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Bangladeshi Fresh Cement Brand Online in BD | 

Fresh Cement Brand

Engineers recommended cement fresh brand provides a durable structure with the high performance. Fresh special cement is using the Fresh Special Cement brand made from the world's best German Polycom technology, the foundation, structure, and roof of the house will be durable, fast freezing, strong over time, rust and salt resistant, guaranteeing consistent quality. 

Use of Cement in Indigenous Construction in Bangladesh

The Jamuna Bangabandhu Bridge was built in 1994-96 but was used by Hyundai Cement, a multinational company. Now, Desi Cement has taken the place in the construction of the largest infrastructure in the country. The same picture is seen in the various flyovers under construction in Dhaka and Chittagong. 


Cement of different homebred brands is being used in the construction of these. Even the most expensive project in the country, Rooppur nuclear power plant is being used in the construction of homebred brand cement.

Meghna Group of Fresh Brand Cement Is in The 4th Position in The Cement Market

Homebred companies dominate the cement market in Bangladesh. Meghna Group Fresh Cement is in the fourth position in the market. The demand for domestic cement is increasing in mega projects including Padma Bridge due to the increase in the income of the country's cement companies and the increase in quality. The use of domestic cement is also increasing in the construction of private houses.

Bangladesh Is Gaining The Capacity to Produce World Class Cement!

The use of cement in Bangladesh is constantly increasing and so the country's cement sector is now far ahead in terms of quality and large investment. Cement is being exported abroad by meeting the demand of the country by acquiring world class cement production capacity. 

Although a few years ago, the market was dominated by foreign brands of cement, which is now dominated by domestic brands. Foreigners are losing out to local companies in terms of quality, investment and market competition.

Well Known Cement Brands in Bangladesh

One of the well-known cement brands in Bangladesh is the fresh cement brand of Meghna Group of Industries. However, the local brand Shah Cement is in a better position in the market than these cements. Among the domestic brands, Crown, Akij, Bashundhara, Seven Circle, Fresh and Premium Cement have the largest share in the cement market.

Fresh Cement Brand Products Super Fresh, Fresh, Meghnacem & It’s Quality

The Fresh Cement brand uses cutting edge technology from German and a skilled worker produces fresh cement in a state-of-the-art factory as high performance cement. Meghna Group of Industries also produces Portland Cement (OPC) or CEM. And the unique advantage of all these fresh cement brands is high durability, great finish, the right mix of anti-crack, corrosion and sulphate resistors qualities.

“National Companies Are Strengthening Their Position in The Cement Market”

Meghna Cement Industry, established in 1992, is the first privately owned mill in the country during the Bangladesh period. And the fresh brand is one of the most important parts of this industry. Entrepreneurs make cement by importing raw materials from abroad. The main components of cement like clinker, gypsum, fly ash etc. come mainly from abroad. Large groups are using modern vertical roller mill (VRM) technology in cement production.

Fresh Cement and Building Construction Agreement

Unique Cement Industries Limited (Fresh Cement), a subsidiary of Meghna Group of Industries, and Building Construction Ltd., a subsidiary of TMSS, have recently signed an agreement on supply of cement. Under the agreement reached at a hotel in Bogra, fresh cement will be used in all the projects of Building Construction Limited.

Contributions Across The Country Now Belong to Local Cements

The cement market in the country is growing rapidly. Not only the capital Dhaka or big cities, the demand for cement is also being created in remote villages. However, the significant aspect is that the domestic entrepreneurs are meeting the lion's share of this demand for cement.

They are supplying cement to complex infrastructures like the Rooppur nuclear power project, as well as ordinary building cement made in their factories. Domestic companies are not lagging behind in terms of quality, supply capacity or marketing strategy. As a result, the market share of foreign companies in the cement sector has declined.