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Flamingo Tooth Brush Holder,Pink৳ 499
Flamingo Extra Large Heating Pad৳ 1599
Flamingo Car Wash Shampoo৳ 284
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Best Price of Flamingo Professional Car Care Brand Products Online in BD

Flamingo Car Care Brand

Flamingo Car Care Tech Company Ltd is recognized as a professional manufacturer and exporter established in 2006 and co-founded by Guangdong Hosen New Material Industrial Co.,Ltd. It is very important for a company to have a principle way and so this Flamingo Car Care Tech Company brand is included in some norms of innovation, professionalism, reliability, and mainly created to values for their customers. 

Flamingo Car Care Brand Products

Flamingo Car Care Tech Inc. is specially attached with researching based, producing and selling of car care products, Car wax, Air freshners, spray paint, life paint, rubber spray, spray protection, special coating, industrial cleaning, cooling system care, car parts care, tire & wheel care, de-rust lubricant and surface treating agent of interior & exterior. 

World's Leading Professional Car Care Brand of Flamingo

Flamingo Car Care Tech Company Limited is now my and your trusted partner car care brand! Which is more waiting to build a long-term business relationship! But now distributors around the world are loyal to this professional brand and want their products!

Flamingo Professional Car Care 

And so over the past 10 years, the Flamingo brand has owned nearly a century of professional car care products, the world's leading research and development capabilities, excellent planning team and a deep understanding of manufacturing experience, which has enriched sales of Flamingo car care products in North America. This brand also collaborates with car lovers customers in the tagline of “Nothing But The Best” products. 

Flamingo Branded Car Polish Wax (230GM)

This Flamingo branded car polish wax like a multi-layer protective polish cream gives the longest-lasting shine and protection in the car. Mainly, produced from imported Brazilian carnauba wax which prevents vehicle paint from harmful scratching and leaves a deep, high-gloss shine. It has 1 grade carnauba wax bead water up to 12 months, restores all paint finishes to look like a new car. 

Flamingo Dashboard Polish (450ml) Used For Car or Motorcycles

Car perfume should be used in the car to create a fragrant environment inside the car cabin. There are different types of perfumes. The ride in the fragrant cabin can be enjoyed by specifying the car dashboard, attaching it to the AC vent or using a separate spray. 

In that case, dashboard polish spray is a cleaning protective polishing wax with an unique jasmine fragrance works within a one step. It is considered as suitable for household appliances and for vehicles, dashboard, leather seats, synthetic leather etc. 

Necessary Accessories in Car Care

Own car is not just a means of transportation, it is a nest of peace on the way. Each car highlights the likes and dislikes of its owner. People have different preferences. After buying a new (brand new) car or reconditioned car, there are many things to change in your mind. These accessories meet the needs of the hobby as well as the driving force for car care.

Flamingo WD-40 Multi Use Spray For Car/ Bike 

Flamingo WD-40 Multi use spray is used for car or bike care. The WD-40 Handy spray Can solves all problems. It has perfect size for keeping it in a choiceable place of Tackle box, Tool Box, Boats, Kitchen drawer etc. Specifically works as a multi-use spray cleans and protects tools. 

Spraying effects can loosens rusted parts, stuck bolts, valves and pipes, frees sticky mechanisms, removes tar, grease, crayon and adhesives, prevents corrosion on rod eyelets on the kitchen and drives out moisture. 

Shampoo for Car Care Like Hair Care !!! Flamingo Car Wash Shampoo

Just as there are shampoos for human hair care, there are car wash shampoos for car care. On our  online site you can find hair care as well as Car Accessories products category with a special Flamingo branded car wash shampoo which has powerful cleaners to lift away dirt and road grime. 

Flamingo Car Wash Shampoo also has a clean-rinsing formula for spot-free, streak-free results. A little benefit of using this car wash shampoo won't strip wax like some dish soaps. Safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats.