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Expert Rich Crme Hair Colour - Natural Brown 20G + 20ml - INDIAN৳ 113
Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Color Natural Black 1.0 20g + 20ml India৳ 104
Expert Rich Crme Hair Colour - Dark Brown 20G + 20ml - INDIAN৳ 109
Expert Rich Creme Hair Color - Burgundy 20G + 20ml - Indian৳ 95
Godrej Kala HIT Flying Insect Killer (FIK) Aerosol Regular 625ml৳ 350
Rich Creme HC Natural Black 20G + 20ml Indian৳ 104
Godrej Dark Brown Hair Colour-20gm-India ৳ 131
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Godrej Experts Online in Bangladesh

Godrej is a Security lock and other personal and home accessories manufacturing brand of India. Godrej is a very famous brand for Indians for unique products. Bourgeoisie Sorabji Godrej founded the company. Bourgeoisie Sorabji Godrej was a world-renowned Indian industrialist. The company, now known as Godrej Group of Companies, was formerly Godrej Brothers Company. Half of the products invented by this company are his inventions.

Godrej was born in Mumbai (now called Bombay), Maharashtra. He attended a law school. He was hired by a famous law firm. But he did not like the profession. Shortly afterward, he stopped practicing lawfully. Ardeshir saw that the locks produced in India were all made by hand. It takes a lot of labor and the quality of the product is not very good. He then created a locksmith called Anchor Brand with which he was able to cover the 'unpackable' guarantee. A few years later, Ardeshir took the patent for his first invention. His locks are called 'Gordian Locks'. There were two types of keys on this lock - one to give, and one to open. The second key could also be used to operate other machinery inside the lock. In this way the first key gradually became obsolete.

In 5, he started the experiment with the Ark of Arashi. At that time, thieves could easily open the ark. The fire could not have saved the ark from the fire. The foreigner, therefore, wanted to create an ark that the thieves could not open and could be saved from the fire. He painted a variety of designs on paper. He had many discussions with engineers and craftsmen. In the end, the only way to make such an ark is to make the ark with just one steel sheet. The ark came into the market on the 12th. On July 7, Ardeshir and his brother Pirozasha wrote to the British government requesting that they seek patents for the world's first springless locks. On October 6, their application was granted.

On May 7, 1920, Ardesh completely handed over the ownership and control of the company to his brother Pirozasha. He came to Nasik about 5 km north of Mumbai and joined hands with the farmers. However, he did not succeed in farming. But the tendency to discover him did not stop. In soap, soap was made from animal fat and oil. This soap was not intended to be used by vegetarians or devout Hindus. When the foreigner's attention was drawn to this, he made soap with vegetable oil. No one ever thought that soap could be made that way.

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Using the latest technology, the E-Bio safe locking system ensures that your valuables are protected with the most intricate key design - your fingerprint. The features are Fuzzy, Fingerprint capture using advanced optics, Fast and accurate, Tub Clean, Fast and accurate verification for authentic access, 30 fingerprints, Mechanical override in case password is forgotten, Non-volatile memory, Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts,  Dimensions (H x W x D) 200 x 420 x 370, Body Thickness (Wall) 1.8, Body Thickness (Door) 5, Weight ( Kg) 12, Volume (litres) 23. Godrej e-bio price in BD is reasonable to buy online at

Godrej e-swipe price in BD:

A safe enabled with an advanced swipe reader. That can be locked and accessed by the use of debit/credit cards. It not only enhances your security well-done adds to the elegance of your well-done interiors. Features3-6 digit secret password, Fuzzy, Opens with a 3-6 digit secret password and/or by the swiping of personal debit/credit card, Heavy-duty push-button keypad. Tub Clean, Auto freeze, Tub Clean, Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts, Enabled with a master password delay Start, Nonvolatile memory, delay StartNon volatile memory prevents password erasure when the battery is low mechanical override delay, Start Mechanical override in case password is forgotten.Magnetic stripe reader, Delay Start, Low battery indicator, Delay Start, Motorised shooting bolts, Delay StartUSB data retrieval*Delay StartInterior carpetDelay Start, Related Information: Specifications- Dimensions (H x W x D) 250 x 455 x 375, Body Thickness (Wall) 2, Body Thickness (Door) 5, Weight ( Kg) 16, Volume (litres) 35

Godrej goldilocks price in BD:

Your Personal Locker for everyday valuablesIt's safe. It's portable. It's compact. Introducing India's first-of-its-kind personal locker for everyday use. Goldilocks is the perfect safe for you to store your daily valuables like keys, credit cards, watches, glasses, wallet, etc.get in touch123456Know Goldilocks, inside out good things come in small packages123Tough metal build the material ensures you don't comprise on security. Smart touch panel lock and unlock at the touch of a finger. Tamper alert sounds alarm when tampered with.PortableCarry it wherever you go. Laptop lock compatible additional security with locking cable. Soft-touch interior safeguards your valuables and keep it scratch-free.

Ultra-modern design ergonomically designed for easier access home for all your daily valuablesVery often we end up keeping our daily valuables at random places and worry about it when it gets misplaced. Worry no more! Introducing the new Goldilocks that secures your everyday things like credit cards, iPod, sunglasses, rings, keys, etc. in a secure locker. about goldilocks123Small things make a big difference inspired by the story 'Goldilocks and the three bears', Goldilocks is designed to offer you the 'right' locker for your everyday needs. Its sleek design and compact structure lets you store your everyday valuables like mobile, keys, wallet, iPods, etc. Goldilocks comes in two attractive colors, and with a host of features like smart touch panel, anti-theft buzzer, and a smart locking cable. The safe might be small, but its utility is immense. Along with a smart manager, Goldilocks also helps you organize your things. Your personal locker has finally arrived. Godrej goldilocks price in BD is reasonable to buy online at


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