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Smart boys/ gents / digital display sport watch G shock-Army Red.৳ 1050
G-SHOCK Multifunction Digital Sports Watch For Men৳ 595
G-SHOCK Watch (Copy)৳ 700
Smart boys/ gents / digital display sport watch G shock Smart boys/ gents / digital display sport watch G shock-Black৳ 1000
Gents Gshock Menz Wrist Watch (Copy)৳ 949
G-Shock Sports watch৳ 1149
G-Shock Gents wrist watch৳ 999
Casio G-Shock Sports Watch For Men-copy৳ 999
G-Shock Gents wrist watch৳ 999
G-Shock Sports watch৳ 1149
G-Shock Menz Wrist Watch - Copy৳ 999
Casio G-Shock Sports Watch For Men-copy৳ 999
Casio G-Shock Sports Watch For Men-copy৳ 999
G-Shock Sports watch৳ 1149
Casio G-Shock Sports Watch For Men-copy৳ 999
G-Shock Sports Watch -copy৳ 1249
G-Shock Sports watch৳ 2111
G-Shock Sports watch৳ 2111
G-Shock Sports watch৳ 2111
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G-Shock Watches Buy Online from AjkerDeal

G-Shock brand is a sister concern of Casio, one of the famous Japanese electronics companies. It was established in 1983 and the headquarter is in Japan. G-Shock watches are made especially for heavy-duty.  The watches of G-Shock are perfect for military, sports, and outdoors-oriented activities. The watches have many special functions, such as countdown timer, electroluminescent backlight, stopwatch feature, and about 200-meters of water resistance. Almost all the watches of G-Shock are combination of analog and digital watches. 

The special feature that makes G-Shock watches more famous and popular was the ‘Triple 10 Resistance’. It means the watch has a water resistance of 10 bar, battery life of 10 years, and could survive a fall of 10 meters above.

To fill the demand for durable watches, Casio released the G-Shock brand. Casio introduced the Baby-G brand named G-Shock watches. It was designed only for women in 1994. 

Some of the Popular Watches from G-Shock is - 

Original Models from G-Shock

GM-5600, GW-5000, GW-5510, GW-A1045, GWS-5600, GWM-5600, GWM-5610, GLS-5600, DW-5000, DW-5200, DW-5500, DW-5600C, DW-5600E, DW-5600MS, DW-5600HR, etc. 

Limited Edition Models from G-Shock

MRG-8000RG-1AJF, MRG-8000G-1AJF, MRG-8100G-1AJR, MRG-8100R-1AJR, and more. 

Classic or Vintage Models from G-Shock

DW-001, DW-002, DW-003, DW-5700, DW-5800, DW-5900, DW-6000,

DW-6100, DW-6200, DW-6500, DW-6600. 

Wristwatches are now a great way to show off your style and status. A watch from a good brand will highlight your personality. In addition to looking at the time, watches are now a powerful fashion accessory. Attractive to look at and technically advanced watches can easily catch people's eyes. Both men and women now love to wear luxury watches as fashion accessories. A watch user loves to wear luxurious watches and can give them as gifts to the people of his choice.

In addition to looking at the time, watches have also become a big part of fashion. By ticking, it keeps the level of fashion just as time goes by. A fashionable watch can enhance beauty, personality, and smartness several times. Watches are a favorite accessory for people of all ages.

Some Popular Branded Watches

There are many brands of watches available in the market today. Such as Omega, Rolex, Casio, G-Shock, Rado, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Titan, Pierre Cardin, Kelvin Klein, Hubblet, Fasttrack, Longgins, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Seiko, Swister, Day-Date, Swiss Army, Oyster, Celux, GMT Master Two, Ferrari, Fasttrack, Emeka, Titan, Desire, Tissot, Submarine, Casablanca, Hamilton, Romanson, Tag Heuer, etc. are notable.

Designs of Wristwatch

There are also differences in the design of the watch depending on the place. Because all kinds of watches can't go everywhere after all. There are usually five types of watches available, all of which are later in time and space, each with its unique characteristics.

Field Watch

This type of watch is usually used by travelers. The sun is shining on the clocks, but the time can be seen and there is light to see the time at night. Moreover, there is a compass in the watch, which will help to show the way.

Dress Watch

It is usually worn at various office meetings and weddings. These watches are made in keeping with the official attire.

Racing and Sports Watch

Everyone loves racing and sports watches. For those who ride bikes or bicycles more, they can use racing and sports watches. For those players, sports watches of various brands are available in the market.

Diver’s Watch

Such watches are usually made as waterproof, for which these watches can be used safely in the rainy season and also under the water. These types of watches are best for swimmers and divers.

Aviator Watch

These watches are usually designed for the convenience of those who are pilots. The special feature of this watch is that it has one more second hand, which can be used by pressing the switch as required.

Taking Care of a Wristwatch

Many people love to wear watches regularly. But the lack of proper care can cause scratches on the watch, and if the machine breaks down, it becomes unusable. Here are some tips on watch care -


If the watch belt is leather or plastic, soak it in detergent-mixed water for five minutes to remove dirt. Remove from the water, rub well with a soft brush, clean and dry. You can also use water mixed with vinegar without detergent.

Nail polish

If the stain on the steel belt watch is stained, apply transparent nail polish on the stain. The stains will not be easily understood. If rubbed, there will be no new stains.


If there is a scratch or stain on the glass of the watch, apply toothpaste on it and wipe it well with a dry cloth. As soon as the glass is clean, the stains will also be removed.

Using the Watch Box 

Many people buy branded watches. After using the watch, try to wipe it well and put it inside the box. The watch will be good for many days with such care.


It is better not to wear perfume while wearing a watch. Stains may fall or leather may be damaged. If the perfume is not sprayed over the wristwatch directly, it will be good for many days.

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