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  • ৳ 230 - 1104
  • ৳ 1104 - 1978
  • ৳ 1978 - 2852
  • ৳ 2852 - 3726
  • ৳ 3726 - 4600
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Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation Portable Speaker৳ 4500
Google Play Gift Card৳ 455
Google Chromecast TV Striming Device৳ 1999
Chromecast Google TV Streaming Device copy৳ 2400
Google Chromecast 2 TV Streaming Device৳ 1790
Wi-Fi Touch Wall Switch Panel Work with Alexa Google Home৳ 2450
Google Chromecast TV DEVICE৳ 2280
Google Chromecast TV Streaming Device (2nd Generation)৳ 1899
Google Chromecast TV Streaming Device (2nd Generation)৳ 1450
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Buy Google Gift Cards at best price in Bangladesh


Google Play Card previously styled Google play originated from three distinct products Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBook store. Android Market was announced by Google on 28 August 2008 and was made available to users on October 22. Within December 2010, satisfying filtering was added to Android Market, each app's details page introduced showing a promotional graphic at the top, and the maximum size of an app was raised from 25 megabytes to 50 megabytes.

The Google eBook store was launched on December 6, 2010, debuting with three million eBooks, making it the largest eBooks collection in the world. In November 2011, Google announced Google Music, a section of the Play Store offering music marketing. In March 2012, Google has grown the maximum size of an app by allowing developers to attach two expansion files to an app's basic download each expansion file with the highest size of 2 gigabytes, offering app developers a total of 4 gigabytes. Moreover, in March 2012, the Android Market was rebranded as Google Play. In May 2016, it was announced that the Google Play Card Store, together with all Android apps, would be coming to Chrome OS in September 2016.

How to redeem a Google Play card

First, note that the card's code can be found on the back of the card by scratching the grey stripe with a coin. Open the Google Play Store app up to your Android device. Open the menu by tapping the three lines in the upper left-hand corner. Scroll down and select "Redeem."Enter the code. Tap "Redeem."Confirm that you want to relieve the money. Enjoy your credit. You can send gifts to Google Play Books by email in some countries. We call this "digital gifts." In many countries, you can also purchase and allow physical Google Play gift cards. To send a digital gift, your receiver must be planted for Google Play in the same country as present, you can't send other digital content as gifts or lend the digital amount to another account. However, you can share apps and digital content with your family including Google Play Family Library.

How to Download Music from Google play card

Google Play Music is a streaming music service found on Android phones but is also available for the iPhone and for desktop computers. You can download music from Google Play Music for offline hearing on many various devices. If you sign out of your Google account, any downloaded music will be deleted from that device. Google Play Music is Google's premier streaming music service for now eventually, Google plans to replace it with YouTube Music. It's a many-sided service that lets you upload and flowing your own music recruitment as well as listen to artist themed radio stations, much like Pandora.

And if you pay to subscribe, you can play appointed tracks, like Spotify. Since the Google Play app is so similar on Android and iPhone, you can follow exactly the same procedure to download tracks no matter what kind of phone you have. Start the Google Play app. Tap the album or playlist that you require to download. If you are a Google Play. Subscriber, you can also plug a radio station. Tap the Download icon.

How to set up any Google Home

As technology continues to advance, it's becoming more and more common to fill our homes with gadgets that can help make our lives simpler, easier, and a lot more fun. Google Home and its family of devices, including the Google Home Mini and the Google Nest Hub, are one such family of devices that can do everything from telling you the weather to read out a recipe, or even play your favorite songs via Spotify. If you've recently purchased one of these devices and are uncertain about how to set it up and get started, here are some pointers to help you on your way. Note that the process, while seemingly complicated, is actually pretty straightforward and shouldn't be too time-consuming. Here's what you need to know.

  1. Plugin your Google Home device in the room in your home where you want to use it.
  2. Download the Google Home app on your device via the relevant app store. There's an iOS version in the App Store as well as one for Android via Google Play.
  3. If you don't already have one, create a Google account as you'll need it to use your Google Home device.
  4. To get started, ensure that your mobile device is using the same WiFi network that you plan to connect your Google Home device to.
  5. From the app's home screen, tap "Add" and then "Set up device." Next, you'll need to select "Set up new devices in your home," an option which is accompanied by a small icon of a house.
  6. The app will then automatically scan for new Google Home devices that are plugged in and ready to be set up. Once the selected device is found, click "Next." Your app will try to connect to the device you're setting up and will ask you to confirm that it has connected to the correct device by asking you if you heard a sound it played on the Google Home device in question.
  7. Next, you'll need to choose the room in which you're setting up the device, followed by the WiFi network you wish to join. If you don't see your WiFi network, you'll need to tap the "Other WiFi Network" option to locate it this way.
  8. The following screen gets you set up with Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence assistant programmed into Google Home products. This is the technology responsible for giving you recipe information, relaying the weather, and reading the news. After reading the relevant agreement, press "Next."
  9. Next, you'll be given the option to customize your experience with Google Assistant by activating Voice Match. This teaches the Assistant to recognize your voice, providing personalized information like calendar reminders and more. Note that you do not need to enable this, but it acts as a sort of security system if you choose not to activate Voice Match, but still allow the Assistant to provide you with personalized information, anyone with access to the device will also have access to your information, since the Assistant isn't coded to respond to your voice only.
  10. The app will then ask you for your home address in order to provide more accurate localized information, like traffic conditions and weather. If you allow the app to access your phone's location, your address should pre-fill on this screen automatically. Otherwise, you will need to add it manually.
  11. The following screen will allow you to add music and media services such as Spotify and Netflix. Should you wish to add those, click on the relevant option and add in your account information to log in and allow Google Home access. If not, or when finished, click "Next."
  12. You will then be asked to name your device. This can be anything of your choosing but should be easily identifiable to you, particularly if you own multiple Google Home devices. Click "Next" when finished.
  13. After choosing whether or not to receive emails about your device, you should then click "Finish setup," after which you'll be shown a screen that tells you that your device is ready to use.


You can relieve a Google Play card in a number of ways for use in the Play Store. Google Play gift cards are able to be used to pay for apps, music, and more. You can buy Google Play cards for yourself or others at dozens of different retailers, including ajkerdeal, Walmart, and Amazon.Google Play gift cards cannot be resold, exchanged, or transferred for the price, so we will not be able to expose you to a new gift card. Unfortunately, Google Play Gift Cards are also not redeemable for cash, not reloadable, and non-refundable, unless necessary by law. The credit can be used to buy any app, game, movie, TV show, magazine, or music that is found in Google Play. The credit can also be used for in-app marketing. The credits do explode one year from when the credit was fruitful to your account.