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GoPro is marketed sometimes stylized as the youth. This is an American technology company founded in 2002. It was founded by Nick Woodman. The company manufactures action cameras and develops its own mobile apps and video-editing software. They were innovated in Woodman Labs, Inc. but the company ultimately focused on the connected sports genre. They were developing its line of action cameras and, later, video editing software.

The company established a quadcopter drone, Karma, released in the month of October 2016. In January 2018, Karma was discontinued and the company hired JPMorgan Chase to pursue options of selling the company. However, a month later, the CEO denied this. The company has continued its business in manufacturing action cameras

HERO cameras


The 35mm camera (model #001) became available on April 13, 2005. It had dimensions of 2.5 by 3 inches (64 by 76 mm) and weighed 0.45 pounds (200 g). The company encompassed the camera. It was a clear case with quick release and a camera strap and ski glove adapter lash. It could pivot "on the fly" and be functional to a depth in the water of about 15 feet (5 m). It was described as a "reusable wrist camera" and included a roll of 24 exposure Kodak 400 film.


The Digital HERO released in 2006 (Model: SQ907 mini-cam) had a 640×460 camera and shot QVGA definition 320X240 (10 fps) video for a maximum of 10 seconds. This model had 32 MB internal memory. But it had no SD slot.

Digital 3

This model released in 2007. It had a 3-megapixel camera. It also had shot standard definition 512×384 video. It was rated up to 30 m (98.4 feet) in depth.

Digital 5

The Digital HERO5 was first introduced on December 5, 2006. This model had a 5 megapixels still photosensor. It was supported standard definition (512×384) video capture. The camera starts with two AAA batteries. It had 16 MB of internal memory and could function with a 2 GB SD card. Its housing was rated to 100 ft/30 meters depth. Its dimensions were 2.6 × 1.75 × 1.25 inches (66 × 44 × 32 mm).

Digital Wide


The HD HERO shoots video at a maximum of 1080p30, or 720p60.


HD HERO 960 – shoots a maximum of 960p video and is not compatible with The company's electronic accessories although the camera is compatible with all The company mounts. It was first listed on August 6, 2010.


This company’s HD HERO Naked was released with a range of accessories. It shoots a maximum of 1080p video on its 5 MP sensor. This company’s Unprotected camera line forms the basis for others. There are bundles, which are differentiated by the types of mounts they have (HD Helmet HERO, HD Motorsports HERO, HD Surf HERO). It was first listed on January 25, 2010.


  •         Sensor size: 1/2.5-inch (5.75 mm × 4.28 mm)
  •         Pixel size: 2.2 μm
  •         Image formats:






848 × 480




1280 × 720




1280 × 720




1280 × 960




1920 × 1080




2592 × 1944




The HERO2 was launched on October 24, 2011. It has an 11 MP image sensor, improved low-light capability, and records at up to 120 fps. It was sold with three different accessory packages as the Outdoor, Motorsports, and Surf Editions.


In late 2012, The company announced the HERO3 line of cameras. These cameras came in three editions: black, silver, and white.

All three versions of the HERO3 come in a 30% smaller and 25% lighter package, with WiFi built-in. There is a change of the physical dimensions of the cameras compared to the previous generations (HERO1 and HERO2 were physically identical). This suggests that some accessories for HD HERO Original and HERO2 are not compatible with HERO3, so The company made new versions of those accessories specifically for HERO3 (and mostly for HERO3+, see below). If you see, new versions of accessories are usually not compatible. If you think about the older Hero camera generations.


In October 2013, The company released the HERO3+, available in Black and Silver Editions, replacing the HERO3 generation.

The HERO3+ camera models claim dramatically improved low light performance and have a waterproof enclosure which is 20% lighter and 15% smaller than the HERO3's, according to The company website.


In September 2014, The company released an entry-level camera named simply "HERO", priced at $130, alongside the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver. The company Hero can capture 5mp still images and has a 5fps burst option. It is able to record 1080P at 30 or 25fps and 720P at 60 or 50fps on to a MicroSD card up to 32GB. It has an LCD on the touch display on the front and is waterproof down to 40m.


GoPro is one of the biggest brand in the case of Camera. They have great innovation tools and wish to build up to something new. For greater experience, one should choose a GoPro camera.