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Fresh Refined Sugar - 1 kg৳ 72
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Fresh Trustworthy & Food  Brand Online in Bangladesh |

Fresh Is Considered As The Best Caregiver Brand in Bangladesh

One out of every two families in Bangladesh is consuming one or another brand of food. That's why we talk to our customers about Insight from our own lifestyle, culture, values ​​with fresh responsibility as the best food brand in Bangladesh. Fresh brand now wants to be a true caregiver brand for our country.

Fresh Brand Belongs to Meghna Group of Industry

Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) is one of the largest Bangladeshi industries. The industries under this organization are chemical, cement, consumer goods, real estate, insurance, securities, utilities etc. Fresh brand is a part of MGI and this brand - as Bengalis wants to touch our compassionate peace of mind. Millions of consumers want to build their dependence with intense aspirations and unwavering goals.

Fresh Brands Are At The Top of Consumer Preferences

Penetration, Frequency and CRP (Consumer Rich Point) - Based on these three data, Kantar World Panel publishes information on popular brands of different categories of FMCG in its footprint report every year. The Kantar World Panel publishes this report every year based on the market data of more than 200 products in the food, beverage, health and beauty and household categories in different countries of the world.

Bangladeshi Fresh Brand Products Are At The Top of Consumer Choice

How consumers around the world buy, consume and enjoy a variety of beverages, food, health and beauty and household products on a daily basis gives more importance to their needs and preferences when looking for the underlying reasons behind consumption. 

And that’s why, Fresh Brand is at the top of consumer choice for the second time in the food category of Bangladesh. The Fresh brand has a total of 11 categories of products including milk powder, water, sugar, soybean oil, mustard oil, chapata, flour, semolina, powdered spices, pulses and condensed milk.

Fresh Brand Soybean Oil

In 'Healthy Everyday', quality oil will be given to the buyers from the fresh brand with Slogan in the forefront. Now it will be bottled in 1 liter, 2 liter and 5 liter. They claim that the calories of this premium brand oil are almost the same as soybean oil. It will be sold in line with the prices of other brands.

Fresh Atta, Fresh Maida & Fresh Suji

It is seen in many such families that many people do not eat breakfast with flour bread in the morning. Fresh brand's "Fresh Flour, Flour and Semolina" advertisement seen since childhood. These Fresh products provide the best quality and taste. The brand carefully selects the best quality wheat. It uses a multi-step cleaning process and computerized bhulera milling technology to maintain nutrient utilization.

Fresh Deshi Lentils Pulses, Fresh Anchor Pulses

Pulses are placed in second after the rice in Bengali food. And pulses are called poor meat which has come up with a fresh brand with fresh quality and pulses with a taste offer. Lentils are mainly procured from farmers from various local sources. The factory uses Optical Color Sortex Z + machine from Switzerland to ensure the best quality. Fresh pulses or dal are considered as the best quality pulses in the country

Fresh Refined Sugar

Using the most modern process and sophisticated technology, fresh refined sugar is produced without any human intervention which guarantees its purity. Many people use open food sugar and so now the permanent solution is packaged sugar which is kept in approved food grade packs with fresh refined sugar anti-wet process to maintain internal cleanliness and clarity.

Every Household in Bangladesh Has Consumers Using Fresh Brand Products

Today, one out of every two and a half families in Bangladesh is using one or the other fresh product. The ‘Fresh’ brand has risen to a standard position over the years as a whole within the FMCG brand. In the FMCG and Health and Beauty categories like Fresh, Lux, Ispahani in Beverage and Wheel in Home Care and Bangladesh are the top consumer choices.

Shop for Fresh Brand Products From Website

Fresh Brand is basically bangladeshi brand with a title of “Healthy Food Better Life” to delight their respective customers and be valued through their productive and innovative grocery solutions. Fresh brand is the most preferred brand in the food category. 

If you want Fresh branded products of rice, tea or tea bags, mastered or edible oil, salt, spices, full milk powder, natural drinking water, perfumed facial tissue and family value packs then browse our online site and find your preferred products.