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Fem Products Online in Bangladesh |


The Fem is a fine beauty brand brought to you by the Dabur. The brand offers you various beauty and fine personal care products to ensure that your fine skin stays radiant and beautiful away from pollution and the sun damage. The most famous is the Fem Bleach variants. The fine Fem Bleach gives you a very specific edge in this everyday long battle by the very lessening and the burden on your fine skin and undoing the damage is caused. It also ensures that you will get a perfect result each in the time, gently and in minutes. That is a fine reason why Fem Bleach has been the pioneer amongst bleaches in the Indian market and is the very undisputed leader since the 1982. The Fem range now includes the Fem Pink Bleach, Fem Blue Bleach, Fem Herbal Bleach, the Oxybleach, Saka Bleach for men, the Fem hair Removing Cream and Fem Liquid Hand Wash. They are the finest in the market.  

So, you must be very excited to buy the Fem cosmetics and makeup. If you want to buy or give a gift to someone Fem cosmetics and products and you are searching for the best site to buy cosmetics in online in Bangladesh then you are at the right and specific place. is the finest website to buy Fem cosmetics and products online in BD at a low price.

What does Fem bleach do?

The Fem fairness naturals pearl bleach is very fine and natural bleach with lots of benefits. Its rejuvenating properties is helps to whiten skin but that's not all as it also to removes sun tan and the dead cells and stops the regeneration of new pigment cells to make you look as very radiant as a pearl and always.

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Is Fem Bleach good for face?

Yes they are good. The fine Facial bleach makes your skin appear fairer, but it only works on your fine hair and not the skin. The illusion of the fairness after bleach can be seen only on people who have wheatish the complexion. Moreover, the fine Fem creams can help you get rid of the tan, pigmentation marks and the blemishes but not change your skin's color, yet they are a great help.   

Fem Exclusive Products for Women in Bangladesh

The Fem cosmetics are very essentially for any customers. They are providing you a fine large variety of decent products at decent and cheap prices. You will find with you. Some exclusive Fem cosmetics are- 

Fem Turmeric Herbal Bleach: you will look radiant, naturally. The Fem fine Fairness and Turmeric Herbal Bleach known for its fine detanning properties is perfect for sensitive skin, works like a homemade fine ubtan, it removes dead cells, sun tan, lightens skin tone and will gives a healthy fairness.  

Fem De -Tan Creme Bleach: The regular exposure to the harmful sun rays causes the skin tanning and darkening leading to very dull, dehydrated the skin. The new Fem De-Tan cream bleach is very perfect to get rid of tan. The Fortified with Orange peel and AHA extracts it remove the dead skin cells and tan naturally to give flawless, the rejuvenated skin. This Ammonia-free Cream Bleach is absolutely gentle and safe to use for all kinds skin types. It has a fine refreshing fragrance that makes the bleaching experience to pleasant. It enriched with menthol and the grape fruit extracts, known for their skin soothing and nourishing properties. So say goodbye to the sun tan using this effective Fem De-Tan Cream bleach and give your fine skin long lasting glow and shine.

Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach Crème: The Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Cream Bleach is a very healthy way to get the instant glow. With no added ammonia, it is a very gentle and safe advanced fairness system. The cream has fine very real flavor added in its unique formulation and comes with a very rejuvenating fragrance that makes bleaching experience much pleasant. Fem is safe to use spoon for multi-packs to make bleaching the safe.

Fem Anti-darkening Hair Removal Cream Rose Tube: Get a fine rose like glowing and very radiant skin with Fem Anti-Darkening Hair Removal Cream. The combining the goodness of natural rose extracts, Jojoba oil, the vitamin A and fatty acids; the hair removal Cream is fine and perfect solution to get rid of the unwanted body hair. Very gentle on the skin, it will provide a healthy glow to the skin post use.    

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Fem is your professional source to make sure your skin looks as good as you feel better.