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Gemei GM-6008 professional Rechargeable hair clippers Trimmers৳ 2090
Gemei GM-6008 Professional Rechargeable Hair Clippers Trimmers৳ 2000
Mini Pocket Hair Straightener Gemei GM 2923 - White৳ 880
GM-6128 Rechargeable Professional Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper For men৳ 960
Gemei GM-6008 professional Rechargeable hair clippers Trimmers৳ 1899
Gemei Gm-6077 Professional Hair Clipper৳ 1499
Gemei GM 2923 Mini Pocket Hair Straightener - White৳ 760
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Current times are modern times. It is important to keep up with the fashion, to keep pace with the times. And if you keep up with fashion, hair comes out of the beard. The trimmer is strongly involved with the hair and beard. Trimmers are an integral part of our daily life. The trimmer contributes to the shaving of the hair and the removal of unwanted hairs in the body. Going to the salon is a lot of hassle now. Paying serials, wasting time and also costly. Better buy a trimmer than that. You can easily shave your hair and beard at home. GEMEI is a very demanding trimmer brand at present. At the lowest prices, you will find every type of trimmer in this brand.

About GEMEI:

GEMEI is a famous trimmer brand in China that is in great demand for their products all over the world, not just China. High quality blades, motors, bodies made of high quality materials, etc. are the main features of this product. In addition to these, hairdryers, hairstyles that are commonly used by girls. It is also able to attract buyers for features like stylish design, high power battery, durable product and more.

1.GEMEI has many types of trimmers. Professional trimmers are commonly used in the salon and these types of trimmers are slightly larger and more expensive. Personal trimmers are a little smaller, but the quality is the same.

2.GEMEI Products & Details: GEMEI has many types of products including trimmer, hair clipper, nose hair trimmer, hair dryer, hair styler, hair curler.

Hair Trimmer: These trimmers are mainly used for beard and haircut. There are many clips of the same size, which you can easily apply to the blade to size the hair or beard.

3.GEMEI Hair Clippers: These trimmers are intended for personal use only. Small and light in size. That is why they are called clippers.

Nose Hair Trimmer: These trimmers are used to remove the hair inside the nose. Its head is slightly taller and has a motorized blade inside. With which the unwanted hair of the nose can be easily removed.

4.GEMEI hairdryer: GEMEI hairdryer may be the first choice for girls to dry hair after a bath. It is made of state-of-the-art technology and will allow you to dry your hair in a very short time. This will save the hair from cold water made from hair.

5.GEMEI Hair Curler: With GEMEI Hair Curl you will be able to curl your hair in a very short time which will bring unique beauty to your hair.

6.Hairstyles: GEMEI Hairstyles can be your first choice for straightening curls or any hair design. 

Quality of GEMEI Products:

GEMEI holds a very large market in the current market by virtue by their high quality product. You get more quality product guarantees at a lower cost. Products made by high quality products are guaranteed to last longer. There is also a warranty period of the product, which makes it easy to perform any type of service for free. Apart from these, the battery of these products is backup and satisfactory so that you can use it easily without electricity. include a huge repository of GEMEI products. You can easily buy the product you like from


At present, the girls are very stylish and fashion-conscious. Everyone wants to show themselves a little different from others, so many people like to cut their beards or hair and because of which they have to go to the salon. And when you go to the salon, get caught in the serial, again the extra money, what is the need for such harassment. Buy a trimmer for yourself and style it right at home. Likewise for girls, why spend so much money in parlors? GEMEI's products are available wherever you go. Make yourself as you like. Keep yourself tidy. Also, be sure of the quality of the product of GEMEI and use it without tension.

Price of GEMEI in today's Deal:

Good quality product price is a little higher than normal. However, GEMEI provides good quality products at very low prices. Before buying, everyone feels little hesitant about the quality or price of the product. Considering all aspects and thinking of all sorts of buyers, have set up GEMEI's huge product portfolio. Because all kinds of buyers are important to us. If you want to buy at a lower price, there is a similar product and a more expensive product. GEMEI trimmers generally range from 400tk to 8000tk.

Again, girls hairstylers will be available from 400tk to 5000tk. Again the hairdryer has a huge collection. If you buy these you have spent from 300tk to 5000tk.


Trimmers, hairdryers, hairstyles are all our essential products. The demand for these products is immense in the life of each of us. Hair and beard is a very valuable gift for us. You should be careful about having time. Ajkerdeal have a huge collection of Gemei for make you beauty. Your favorite products are available at our lowest prices only on our site. You also get the opportunity to get home delivery at home. Why leave it to have such an opportunity? So order today and get the opportunity to pay the price after getting the product in hand with the home delivery.