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Buy Orignal Gandour Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

With solid origins in the confectionery industry, Gandour has developed as a top food producer in the World. Founded in 1857, Gandour mainly produced a variety of hard-boiled candies, loukoum and marzipan goods in Beirut, Lebanon. Gandour candy, Biscuit, Cake, Mint is very popular and loved by all. These popular brand products now available in, so place your order today. 

Gandour offers a wide choice of products including biscuits, cakes, chocolates, gums, candies, snacks, wafers, and cooking oils. Gandour endeavor to lead our field and unceasingly improve our exercise in the hunt of total pleasure of our connections and customers similar. Through total alignment, all of our objects move composed in a continuous effort to deliver nearby products that people love, which stretch rise to moments people treasure. Gandour Trust in a Delightful World


To start with about Baloona bubble gum rouses your day, with a variety of thrilling flavors and setups that will help you make fun and thrilling times. The lax bubble gum will give you a spurt of savor with each pop. Available items are BALLONA WATERMELON, BALLONA STRAWBERRY, BALLONA RAINBOW, BALLONA FRUITS, BALLONA COLA, BALLONA APPLE, BIGBANG.

Gandur Oils

Another product is the oils. Providing kin with an assortment of food products that is intended to stimulate stable living with its varieties and recipes. The assortment of cooking oils are double advanced, with no cholesterol and is sure to bring a delightful and poised familiarity with each bite. These items are available here GANDOUR SUNFLOGANDOURR OIL, GANDOUR CANOLA OIL, GANDOUR CORN OIL, GANDOUR SOYA OIL.


Another popular item is Gandour’s Best Bakes come in a diversity of tastes and forms, fluctuating from cream-filled biscuits to unadorned digestives. Complete from high-quality elements with over 100 years of sweltering involvement, Best Bakes are a countless basis of sustenance offering bakes snacks for anyone to relish and taste. Variations are CHOCOLATE CHIPS COOKIES, CRISPY & CREAMY BAG, CRISPY & CREAMY, CHOCO CHIP COOKIES, DABKE LUKUM, DIGESTIVE


A tempting mixture of amusing, creamy chocolate, filled with a variety of tasty creams. Comes with many variations like CRAVE HAZELNUT CREAM, CRAVE MILK CREAM, CRAVE MILK CHOCOLATE, TUTTI FRUTTI MINI, TUTTI FRUTTI BAG, TUTTI FRUTTI BAR


Whether it’s cake, brownies or croissant, Yamama is sure to contain your starvation in a new and enjoyable way. With a wide range of flavors and formats, Yamama brings together standout memories of home baking with a convincing that will keep you excited and coming back for more. Available items are Yamama Brownie, Yamama Vanilla Cake Roll, Yamama Chocolate Cake Roll, Yamama Chocolate Cream Cake, Yamama Vanilla Cream Cake, Yamama Chocolate Croissant, Yamama Strawberry Cupcake, Yamama Vanilla Cupcake, Yamama Toffee Cupcake, Yamama Chocolate Cupcake with Cream, Yamama Chocolate Cupcake.


Unica is a subtle and light wafer that is covered in delicious milk chocolate. Obtainable in a range of tastes and setups, Unica is sure to resuscitate genuine, unforgettable instants of friendship that are always light and satisfying. Unica Original Dark Minis Bag, Unica Original Minis Bag, Unica Signature Coconut, Unica Dark Pouch, Unica Pouch Original, Unica Original 2 Fingers Dark, Unica Original 2 Fingers, Unica Original Dark 24gr, Unica Original 24gr, Unica Signature Dark, Unica Signature White, Unica Signature Hazelnut


A variety of salty snacks including potato chips, popcorn, and peanuts, Cric Crac proposals a diversity of flavors that are sure to content any snacking state. With exciting and convenient wrapping, Cric Crac snacks can be disbursed in any snacking environment. CRICRAC POPCORN CHILI, CRICCRAC POPCORN CHEESE, CRICCRAC PEANUTS, CRICCRAC POTATO SPECIAL FLAVOUR, CRICRAC POTATO KETCHUP, CRICCRAC POTATO CHEESE


A range of no sugar gums that come in a verity of tastes and formats. Evident proposals an explosive flavor knowledge that transports you to a quicker state of living to assistance you hop the tedious. EVIDENT SPEARMINT, EVERDENT PEPPERMINT, EVERDENT FRUITS, EVERDENT WATERMELON, EVERDENT STRAWBERRY, EVERDENT SPEARMINT, EVERDENT PINEAPPLE PEACH, EVERDENT PEPPERMINT.

Benefits and Quality

To ensure customer benefits and to maintain high-quality Gandour do the following things.

  1.     Regulatory and reducing food safety and quality risks for the attention of public health
  2.     Determined to lead the field and unceasingly refining our practices in the pursuit of gratification of our associates, customers and consumers alike by obeying with the obligation of the international standards ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and appropriate legislation and standards.
  3.     Endorsing and interactive culture of excellence and food safety with our interior and external customers, suppliers and regulatory authorities.
  4.     Improving continual development activities at all functional levels by creating a work environment where workers are trained and motivated to communicate freely, encourage and promote effective teamwork to attain quality and food safety purposes and aims.

Quality and Food Safety Policy is an essential part of our business procedure framework for establishing corporate-level performance metrics and its accomplishment is incorporated in the Gandour objectives. So, Order this Quality product today from

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Gandour products are no available in at the best possible market price. Price starts from 500 takas. So, in order to get the best price of Gandour order today from


There is no doubt how quality and tasty are the products of Gandour. It is widely recognized and loved. Order your favorite Gandour product today from