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Fix It Pro Clear Coat Scratch Remover Pen৳ 221
FIX IT PRO Scratch Remover Pen৳ 212
Fix it Pro Scratch Remover Pen (1 piece) ৳ 250
Fix It Pro৳ 399
Fix it pro Car Scratch Remover৳ 245
FIX IT PRO Scratch Repair Pen৳ 200
fix it pro scratch remover৳ 275
Fix It Pro Clear Coat Scratch Remover Pen৳ 219
Fix It Pro Scratch Remover Pen ৳ 320
Fix It Pro Car Scratch Remover (1pcs)৳ 238
Fix it Pro Scratch Remover Pen৳ 193
Fix It Pro Car Scratch Remover৳ 380
Fix It Pro Clear Coat Scratch Remover ৳ 229
Fix It Pro Car Scratch Remover৳ 279
Fix it pro Car Scratch Remover৳ 245
Fix It Pro Scratch Remover Pen৳ 319
Fix It Pro Clear Coat৳ 221
FIX IT PRO Car Scratch Remover ৳ 338
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Fix It Pro Car Care Brand Online in Bangladesh

Fix It Pro Brand As A Car Care Brand

SIMONIZ Car Repair Pen Fix It Pro Pen is a well known brand of car care in the fastest scratch repair which safely removes scratches from  car's finish quickly and easily. One of the most important accessories in car care is the scratch remover pen. And Fix It Pro branded comes with a good mending car remover scratch repair paint pen clear coat applicator.

Fix It Pro Branded Product Specification

Why is there a need for scratch remover in vehicle care? To answer this question, Fix It Pro brand has come up with a great product. Any car care scratch remover pen that can withstand water. Easy to use, just 3 easy steps. Apply fix it first, drop it into the scratch or scuff and then simply wipe away.

This pen works in all colors of the general clean coat. The clean coat is designed for scratch repair fillers and sealers. This permanent pen is Non-toxic, durable, odorless and water resistant. It works on any car, any color, basically fixes the previous color.

Fix It! ™ Pro Scratch Remover / Repair Pen

Fix It! ™ Pro Scratch Remover / Repair Pen lightens unwanted scratches and stains on metal and wooden surfaces. You can wear stains or scratches on your valuable car or vehicle at any time, so you can use it to remove any kind of stains. Easy to use Water resistant advantage is available with working on all colors.

If There Is A Stain on The Car, There Is A Solution with The Fix It Pro Brand!

Many amature or favorite cars often have unwanted stains, and it is needless to say that these stains make the car owner feel so bad. The Fix It Pro brand has come up with a scratch remover sign pen on how to get rid of car stains with a simple underlying matter.

Inside And Outside of The Car Need to be Cleaned Regularly to Protect The Car!

Cars are inextricably linked with our way of life. It has to be used many times for daily commute. In that case, the car may become dirty or stained due to various reasons. And so it should be cleaned regularly with care. The car should be thoroughly washed at least once a week. However, not only the upper part of the car has to be cleaned, but also the inside of the car has to be cleaned.

FIX IT PRO Branded Car Scratch Remover 

If the car has permanent marker stains, body spray can be used along with scratch remover to remove it. If you use a little bit of body spray on the affected area of ​​the car, rub it gently with a clean cloth and it will lighten the stain. Moreover, kerosene oil can be used to remove stains at home. However, in that case the removal of the Fix It Pro brand is quite effective.

Some Tips to Keep The Car Clean for Safety

If everything inside and outside the car is clean and tidy, it will be comfortable to ride in the car. But many people are worried about cleaning the interior of the car! In that case the simple solution of cleaning the inside and outside of the car is to remove unnecessary things in the hutch, clean the central console well, keep the inside of the window clean for the convenience of seeing while driving.


When cleaning the inside of the car from the ceiling to the floor means to vacuum from top to bottom to be cleaned step by step. As well as car seats and floor-mats must be cleaned. It is very good to take out the stuffy air inside the car every day. Many times a bad smell can be created inside the car, so good quality air-freshener should be used.

Using Scratch Remover Pen For Motorcycle Bike 

Whether it is a car or a motorcycle, scratch remover is very necessary when it is seen that there are stains or unexpected stains in your vehicle. And for those who are bike lovers, it is very difficult to see these spots when their bikers get scratched. And Fix it pro scratch remover pen is the best way to get rid of this problem.

Shop For Car Accessories & Cleaning Tools From

There are various tools and cleaning materials available for the car, you can also find out if there are waxing and coloring solutions in those places by browsing our online site. If so, they will be the best for cleaning car stains and scratches.