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Good Knight Anti Mosquito repellent 45ml India৳ 650
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 95
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 102
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 93
Good knight Xpress System 35ml India৳ 668
Goodknight Fabric Roll-On৳ 250
Good knight fabric roll on৳ 212
PERSONAL Natural Mosquito Repellent Fabric Roll On 2 MONTH PACK-India-15ML৳ 184
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 93
Good knight Xpress System 35ml India৳ 349
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 93
Natural Mosquito Repellent Fabric Roll On 2 MONTH PACK-8ml-India ৳ 184
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 110
Good knight fabric roll on৳ 210
Good Knight Anti Mosquito repellent 45ml India ৳ 650
Good knight fabric roll on৳ 210
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 93
Goodknight fabric roll on 8ml৳ 95
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Good Knight Mosquito Control Brand in Bangladesh


Good Knight is the highest-selling kid-safe mosquito control brand. Good Knight is a brand and it has a promise of - “ protecting happy moments”. It has a commitment to its product innovation. It was started in 1985 wanted to do business in FMCG. Its first step is to define the category. So what the category needs, are from the consumer angle? After the launch of a brand-consumer need for pest-free home which leads to a category called - “ House Insecticide Category”. In 1985, the size of the category was zero and today the size of the category is 2500 crore. It increases awareness about health and related diseases. It reduces tolerance towards pest problems. It desires for lower investment with solutions. It is varying severity forcing the use of multiple solutions. The nurturing stage of Good Knight was 1984 to 1995. There are various products of the Good Knight brand. They are-

  • Spray Base Pumps.
  • Mosquito Crean.
  • Small Way Coils.
  • Mosquito Nets, etc. 

So while using this, overriding consumer needs a reliable and powerful solution. They are worried about- what if they can get ash and smoke? What if they can get solutions that are effective for a sustained period of time? The right solution for all is Good Knight Mat. It is a product that has electricity-powered machines. The mats can be replaced. It can work for a minimum of 8 hours. It has no ash and no smoking problem. It is the total protection for good night sleep. At the monitoring stage 1985 to 1990 the entry of the brand in the market place was very competitive. Once upon a time, there was a lack of electricity. So the Good Knight Brand had to move to the old way of coil but they are small in size and was not using active ingredients which were produced in Japan which is more synthetic in nature. Then it launched a new coil with a red color. Now Good Knight Brand is growing strength in the consumer’s mind. The board successfully based on key format, that is- coils, LVs, mats. They have created innovative leadership in Mats, Jumbo Coils, Red Coils, Electric Gels, Turbo Timer LMD. Good Knight has been advanced with an active double power LV system, low smoke coils, ‘no harsh’ aerosols. Good Knight gives more value and enthusiasm to the consumers. is the largest online shop in Bangladesh. It provides all the necessary products that you want. Every day more than 1000 various products are added into This online shop is achieving its client’s trust day by day because of its fastest delivery and 100% product guarantee. You can buy original Good Knight products form here.      

Good Knight Fabric Roll-On:

The Good Knight Brand introduces you to the new Good Knight Fabric Roll-on. With just 4 dots on your clothes stay protected from mosquitos for 8 hours. The bottle of Good Knight Fabric Roll-On lasts for 2 months. It is a 100% natural mosquito repellent that you would love. It contains natural ingredients. Each bottle consists of pure citronella and eucalyptus oil. It protects from all kind of mosquitos including those spreading dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. It has a nonstaining formulation. It is safe for children, for babies under 2 years of age apply to their prams, cots, and strollers. Grab it NOW from the biggest online shop and enjoy your shopping. 


Good Knight Express System:

A mosquito’s irritating bites can ruin almost any occasion. It is not just about the nuisance they cause, mosquitoes are also carriers of most of the deadly diseases. Hence, getting rid of them should be a priority. Protect your family happy moments with the most innovative mosquito repellent from the house of Good Knight. We bring to you the safest and most technologically superior products to protect your family and loved ones. This Good Knight Xpress refill uses powerful ingredients and advanced technology to kill those little flying creatures. It works in just 9 minutes when you switch on the machine. You can use this Good Knight Xpress refill in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere. This liquid refill leaves a pleasant fragrance in your room, creating a nice atmosphere at home unlike the coils or mats give out smoke. 

Are you disturbed for mosquito bites? Looking for a product that can solve your problem? Good Knight Xpress System is that desired product. Get this product for your baby’s safety at the biggest online shop in Bangladesh. Grab NOW!!