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  • ৳ 28000 - 28000
  • ৳ 28000 - 28000
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FKM Motorcycle Brand Online in Bangladesh |


FKM Is One of The Leading Brand of Scrambler Motorcycles

Scrambler is a segment or category of motorcycles that is known all over the world, but this segment is not well known in our country. Those who are lovers of scramblers in Bangladesh, they convert their old or favorite motorcycle into a scrambler. But a new scrambler, FKM Street Scrambler 165 SX motorcycle has arrived in Bangladesh which is one of the models of FKM brand.

Why Bikers Choose The FKM Branded Motorcycle?

Mostly FKM companies are used to show the facts that are more important than words. FKM represents their effort through motorbikes to constantly improve the performance of their motorcycles and their whole company. Bikers love to choose their brand because they are both  on the racetrack and on the motorcycle market. FKM brand's goal is to overtake their competitors and win, gaining bikers or customers full approval.

FKM Is Considered As A European Motorcycle Brand

FKM is a European motorcycle brand that has come to Bangladesh with two models - one being FKM Street Fighter and the other being FKM Street Scrambler. The FKM Street Fighter is a naked sports motorcycle, which is considered to be the first scrambler motorcycle in Bangladesh.

FKM Motorcycle Based with Passionate Team 

FKM is a motorcycle brand originating from Singapore and designed in Italy (source). It was founded back in 2007 and has gained so much popularity especially in the European market since its run. This brand is made up of passionate teams who are drivers for riders, their team is all enthusiastic riders who will decide only for the best.

Benefits of FKM Branded Motorcycle

FKM created an Innovative design and modern engineering model of motorcycles so people can feel it. Motorcycle balanced with an keyless ignition, full led lighting, fuel injected. Now, FKM keeps it mind and provides the best quality and Value for money motorcycle for everyone who can afford a stylish motorcycle that doesn't burn a hole in their pocket.

FKM Is The Passion of The European Motorcycle Brand

The main passion of FKM motorcycle brand is around motorcycles. Which is an emotion that requires constant improvement, hard work and dedication. They want their motorcycles to be the best riding experience and the rider wants to be a sensitive and reliable companion for customers ’daily commute.

FKM Brands Commitments with Best Motorcycles

FKM Company designed and engineers best motorcycles for those who want to win the next race, or ride all the way to Tibet, or simply ride to work in style. FKM company teams are also improving and already at work to design your next best engineered motorcycle.

FKM Scrambler 165 Standard or Sports Segment Motorcycle

FKM Scrambler 165 is a slightly different type of motorcycle from the standard or sports segment motorcycle you can get from our site if you want. By looking at the external parts and looks of this bike, one can understand that the bike is different from everyone else. Besides, the bike is also in the 165cc premium segment due to its price of BDT Tk. 2,15,000 / -.

The leather seat gives this royal feeling while riding in it. The motorcycle's taillights are different from all other motorcycles, with the tail lights provided with grab rail, mud guard and thick exhaust. The speedometer is fully digital and contains all the necessary information. An interesting feature of the bike is its keyless ignition system which is very popular nowadays.

FKM Motorcycle's Quality Features 

Mainly FKM companies try to create an experience with FKM motorcycle models which doesn't end with the bike but it just begins the journey through you ! FKM Brand has the features of a long warranty and strong support team. Their motorcycles are based on the stylish best material design and sheer beauty that is designed with passion at every angle. Also motorcycles made with highly passionate engineers are carefully tested. 

The Best Race Proven FKM Motorcycle

The FKM brand races on machines throughout the year to improve their lineage. Moreover, FKM is looking for more distributors and dealers to expand widely in different countries and regions across Asia who are committed to working together with motorcycle companies to bring a surprising range of motorcycles and accessories to a more holistic environment.