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Contact Lens Solution water Bella 150ml৳ 220
FreshLook Contact Lens- Amethyst৳ 410
Freshlook contact lens(Color brilliant blue)৳ 499
FreshLook Contact Lens- Gray৳ 365
Freshlook contact lens৳ 499
FreshLook Contact Lens- Honey৳ 437
Freshlook contact lens৳ 499
FreshLook Contact Lens- Pure Hazel৳ 437
Freshlook contact lens৳ 499
FreshLook Contact Lens-Turquo৳ 437
Freshlook contact lens৳ 499
Freshlook contact lens৳ 499
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Freshlook Lens Brand Online In Bangladesh: Buy the Best Quality Lens

If the color of the eyes is not choosable, it can be chosen by wearing lenses. Sometimes black or sometimes brown or gray colored lenses can be worn. As an alternative to glasses, many people are now using contact lenses. Again, for those who do not use glasses, contact lenses have become a new aspect of fashion. Many people are using contact lenses at a party as a hobby. So it can be said that that contact lense has achieved popularity nowadays. has brought a huge collection of Freshlook contact lenses online for fashion-concerned people. 

Contact lenses are manufactured from very thin transparent plastic. This contact lens is a very useful alternative to glasses. And by changing the color of the eye gem, adding a new dimension to the exterior beauty has made it much easier for the benefit of this contact lens. Therefore, nowadays, this contact lens has become a constant companion of fashion-conscious people. 

Tips for Wearing Lenses 

It is important to keep an eye on which type of lens will fit, or whether, to fit the eye. Contact lenses should be chosen according to the skin tone. Those who have blond skin tone can use gray or light-colored lenses. And those whose body color is bright-colored, they can wear a slightly darker lens, maybe hazel or some other color. It is important to note whether the contact lenses with the size of the eyes will fit. Those with small eyes can use contact lenses to make their eyes look bigger. 

Moreover, the lens color should match with makeup, it should be noted. Wearing a contact lens with light makeup will make the outfit look heavier. It is best to wear contact lenses before makeup. The more important thing is, expired lenses should never be used, which can cause permanent blindness.

If the contact lenses are worn for a long time, or if the contact lens solution does not change over time, infections can be caused by bacteria if the contact lens case is not kept clean. In addition, the lens should be kept open while swimming, taking a bath, etc. 

Type of Contact Lens

There are usually three types of lenses.

  • Hard contact lenses
  • RGP contact lenses
  • Soft contact lenses

Over the ordinary contact lenses, colored contact lenses are made with a kind of color. Since the color is a chemical, many people may have allergies or side effects for that color. For those who want to use colorful contact lenses to enhance their beauty, the first few days can be used as a trial. 

Problems and Risks 

The biggest risk of using contact lenses in the eye is infection. And keratitis is the most serious infection in the eye. This infection can be caused by bacteria and other germs. Studies have shown that most people suffer from such an infection because they do not follow the doctor's advice. 45 percent of users do not wash their hands before opening or wearing the lens. In addition, many use short-term (two-week) lenses for two and a half times longer.

Don't forget that a contact lens is a sensitive medical device. This lens, which is placed in a special liquid in sterilized small containers, can become contaminated by itself when it expires.

Corneal infection can increase up to 20 times after contact lens sleep. The cornea is oxygenated when the eyelids are closed while wearing a lens. Because of this, the eyes become weak in dealing with germs.

Taking Care of Contact Lenses

  • Before wearing the lens, it has to make sure to clean the hands well. A contact lens should never be touched with nails because the lens may tear.
  • A new solution should be brought with contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses need to be changed periodically, in the consultation with an eye doctor.
  • After cleaning, the lens must be placed in the solution specified for the lens. It cannot be kept in water.
  • After each use, the lens should be opened and thoroughly washed with the solution prescribed for the contact lens. In this case, saliva or water should never be used.
  • The date of production and expiry should be checked before the purchase.
  • A separate box should be used for each contact lens and it must be soluble.
  • If any sand or dirt enters the lens, immediately the lenses should be removed.
  • Before going to bed, the lens must be opened.


Freshlook Brand Contact Lenses Available In

Freshlook Contact Lenses (Color-Honey)

The lenses help to make the eyes more attractive. There is also a lens caring pouch and lens cover with the lenses. They are made in high-quality material. Also, they are eye-friendly and safe. They are easy to clean and maintain, comfortable to wear. Dryness does not fill the eyes. They can be adapted to any makeup. The different color lenses will bring the eyes to different dimensions.

N.B: If one has allergic problems in the eyes, it should be used with a doctor's advice.

Freshlook Contact Lenses (Color-Blue)

The color of the lens is blue. A box and a bag free with the lenses. 

Freshlook Contact Lenses (Color-Green)

Freshlook has the best quality lenses. The color of the lenses is green. It’s comfortable to wear as well as long-lasting. It contents one soft contact lens. It contains 55% Water, in borate buffered saline containing 0.005% Poloxamer, 45% Phemfilcon A, with UV absorbing Chromophores, The country of origin is the U.S.A.

Freshlook Contact Lenses (Color-Pure Hazel) With 120ml Frshlook Solution Water

100% lenses. The lens is made in Korea. The color is pure hazel. It is a brand new product that includes A kit box and a 120ml solution water. The B.c(mm) is 8.6 and the diameter (mm) is 14.00.

Buy Original Freshlook Lenses From

Freshlook is one of the trusted brands for contact lenses. They have a different range of lens colors which you can easily find in Simply browse our desktop site or install the AjkerDeal App Google Play store. So browse now and start shopping!