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GeoVision Brand Software in Bangladesh

GeoVision Software Limited is a useful and modern software. It provides

Some features that help to run a CCTV camera. It has also some additional features such as configuring motion detection, saving the recordings or footages, schedule recordings, and many more. 

GeoVision Incorporation is a manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems. It is a Taiwan-based company and it was founded in 1998. Now GeoVision has become a leading digital and networked video surveillance company after 20 years of research and development accumulated in video surveillance products. They have customers in 110 countries worldwide. They also achieved the honor of being the top security 50 companies in the world. 

Subsidiaries of GeoVision

GeoVision has some regional subsidiaries around the world. These subsidiaries provide technical support, logistics services, sales support, RMA, specs consultation, etc. The subsidiaries are situated in different parts of the world. The USA subsidiary has a total of four offices in Dallas, Indianapolis, New York, and Montreal Quebec. The others are situated in Prague Czech Republic, Sao Paulo Brazil, Vendôme France, and Tokyo, Japan, Calif.

Specialties of GeoVision

GeoVision mainly specializes in the manufacturing of  IP cameras in R&D, professional-grade DVR systems, and NVR systems. Especially, the GV series megapixel IP cameras have a wide range of models and functions from 1.3 megapixels to 12 megapixels. It provides good quality video and also video analytics for professional users. Moreover, this camera is an award-winning product. It is a very effective product. 

The main aim of GeoVision is to use its video management software with NVR systems, GeoVision IP cameras, and DVR systems. The built-in video analytics software performs many tasks. The software can temper the alarm, detect the face, detect missing objects, detect an unattended object, count people, detect a crowd, track a single PTZ object, and do a smart searching, etc. The software also has some optional feature enhancements like video stabilization, panorama view, defogging, crowd detection, and many more that can be beneficial to the users.

GeoVision's products are sold to commercial-end customers by installers, system engineers, and distributors around the world. The products of the GeoVision have been applied to many fields of industries such as government, residence, hospitals, commercial, gaming, transportation, retails, and other important areas.

GeoVision is also popular for its technical edge on total solutions to video surveillance. Their video surveillance solutions include access control systems, point-of-sale integration, GIS integration, central monitoring station systems, digital signage systems, and digital license plate recognition systems. GeoVision supports more than 31 language versions of its software in all of its product lines to meet the needs of its multi-regional customers around the world. That’s why they are very popular around the world.

Achievements and Awards Won By GeoVision

GeoVision has patented product innovation since its establishment. They also have been awarded business achievements. Some of their achievements, as well as won awards, are - Taiwan Excellence Award, International All-Over IP Award, Red dot Award, World's 200 Best Under a Billion by Forbes Asia, Top Security 50 by A&S Magazine in 2004, 

Frost & Sullivan award in 2007, Taiwan Business Award in 2008, and many more. 

Working Procedure of GeoVision

They have an excellent logistic support system with responsive technical support and customer service. They also serve a fast delivery.

GeoVision has a world-class R&D team with top-quality testing, good

image recognition, image compression, top application maintenance,  

driver, H/W, and Internet solution team. They also have years of accumulated digital surveillance system design experiences.

GeoVision diverse product line with the popular industry-leading technologies. They have a complete lineup of security accessories that help security professionals to deliver customized services to their valuable customers, Digital Surveillance Systems with expandable supports to Central Monitoring Station and POS, IP surveillance product lineup, integration of IT technology with the specialized team into the surveillance system, digital license plate recognition system, access control system, continuous improvement of H/W, S/W, and compression technology to keep updated with the modern technology, built-in to standalone I/O modules, video analysis features for the surveillance system, Digital Surveillance Systems ranging from the 20 fps to 480 fps models that is leading-edge. There are choices that range from BNC to D-Sub, etc. 

Some of The Famous and Effective Products From GeoVision

GeoVision is mainly popular for its IP cameras. Some of them are - 

Video Management Software

Recording System, DVR or NVR, Video Analytics, Backup Management, Mobile Apps, etc.

Surveillance System

Mobile System, NVR System, VMS System, Storage System, Mini System, Linux-based Standalone, Recording Server Systems, accessories. 

IP Camera

Unicam, Thermal camera, Dome, Fisheye, Box, VR360, Bullet, Eyeball, IP Speed Dome, Unicam, TOF camera, accessories.

License Plate Recognition

IP LPR camera, DSP LPR, Software, Analog LPR Camera, etc. 

Access Control

Controller, Reader, IP Control Panel, etc.

IP or HD Video Encoder

HD Video Encoder, Decoder Box, etc.

Digital Signage

Sim-Bezel Signage Displays, Signage Player, etc.

PoE Solution

PoE Switch, PoE Adapter, PoE Encoder, etc.


IO, Capture Card, etc.

Now buying GeoVision products online is very easy. Just browse the website, order the required product, and get them home delivery. So let’s start browsing to buy your favorite products.