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Fast Track Leather Watch for Men৳ 800
Fast Track Leather Watch for Men৳ 800
Fast Track Watch for Men৳ 229
FASTRACK + LED Wrist watch Combo -copy ৳ 409
FASTRACK Backpack-copy৳ 419
FASTRACK Backpack-copy৳ 365
FASTRACK Backpack-copy৳ 428
Fastrack fancy watch replica -04৳ 229
Fastrack Casual watch৳ 599
Fastrack gents watch replica -02৳ 599
Fastrack Replica Watch৳ 599
Fastrack stylish gents watch (replica)৳ 280
Fastrack gents watch (copy)৳ 550
Fastrack stylish gents watch (replica)৳ 301
Fastrack gents watch(Copy)৳ 499
Fastrack Sports Watch copy৳ 1020
Fastrack Ladies Wrist Watch - Copy৳ 549
Fastrack Ladies Wrist Watch Copy৳ 549
FASTRACK Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 455
Fastrack Gents Watch With Date Copy৳ 326
Fastrack Gents Watch - Copy৳ 258
Fastrack Men's Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 1400
Fastrack Men's Wrist Watch - Copy৳ 499
FASTRACK Gents Wrist Watch (Copy)৳ 650
FASTRACK Gents Wrist Watch (Copy)৳ 650
Fastrack LED Sports Watch (Copy)৳ 252
Fastrack stylish gents watch (replica)৳ 235
Fastrack Sports Watch Copy৳ 650
Fastrack watch৳ 302
Fastrack Gent's watch (Copy) ৳ 392
FASTRACKLadies Rest Watch-6129SM02৳ 4600
Fastrack-6127SM02৳ 4500
Fastrack Gents Wrist Watch - Copy৳ 770
Fastrack stylish gents watch (replica)৳ 468
Fastrack Sports Watch copy৳ 910
Fastrack watch৳ 360
Fastrack Gents Watch (Copy)৳ 313
Fastrack Gents Watch (Copy)৳ 252
Fastrack stylish gents watch (replica)৳ 235
Fastrack gents casual wrist watch copy ৳ 364
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Fastrack watches available online in Bangladesh. Go to

Fastrack is a well-established company in India, initially launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan watches. In 2005 they became an independent brand and became widely known among youths of India, slowly growing their customer bases internationally. Since it started to work independently as a brand, it quickly became popular for creating unique watches. The customers often find it to be a symbol for being dynamic, energetic and rebellious, the philosophy a youth can be described with who imitates the behavior to break out of the outdated rules and push the boundaries towards achieving their own success. Fastrack watches are specifically customed to complement the modern lifestyle of today's generation, but much like the top-notch brands, it is also targeted for all the age groups.

Main product for Fastrack is the watches but they also manufacture a wide range of other products such as bags, belts, wallets, and sunglasses. Our first online shopping platform in Bangladesh, mainly focuses on watches and sunglasses, which comes in various designs and collections, at the most affordable price imaginable. The Fastrack watch and sunglasses have designs that suit you with not only formal but casual as well, allowing you to make it a great everyday accessory. It has furnished classical appeal that is hard to resist and quickly catches the eye of the people. If you need a delicate watch with a dynamic vibe of the youth then choose from the collections today! Fastrack watches can be classified into three different kinds of dials:

Fastrack analog watches - These types of watches feature dials in a variety of shapes such as square, triangle, rectangle, oval, round, tonneau and contemporary. The dials further feature either numbers, Roman numerals or dots to mark the 12 hours. They run on batteries and tell time by the continuous rotation of an hour and a minute hand. Analog watches from Fastrack are perfect for both formal and semi-formal events. Also targeted for all kinds of age groups that are out there. There are classic, elegant-looking watches for the people who are relatively older.

Fastrack digital watches - These kinds of watches display the time in numbers rather than by hands on a dial. Some of the digital watches are also equipped with extra features such as depth sensors and compasses. These features are exclusive for adults who are relies on high technology for navigation or adventures. These products are also targetted for young people who may get fascinated by the advanced technology. If your kid or niece, is just learning to read time then these watches will be perfect for them, as they are less confusing than the analog watches and very attractive collection to choose from. These high-tech gadgets will inspire them to understand how time works better.

Fastrack analog-digital watches - These kinds of watches blend in both the analog and digital dials together. Whether you are buying an analog-digital watches watch for yourself or for a kid in the house, these watches are sure to attract people’s eyes. It may be fascinating for young people to learn what the dials are trying to tell, by observing the digital values given sidewise. These extra features should work for them well enough to give a clear understanding of how time works.

The material provided in the straps of Fastrack watches is extremely diversified with the choices of genuine leather, fabric, and plastic to metal, silicone and PU. Fastrack watches are customed with many other straps. These straps are comfortable to wear and endure the feeling of having to wear anything on your wrist for regular use. As the weight, size, and weight is carefully designed for all kind of hands to bear. 


Criteria of straps that are available:

Leather straps - These materials are made from leather, rubber, and plastic. These straps are more comfortable and are great for adding a sense of traditional appeal to a trendy watch. Wider range of age groups might go for it.

Stainless steel straps - A very strong and durable stainless material usually targeted for all the age groups except the young ones. These are bracelet-like thin designs of steel to the chunky ones. Fastrack watches feature different types of steel straps. The adults are usually right for this kind of collection.

Plastic, rubber or silicone straps - These watch straps are usually lightweight and colorful, and are mainly popular among young people. The fancier kind of watches is available for this kind of straps. The designs feature prints and some look like braids or bracelets. As they are sturdy and durable, these straps are ideal for everyday use.

The first online shopping platform in Bangladesh, offers you a wide range of Fastrack watches that will make you want to buy one right now, for you, your young ones or your elders. Fastrack is one of the highest selling products on our site. Find the right design as they are affordable and come in a handful of styles. The various payment methods and excellent after-sales services offered by our shop will train you to be an efficient online shopper with a more hassle-free and convenient consumption of available goods.