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Fotile 2 Burners Gas Hob FD2B (CODE - 340109)৳ 22500
Fotile Gas Table -3 Burner GDG86316 (CODE - 340099)৳ 30000
Gas Chola Fotile D11B (CODE - 340306)৳ 14500
Gas Chola Fotile D 12B (CODE - 340102)৳ 15500
Gas Chola Fotile GAG 76202 (CODE - 340098)৳ 23500
Gas Chola Fotile GAG86309=3 Burner (CODE - 340097)৳ 38000
Kitchen Hood Fotile CTS9022 (CODE - 340341)৳ 48500
Kitchen Hood Fotile EH11D 60cm (CODE - 340113)৳ 42000
Kitchen Hood Fotile EH11D 75cm (CODE - 340112)৳ 45000
Kitchen Hood Fotile EH11D 90cm (CODE - 340111)৳ 48000
Kitchen Hood Fotile EMS9016 (CODE - 340105)৳ 58000
Kitchen Hood Fotile EMS9018 (CODE - 340106)৳ 52500
Kitchen Hood Fotile EMS9020 (CODE - 340110)৳ 45000
Fotile Kitchen Hood JQG9009 Cm (CODE - 340092)৳ 59500
Kitchen Hood Fotile JQS-9011 (CODE - 340096)৳ 58000
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Fotile in Bangladesh

Fotile is a China-based kitchen appliance brand. It was founded in 1996.

After the beginning, Fotile has been the Number 1 high-end kitchen appliances brand in China. Mostly, they produce steam ovens, microwave ovens, hobs, kitchen hoods, and hobs. Fotile has the largest R&D center in the world with 6000 square meters of space. Its manufacturing capacity is more than three million units every year. Fotile has achieved over 700 patents in product and invention, it brings innovative and good quality products for more than three million families around the world. The key factors in Fotile manufacturing are innovation design, great technology, and good performance of the products. 

Fotile’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Fotile commits to excellence not only just bringing satisfaction to the customers but also achieving a lot of awards for their innovation. It has won some international prizes also, like IF Product Design Award and RedDots design awards for product innovations and uplifting the industry standard of designs.

Fotile is working to build smart, clean, and stylish cooking in every house since its beginning. They are still planning, experimenting, and trying to invent the best kitchen products.

The main aim of this business is the foundation of product innovation and creating kitchen appliances that are stylish, functional, and family-oriented. For this, That is why Fotile is still designing, inventing, and creating the best products while maintaining its reputation as a leading kitchen expert that puts the family needs in their first priority. 

The Fotile Style is their first largest kitchen appliances gallery. It is situated in Shanghai and it was founded in 2012. In this showroom, they are showcasing the brand’s most prestigious kitchen appliances. A separate corner is introduced in this gallery. The customers can visit Fotile’s latest innovative technology here.

Fotile Malaysia

Fotile Marketing Sdn. Bhd as the sole distributor of Fotile kitchen appliances in Malaysia has the expertise to offer functional and stylish kitchen appliances that suited to Asian cooking, after achieving the trust of Malaysian customers for almost 10 years constantly. Fotile Malaysia

Has achieved the highest position in the world of Malaysia. They have a lot of happy and satisfied customers. They provide safe cooking solutions that cater to every Malaysian kitchen need with their best products and service.

Awards Won By Fotile

China Innovation Design Award

This award is given by the China Product Innovation Design Foundation to Fotile. The award was originated in China.

iF Design Award

The iF Design Award is an important design award in the world. It was originated in Hannover, Germany. Fotile achieved this award for their designs. 

Reddot Design Award

Fotile won this German award for one of the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world.

Fotile Products

Fotile mainly produces kitchen appliances like kitchen hoods, ovens, and hobs. 

Kitchen Hoods

The kitchen hood is mainly a fan that is placed directly above the stove to remove the heat, steam, odors, and gasses from the stove.

The air that removes from the stove while cooking is released outside the home. Generally, the air cannot go by itself, it needs a filtration system that will clean and recirculate the air back into the kitchen. Using a kitchen hood can solve the problem and can remove airborne grease also. Some of the benefits of a kitchen hood are - the kitchen hood removes excess heat. There is a light in the kitchen hood so that one can see clearly while cooking. Using a kitchen hood, both living and cooking can be done with comfort. It also helps to improve the kitchen health and also sucking the grease, it keeps the kitchen clean. Lastly, removing the heat, a kitchen hood keeps the air clean. 

Some Kitchen Hoods from Fotile -

Fotile V Series

JQG9009T, JQG7505, JQG7501, JQG7502, JQG7501.G, JQG7502.G, JQG9001.

Fotile T Series

EH23, EH11, EH11D, D8BH.HC.

Fotile W Series

EMG9030, EMS9016, EMS9018, EMS9028, EMS9026. 

Fotile E Series



A hob is a kind of shelf, grate, tray, or bench for holding food or utensils near the stove to keep them warm. In the past, the hob refers to a hotplate or a cooktop. 

Some hobs from Fotile -

EPS Series

GAG76202, GAG86210, GAG86309, GAS78307, GAS90302, D12B.

FD Series

FD2B, GDG78309, GDG86316.

Lohas Series

GLG60409, GLG86520, GLS90501, GLS90303, GLG86322.

Electric Hobs

EEG75201, EEG60301, EEG30202, D7RW.

Super Flame

GHG78211, GHG78312.


An oven is a kitchen appliance that is used for mainly baking, grilling, cooking, and heating the food. They are many types of ovens. An oven generally uses electricity or gas to cook food. The oven has a few buttons such as temperature control, baking, frosting, heating buttons, etc to specify the work that has to do. It has timers also.

Some Types of Ovens are-

Electric Ovens

For baking, an electric oven will be the best option. It will smoothly bake cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, pancakes, etc. 

Steam Ovens

The steam oven is handy for the health-conscious people. The steam ovens cut down on fatty oils and lock in more nutrients, so it is good for health.

Gas Ovens

The gas ovens are basically good for grill and roasts. It ensures the highest level of moisture of foods. 

Electric Ovens


KSG7003AT, KSS7002A.


KEG6004A, KEG6006A, KES6003A-1.



Steam Ovens

SCD42-C2T, SCD42-F1.

Microwave Ovens

HW25800K-C2GT, HW25800K-01AG, HW25800K-03G, HW25800K-03BG. 

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