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Foster Clark's Choco Drink Tin 500 gm৳ 475
Foster Clark's Baking Powder 225 gm৳ 150
Foster Clark's Biocarbonate Soda 150 Gm৳ 115
Foster Clark's Culinary Essence Rose 28 ml৳ 60
Foster Clark's Culinary Essence Mango 28 ml৳ 60
Foster Clark's Culinary Essence Strawberry 28 ml৳ 60
Foster Clark's Gelatin Lemon Flavour 85 gm৳ 75
Foster Clark's Cake Mix Pack (Vanilla) 500 gm৳ 375
Foster Clark's Cake Mix Pack (Dark Chocolate) 500 gm৳ 375
Foster Clark's Cake Mix Pack (Milk Chocolate) 500 gm৳ 375
Foster Clark's Creme Caramel 71 Gm৳ 75
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Buy Foster Clark's Products at best price in Bangladesh

Foster Clark’s is a reputed brand in quality beverage preparations and food products in the dessert, baking products, and sauces and dressings sectors. Foster Clark’s colorful beverage range is renowned worldwide for its authentic quality and refreshing taste. Instant Flavored Beverages by Foster Clark, with added vitamin C, are available in different convenience packaging types, formulations and enjoyed in more than 20 flavours.

About Foster Clark

Foster Clark Products Ltd. has a strong tradition and history, it was established in 1889 by George Foster Clark. Based in the strategically positioned island of Malta, the Company has a truly international dimension.

The Foster Clark brands are a well-established household name across much of the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent; products are also enjoyed by an ever-increasing number of consumers around the world.

Brands of Foster Clark Products Ltd. 

Foster Clark's other sister brands are Tiara, BeviMix and Calypso – these brands are recognised for their high standards of quality, pioneering the introduction of natural ingredients to its categories while satisfying consumers worldwide. 

Products of Foster Clark Products Ltd.

Foster Clark's product portfolio is characterised by the following segments: Instant flavoured drinks, Powdered Dessert Mixes, Baking Aids, Cake Mixes, Sauces & Dressings. Foster Clark's Beverages are renowned for their genuine consistency, diverse packaging styles, and 20 + flavors to match the various customer palates around the world.

Foster Clark's Desserts category is focused on heritage, consistent quality and personal connection with the consumer. In many countries Foster Clark's is considered as the taste of home when making dessert and sweet delights. For the best baking performance one uses the finest ingredients which Foster Clark's provides through its Baking Aids range consisting of baking powder, corn flour, vanilla sugar, bicarbonate of soda and an extensive range of essences and colours.

Apart from Foster Clark branded products, it has instant flavoured drink mixes, desserts, essences, colours and cereals from Tiara and Bevi Mix drink flavourings for a splash of fun to your water. From Foster Clark’s sister brand Calypso, it also offer various delicious sauces including tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, salad cream, mustard and various types of vinegar. 

Foster Clark’s has various desserts and baking ingredients. These products are fairly easy to prepare, and they are usually ready within minutes. The range includes wonder whip, custard powder, creme caramel, jelly with halal beef gelatine, vegetarian jelly, dumpling mix, cornflour, bicarbonate of soda and much more. Foster Clark’s also has various essences such as almond, butterscotch, banana, mint, condensed milk, raspberry, rum, vanilla lemon, etc, and a wide range of colourants so that you can make your food more fun!

Quality of Foster Clark's Products

As a forward-looking company with a strong history of success, Foster Clark is committed to researching, producing, and bringing to the market high quality products that meet customer expectations in different regions, while continuing with our expansion through the globe.  

Foster Clark guarantees to always deliver authentic high-quality products so that consumers all around the globe can taste and experience our amazing creations. 

Foster Clark’s beverage products include a colourful range of over 20 unique flavours. These drinks have added Vitamin C, ensuring a healthy and nutrient-packed option for both children and adult to enjoy. Beverage products can be added to water to give it a delicious fruity flavour, with varieties including mango, mandarin, berries, pineapple and coconut, strawberries, peach, guava, passion fruit, and much more! Foster Clark's products are available in different sizes and formulas in order to suit everyone’s needs.

Ingredients of Foster Clark’s beverages 

Sugar, Acidity Regulators, Stabilisers Artificial Flavouring, Artificial Sweeteners , Acesulfame, Colours, Anti-Caking Agents, Vitamin C are the ingredients of beverages.

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