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Givenchy Perfume Online in Bangladesh |

The Givenchy eau de cologne is known for its luxurious fragrant, fine woodsy perfume combined with hints of fine spice and floral. The Givenchy Perfume and Givenchy fragrance is one of the leading traffickers of contemporary luxury items. The Givenchy has a vast line of perfumes that is a fine extension of the Givenchy product list. The Givenchy perfume products are very much known for their refined, unique designs with enlivened with an elegant touch of fantasy and epitomizing the great ultimate in international stylish.  

At, we are very proud to offer the Givenchy perfume and fragrance to our customers. We are equally as proud to offer all our customers a discount prices on fragrances by Givenchy. Both men and women can trust us the to be their main go-to destination for authentic Givenchy perfume products at some of the lowest prices in online Bangladesh.

History of Givenchy Perfume

Their fine approach is basically based on the spirit of the rich French culture nourished by the savoir vivre and the opulence as it stood in the post war era of the year 1950s. That time the “Maison de Couture” was founded. The Hubert de Givenchy's first collection was debuted in year of 1952, but it was not until the yaear of 1953 that he found his muse, the incarnation of his ideal of femininity: the great Audrey Hepburn. As a result, a 40-year friendship began, during which time the gorgeous British actress became the ambassador of the Givenchy. The Films starring, super star Hepburn wearing the creations of the designer conveyed the Givenchy image of refinement and elegance beauty for the world to see.

Givenchy Exclusive Perfume for Men and Women in Bangladesh

Over the years, the look of the Givenchy fragrances, perfumes has changed, but the robust brand has remained classic with perfumes such as the Amarige and fine Xeryus and exclusive colognes for men such as the Pi and the Play Intense. Some exclusive Givenchy perfumes are-

Amarige Perfume: The Amarige by Givenchy Perfume was launched by the design house of Givenchy in the year of 1991. The Amarige is a very confident perfume designed for the sophisticated, classy woman who appreciates designer fragrances. This special and unique fragrance combines the notes of orange blossoms, plums, the mandarin oranges, fine violets and peaches, which basically come together to manufacture a scent that is very long lasting but not overpowering. The Spritz this timeless perfume on your pulse points after your cool shower to display a perfume that will specially command compliments from everyone you come in contact with.

Pi Cologne: The Pi perfume by Givenchy Cologne is for men. The perfume is to use for any important night out for men. It is created by the design house of the Givenchy back in the year of 1998 and this perfume gives you an alluring and very seductive, exotic scent. It is just what you really need to feel very attractive, neat and clean and confident throughout the night. It’s very much carefully blended notes of rosemary, the basil, the tarragon, neroli and herbs produce a fine woody but sensual masculine scent that lasts the entire nice evening and making it the perfect touch for a exotic romantic date.

Very Irresistible Perfume: The Very Irresistible Perfume by Givenchy for women. A happy and vivacious perfume, Very Irresistible by Givenchy is a very playful and modern fragrance for all women who are young at heart. It was launched back in the year of 2003 and this scent is a fine aromatic perfume which is blend of sweet floral. Its spicy notes that revives the special senses and lighten the young heart. The perfume notes of rose and the magnolia mix with clean tones of the lemon verbena, the warm cassia and anise scents. Ready to flirt and very seduce, the Very Irresistible is ideal for teasing, light hearted women and mysterious seducers.

Xeryus Rouge Cologne: The Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy is another excellent one. The Xeryus Rouge is a strong masculine men's fragrance by Givenchy which was created in 1995. It was named after Xeryus, the Greek god in the ancient history, this manly scent combines the bold notes of kumquat, intense cactus, spicy tarragon, the cedar needles and the bold red pimento. This special and sensual fragrance has a unique potent for oriental undertones that stay true to its unique smell, the despite changes in your stress level or very excessive sweating.

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