaining the caring product and frequently traveling .and that’s why product comes to hand .Quality insure persona are cheek the product and insure in this are good .that its hand over in the delivery man. And the delivery man safely reached the customer hand. This customer is open to this product and fully loves our product and team members. BSTI permission then proved our product Quality. Some products are BSTI Certified. Other products are not certified; this product business owner is certified. Milk is collected from the real village Gowala. The Gowala pricing approach is very much simple. Gowala all products come in Bogra.Gowala online famous products are Doi, Doi is the traditional food in Bogra.Gowala online buy Doi in Bogra, then adding carrying cost. Packing cost. And Delivery cost. Gowala's new product strategy is the same.

Products of Gowala: First, we started in one item of its Bogra Traditional Sweet yogurt, for day by day more of items are added in Gowala online shop. And its name and fame are spread.Gowala premium Doi 750gm and another one is 100 gm. Both are the same product 750gm Doi is eating 2-3 people at a one time but 100gm Doi is eating one person at a one time. Basically, 750gm Doi is prepared by the family. Doi prepared main and major things are milk and sugar, Bogra Doi is so famous in the whole Bangladesh People. Gowala Ghee 500gm amd 1000gm is Available in online and gowala store .Ghee is a another by product of milk .Basically Bogra Doi is so much populer that’s why Ghee is on .Pera sondash is a another sweet items. Milk 500gm and 1000gm is available in online and shop .We are collecting a lot of milk from village farmer.

Products on Ajkerdeal.Com: Nowadays every company has an online business. Gowala shops also run their business online. They have an online shop called Gowala online shop.  Ajkerdeal.Com is a platform that is available for these companies to help them for online business. The products of Gowala online shop are available at our site. 

Price on Ajkerdeal.Com: Ajkerdeal.Com is a platform that is available for all kinds and types of products. We provide the best and original products  with a lower price than the other sites like; Daraz.Com,Picakboo.Com,Othoba.Com,Oikko.Com,Bagdoom.Com.We collect from the real merchants, so that we can collect the real products and customer also can get the real. So there’s no way to be fake. It’s a friendly website for shopping. So welcome to our shop, and have happy shopping. 

Conclusion: Gowala works like a connector between general customers and merchants. The main benefit for customers is the discount and for merchants it is increasing the customer base and promoting. Gowala target market to the high-class people to live in Dhaka. Because they are starting their business in Dhaka and starting in business. Second target people are middle class family members. Gowala Nish marketing is highly interested and works best with them. Gowala grew their business day by day. And focus on the customer.