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Buy Original Fevicol Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Fevicol is one of the premier adhesive brands of India started by the Indian company Pidilite Industries Ltd. Fevicol' is the brand name of a polysynthetic resin adhesive and is used to bond wood, plywood, laminate, cork, and other surfaces. The brand was launched the same year. By 1965, it had become carpenters 'preferred choice. Fevicol, on the other hand, coastal carpenters directly. This direct marketing introduction was one of the most successful strategies employed by the company and helped the brand benefit a strong Right in the white glue market. The Fevicol Champions society (FCC) was another significant introduction by the company. It was introduced as a platform for carpenters to raise their social contacts and be part of a social network. Organizing free dental checkups, blood donation camps, or, function during festivals like Independence Day played its part in making the recognition stronger. This tactical move has helped the company build strong brand justice for Fevicol. The company went a step moreover by sponsoring activities to build relations with the families of the carpenters.

Products of Fevicol

Fevicol is a consumer-centric company committed to quality and innovation. A strong and rising network makes our products accessible across demographics and geography. We also bond our responsibility towards the community through social initiatives in rural, improvement, teaching, and healthcare. For decennary, we have been directing products for small to large applications, at home and industry, which have invalid strong bonds with people from all walks of life. From lime, sealants, waterproofing solutions, and structure chemicals to arts & crafts, industrial incense, polymers, and more, our product portfolio is as different as it is ever developing. Today, our brands are household and industrial names, and we are the market leader in Gordian. please see some variants and sub-brands of Fevicol SH are as listed:

  • Fevistick, glue-stick
  • Fevicol Glue Drop
  • Fevicryl (arts and crafts products)
  • Fevikwik (instant glue)
  • Marine Fevicol (launched in 2010)
  • Fevicol SpeedX (2012).


The Fevicol story starts in 1959 when the Parekh Group established Pidilite Industries to capitalize on the possible market for synthetic resin fixative, or white glue in India. Fevicol is a certain brand. Sold in its letter blue and white packaging, this tribal, the brand is a gentile name in the viscous, category in India, and is a familiar sight in most households. The Main application of white glue was in woodworking, with 2nd applications in upholstery, stage, and footwear. This was at a time when unwieldy natural fixative which needed to be exuded before use was the model in the wood furniture making industry. At large 65 percent of furniture, produce is in wood, and carpenters play a material role in deciding which viscous to use. Fevicol’s opening strategy was to help carpenters tell the importance of using quality products since one does not save too much by using cheaper unbranded alternatives. the brand’s credit for its consistent focus on quality was circulated through word of mouth publicity and has led to the brand enjoying a high level of trust among its target People. Especially from product quality, maintaining close contact with its primary target audience, the carpenters, has helped Fevicol carry its leadership position in the white glue market. In its early years, most opposite small scale local manufacturers of white glue and multinational brands like Movicol currently dissuaded trade their products through hardware stores and wood markets. 

Price on provides a good pricing strategy for the is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers. Fevicol is a very economical brand. It's a value for money product. 1kg is priced at approx 150 rupees. Different packaging according to need leads to different pricing. It's very easily available at all the stores. You don't have to spend a lot of time to find it. So no time is wasted in locating a store selling fevicol. It refers to a cost imposed on a person in the form of added stress or unhappiness. But no such cost is imposed by fevicol rather it's easy to carry packaging and it is non-toxic too so no added stress or unhappiness is caused by fevicol usage. So marketers can increase the value of the customer offerings by raising economic, functional, or emotional benefits and reducing one or more costs.


Everything great starts small and Pidilite is no exception. The company started with a single factory that created only one product, Fevicol. These white spurious resin fixatives are primarily launched to create the lives of carpenters and woodworkers easily. Up until then, animal fat, which was shapeless and difficult, was the only glue available. When Fevicol was first introduced, there was competition from both, the small scale sector based in Jaipur, Nasik, and Tirupati (manufacturing synthetic, resin-based adhesives) and multinationals like Hoechst Dyes and Chemicals (offering Movicol white glue — since discontinued). Old-timers may recall another brand from those days called ‘Calibond’ from the Sarabhai Group. But the new brand captured the market with ease. The user-friendly packing has continued with variations and improvisations. The introduction of product line extensions (like Fevicol MR, Fevikwik, Fevistik, Fevibond, Fevicryl, Fevicol SH, Fevicol Marine, and Fevicol SH Xtra, among others) is based on variations in surface and exposure and have differing attributes, taking into account different conditions (like impact, fire, water, shock and vibration resistance). The brand variants have made the mother brand even stronger. Fevicol Furniture Book’ (a series of volumes) was begun in 1990 to project a variety of furniture designs (with illustrations and measurements) for Indian homes. It is now ‘Fevicol Design Ideas’ and showcases design concepts not just for homeowners but also for students, interior designers, commercial space owners, and others. A website for Fevicol Design Ideas too was launched recently.