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Fanvil IP Headset H101৳ 3050
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Fanvil IP Phone in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal


Fanvil is a VoIP desktop phone developer and manufacturer. It is a Chinese brand. After increasing the demand for VoIP based telecommunication solutions, Fanvil has become one of the largest and most popular brands of VoIP phones around the world. Fanvil mainly produces devices for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for large companies also. Now Fanvil is a leading global IP voice and video terminal manufacturer, by providing innovative and cost-efficient IP voice and video products. Fanvil VoIP devices are a combination of style, quality, and value for money.

IP Phone

The IP telephone, i.e. the VoIP phone, looks like a normal telephone, with only one display extra. The landline phone that operates through the Internet is called an IP. Says the telephone. It can have LAN or WLAN to connect to the internet just like a computer. Like the OS of the mobile phone, the network settings, such as - DHCP, Static IP, etc. can be set inside. You have to save the username, password, domain, etc. provided by the VoIP service provider in the SIP profile inside. In a word, I.P. The telephone is an updated version of the regular landline.

Some Features of IP telephone

  • With the facility of the following routing, calls can be attended from your mobile phone even if you are away from the phone,
  • Detailed reports of in-coming, out-going calls are available,
  • When it is not possible to attend the call in any way, its voice mailing option e-mails all the information directly to the user's mailbox,
  • The convenience of call screening helps a lot in rush hours,
  • IP The office door lock can be controlled with the help of telephone,
  • In the interest of increasing the office reputation, all the offices keep landline phones, in this case of IP phone. The telephone is one of the most advanced, one-of-a-kind technology.

Customers of this phone talk to each other using low-cost internet bandwidth. As a result, the cost of talking on the phone is much lower. With the help of an IP telephone, you can talk at an affordable call rate by buying a handset or using software without any monthly fee. Starting from 40 to a maximum of 75 Paisa per minute, you can talk to any mobile operator's number. Apart from this, you can talk from IP phone to IP phone for free.

Requirements to Use an IP telephone

Must have an internet connection to use the IP telephone. You can talk on the IP telephone with a minimum of 12 kbps connection. In addition to talking, the user has the opportunity to watch videos through this phone. Customers will be able to use IP telephones by attaching adapters to their ordinary telephone sets. 

Apart from this, the IP telephones can also be connected by installing software on desktop computers or laptops. In this case, you have to use a webcam for photo. IP telephone service will also be available on mobile phones that have the facility to use 'GPRS' and 'Edge'. There are many high-quality mobile phone IP dialers in the market now.

The Way in Which IP Phones Works

Capable of transmitting voice over the Internet, this IP phone works using Internet Protocol. This IP telephone is capable of using internet protocol much faster than other technologies of the same genre. In addition to computers, this technology has the opportunity to talk through the Internet. It allows a user to buy and talk handsets that use Internet Protocol technology. Customers of the same IP phone service provider will be able to connect directly to the organization's main server using their respective IP telephone codes. If the desired person is a customer of another IP operator, then the call will be connected through Bangladesh Internet Exchange or BDIX. In the case of mobile phones, the interconnective exchange or ICX service will connect the two customers. In other words, if you want to talk on a landline or mobile phone, ICX will help the customer of the IP telephone.

Some Products from Fanvil brand are given below -

Fanvil Smart Video IP Phone

The model number of this phone is C600. This phone has a full programmable DSS key and a soft function key. It has on-line recording and message forwarding options. The DSS can support up to 100 stations. The IP phone also has a 7” TFT 800x480 capacitive multi-touch screen. Call conferencing can be done smoothly with this phone. 

Fanvil IP Headset H101

It has acoustic shock protection. It is a noise-cancellation earphone with
ECM noise-cancellation microphone. The frequency of this earphone responses up to 300hz to 3400hz. The low sound pressure is less than 118db.

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