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Buy Gamdias Gaming Mouse Online | AjkerDeal 


In the word Gamedias, the first three letters ‘Gam’ means gaming art in motion, and ‘Dias’ is the Latin word means God. So ‘Gamdias’ means the God of gaming. Gamdias is a gaming brand that is based on ancient Greek Mythology. It was obsessed with pursuing the epitome of gaming and coupled with a visually pleasing work of beauty. 

The Gamdias products are named after Greek Gods from the ancient Greek Mythology. The products are possessed a uniquely patented function engrossing the characteristics of each deity. Gamdias allow gamers to immerse themselves in the universe of Mount Olympus by representing justice. Gamdias products are designed to fulfill the needs of hardcore gamers. They have another platform named ‘Olympics’ for gamers to exchange pointers and tips. 


The mouse is a pointing device that looks like a hand-controlled rat. It is a popular widely used input device. It controls a computer without giving instructions on the keyboard. In 1973, Douglas Engelbert discovered the mouse. The first mouse was used on a Macintosh computer in 1974. 

When the mouse moves on the plane, an arrow or hand-like mark is seen moving on the monitor screen. This is called a cursor. The cursor can be moved as desired by moving the mouse. Besides, with the help of the mouse, various types of work can be done on the screen, including the control of the written subject, graph, picture, etc. 

A standard mouse has two or three buttons. The left side button is commonly used. However, the button on the right side has some additional options that are used when working in some programs. The scroll button can be easily viewed by turning the scroll button up or down on the monitor.

Use of Mouse


Moving the mouse pointer anywhere on the monitor screen is called pointing.


Releasing a mouse button with a single click is called a single click. Pressing the mouse button twice in a row is called a double click.

Drag and Drop 

Selecting an image, icon or window and dragging it with the left mouse button is called dragging or dragging. With the mouse pointer, click on the subject you want to drag, select, and hold down the left mouse button, drag it where it is needed and release the mouse button. This is called dropping or dropping.


To select an object, such as - drawing, text, picture, you have to click the i-beam to the right or left of the object, press the mouse, and drag it over the object to the left or right. This will cause a different color to fall on the dragged part. Selection is when the cover of another color falls or is highlighted on such an object.

Types of Mouse

Gaming Mouse

This type of mouse has customizable buttons. It includes a lot of features.

Infrared (IR) or Radio Frequency Cordless Mouse

In the case of this type of mouse, the computer's mouse part is attached to a base station, which means a wireless hub that connects to a computer network and relays the signal.

Trackball Mouse

A mouse that has a ball that moves the mouse pointer across the screen as it moves on a plane is called a trackball mouse.

Cordless 3-D Mouse

This type of mouse can be viewed with a lot of TV remote control and the computer screen can be remotely pointed.

Optical Mouse

An optical mouse is one in which an optical beam is used instead of a mouse ball and the mouse pointer moves on the screen as a result of moving the mouse in a plane.

Mechanical Mouse

The mechanical mouse has a rubber ball to rotate the cursor on the screen. Inside the mouse is a sensor that detects the movement of the ball and converts it into information that the computer can translate.

Optomechanical Mouse

In this type of mouse, the movement of the mouse is detected in an optical way using a ball.


These are commonly found on laptops that are used as an alternative to conventional mice. It consists of two buttons with a touchpad. The button works according to the two mouse buttons.

Stylus Mouse

To see this type of mouse, you have to operate it with the help of a pen and move it on a special pad.

Some products from Gamdias Brand are given below -

Gamdias Gaming Mouse

The model number of this gaming mouse is Zeus E2 RGB. It has multi-color breathing lighting and 3200 DPI Optical Sensor. The mouse is very smooth and speedy. It works on double-layer fabrics. has a big collection of computer and computer accessories from different world-famous brands. To collect them, simply visit the website of and order the products easily.