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The need for bicycles has increased greatly at present. At its core is the convenience of moving from one place to another, keeping the body fit and avoiding traffic. Also many people ride for hobbies. There are many types of cycle racing in the world. The cycle is also a hobby of many. This cannot be ruled out as a benefit. There are many types of bicycle companies in the present world. Foxter is one of its. It started its operations in Malaysia since 2010 and has now gained huge popularity worldwide. There are many types of collections of Foxter cycles You can easily buy those bicycles that you can afford.

Talk about Foxter:

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. And being the capital of Dhaka, there is more pressure on people And a very traffic-filled city. A huge part of the day is to get stuck in traffic. If you go to school, college, office court, all have to bear the curse of traffic. But you can easily avoid these traffic jams if you have a cycle. Speaking of bicycle, Foxter is a widely used bicycle brand in the current market. Its smart look, body made of high quality materials, made of state-of-the-art technology and high speed gear can put your choice first. People of any age can use this cycle.

Product Details:

Foxter has many types of bicycles. A detailed discussion of them is given below.

  1. Mountain cycle: The demand for mountain cycle is highest among the bicycles and its usage is increasing at a tremendous rate. This is because of the smart look, high speed, advanced technology, advanced braking control system, disc brake system, advanced rubber and design tires that can easily be adapted to the road and hydraulic system which allows you to ride the cycle smoothly and without hassle.
  2. Off Road cycle: These bicycles are more convenient to run on the highway outside the city. Normally off-road cars drive at high speeds. Because of that, cycling on those roads is quite difficult. Therefore, such bicycles are designed to fit the road. The braking system of this cycle is more powerful.
  3. City Cycle: These bicycles are basically tailored to run in the city. Can be gearless or without gear. You can put a carrier in the back so that the two can sit or carry something.
  4. Racing Cycle: These types of bicycles are mainly designed for the race, because of its build quality is much better. The body is usually made of carbon fiber for a much lighter and faster run, and the durability is longer and the braking system is much better than other bicycles. The price is also relatively high.
  5. Kids & Ladies Bicycle: There is a huge demand for baby bicycles right now. At the same time, the value of the new design cycle has increased significantly. Foxter has many beautiful design baby bicycles that fit the interests of kids. There are also attractive bicycles for women that can be easily accessed by girls.


The benefits of bicycles cannot be eliminated. Just because you have a cycle doesn't mean you have to stress a lot. Imagine waiting for a bus, then getting a huge traffic jam in Dhaka City, keeping your body fit, cycling around with friends on vacation, etc. If you have a cycle. Nothing to rush to the office. You will be able to go to Relax because you do not have to read traffic. Besides, we are becoming increasingly lazy. Having a cycle is a bit of an exercise. Besides, the girls are constantly faced with various problems on the bus or on the way. The cycle can save you from these. So the Foxter cycle can be your favorite look.

Foxter cycle Price in

Foxter cycle is currently a very popular cycle, mainly because of its great build quality and low prices at the same time.

Because of this you can easily own a good cycle at a low price. There are a few things you need to look at when buying a cycle 

  1. Strong and durable: This is the most important thing. You will not buy another cycle again after two days so you have to monitor the build quality of the cycle.
  2. Braking system: Accidents never come by calls. And to avoid these accidents or to get rid of the accident, the braking system of the car or cycle must be very strong. So keeping an eye on this is extremely important.
  3. Price: Budget is always a factor. Not everyone's financial situation is the same. 

Then there is the demand of everyone. So it is important to take care of your prices too.

With these three things in mind, you can easily take the Foxter cycle from There are Foxter cycles between 13000tk to 23000 taka. Now the choice is yours.


Foxter is a widely used bicycle brand in other countries of the world including Bangladesh. Its smart design, robust and adaptable to everyone. Foxter can put you at the top of your list if you want to buy a cycle that you can afford in very few ways. can be easily ordered at home and take home delivery. After all, it can be said that there is no such good vehicle on the roads of Dhaka. You can easily reach your destination by avoiding traffic too easily and Foxter can be your travel companion.