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Genius Nicer Dicer Plus.৳ 650
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Genius Brand Computer Accessories Shopping Online in BD

Genius is a renowned international brand for computer utilities and mobile peripherals. The goods of Genius, that are in the market are mostly processed and made in Taiwan. It made its first appearance in the year 1985 by introducing it’s very first mouse in the market. They are also well known for their production of environmentally friendly goods which are easy to use, innovative and has a remarkable precision giving out an ultimate experience for the users.

Genius, existing from almost the beginning of the computer era, had to transform the products according to the changes that took place in our market since 1985, remain competitive in the market until today. They have modern gaming mouse with great precision for gaming. It allows the user to adapt with the speed of the mouse movements effectively. Helps the gamer to become comfortable with the mouse so that you can stay ahead of the game. The cost of the product is worth the price and you win if you buy, not only the game but also a topmost user experience.

They also produce exclusive noise cancellation headphones, designed not only for an optimum musical hearing but also to improve gaming experiences with microphones to communicate faster with other gamers. This creates an amplified gaming experience for gamers. There are other categories of headsets that are delicately designed in a way so that the bass does not affect the user’s ears. Crystal clear sound gives an elegant feeling and builds a trust that can never be broken.

There are pleasant looking earphones for your phone with a   in-line microphone for voice calls and playback controls which are also capable of canceling ambient noise allowing the user to have experience equivalent to that of their headset. It also creates an audial experience for the users to simply relax and find out the little details they did not experience with other headphones ever before. This surreal experience leaves an explicit feeling in the user to go for Genius over and over again.

The USB Speakers are portable and can be easily plugged with a power cable into your laptop or USB charger or any other USB port to connect it with. An auxiliary cable is used to connect your phone or other kinds of devices to give the ideal audible experience. It is relatively small and can be carried in your backpack in times of your travel or journeys. Its high durability causes the buyers to recommend Genius speakers for use.

The designs of the utilities are extremely magnificent with its simplicity that helped the company to survive for almost 3 decades. The value of the product is significantly lower and ensures the quality which can be compared to the other first grade devices available in the market. They make eco-friendly products for the efficiency of energy required to run the devices and also take responsibility for managing their own products that can no longer be used. There is no doubt that Genius provides the best quality goods at the most reasonable price for you.