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Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencil, tin of 12৳ 401
Math Geometry Box Set৳ 420
Faber-Castell Classic Color Long Pencils - 24 Pcs৳ 960
Faber_Castell_Pencils, Castell Art graphite pencils, Pencil for drawing, writing, sketch, shading, artist, school supplies pencils HB৳ 140
Faber-Castell White Board Marker - 12 Pcs৳ 960
Faber-Castell Watercolor Long Pencils (incl. Brush) - 24 Pcs৳ 1360
Faber-Castell Textliner / Highlighter - 10 Pcs৳ 800
Faber-Castell Premium Oil Pastels - 36 Colors৳ 970
Faber-Castell Fibre Tip Colouring Sketch Pens - 12 color৳ 266
Faber-Castell Classic Color Pencils (Round Tin) - 24 Pcs৳ 1600
Faber-Castell Watercolor Long Pencils (incl. Brush) - 36 Pcs৳ 1960
Faber-Castell Permanent Marker - 12 Pcs৳ 920
Faber-Castell Classic Color Long Pencils -12 Pcs৳ 520
Faber-Castell Classic Color Pencils (Round Tin) - 12 Pcs৳ 700
Faber-Castell Classic Color Short Pencils - 12 Pcs৳ 266
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Faber Castell Stationery Items Online in Bangladesh

Faber Castell is considered as world’s one of the oldest as well as topmost stationery product manufacturing companies. It was founded in 1761. The founder of Faber Castell is Kasper Faber. The headquarter is situated at Stein, Germany. They serve worldwide. They have employed a staff of approximately 7,000 and does business in more than 100 countries. They manufacture about 2 billion pencils in 120 different colors every year.

History of Faber Castell:

It was 1761, when cabinet maker Kaspar Faber, settled in Stein, near Nuremberg in Germany, to make his first simple pencils. He took extra care to the plane and glue each of them by hand. This quality of craftsmanship proved worthy, and at the Nuremberg market, the sales of his pencils flourished. The Family Dynasty of Pencil makers had begun. Buy Pen and pencil in BD

The Mid 19th Century, his Great Grandson Lothar Faber, transform the company. He mechanized production, achieving consistency of quality previously unheard of. He invented the hexagonal pencil and created standards for pencil size and grades of hardness still in use today. His products were marked A. W. Faber, after his Grandfather Anton Wilhelm. These were the first-ever Brand Name Writing products, and amongst the earliest branded articles in the world. 

History of Faber Castell India:

Faber-Castell India aims to be the best stationery product company in the product categories and market segment that it chooses to be in. This will be achieved by building Faber-Castell as a trusted brand that delivers innovative quality products with outstanding consumer service.

Faber-Castell India started its operations in 1998 and since then has continued to set new benchmarks in innovation in product and packaging in the Indian stationery industry Over the last ten years Faber-Castell has expanded its reach across the traditional retail and modern trade channels with a strong network of over 500 distributors serviced through its 9 branches.  Faber-Castell strives for continuous improvement in all its processes and aims to provide defect-free products from its quality certified factories. The products manufactured by Faber-Castell India are not just loved by Indian consumers but also appreciated by consumers across the globe. Faber-Castell India exports its products to over 40 countries and is directly responsible for sales and marketing for the SAARC nations.

Brand Essentials:

Competence and Tradition:

Faber Castell has its competence based on their roots, history, experience and constant learning to shape its own future with an entrepreneurial spirit. This guarantees a sound know-how to maintain or build a solid leadership, a high degree of credibility and a strong global communication and distribution network based on fair partnership.

Best Quality:

Faber Castell is determined to be the best in the class in all products and services. Faber Castell respects the needs of the regional markets, always considering global requirements. Faber Castell understands quality as ensuring: - clear point of difference, perceived and relevant added value, outstanding performance, characteristic and timeless design.

Innovation and Creativity:

Faber Castell means innovation and creativity as pioneering and providing continuous improvements to offer solutions with relevant benefits to end consumers. Faber Castell stimulates their own creativity through an open working atmosphere, dedication, commitment, and international interdisciplinary working teams.

Some Products that are available in

Faber Castell Graphite Pencil Red 2B/Hb :

The pencils are especially for writing on wood. They are special oval-shaped. Used for dark writing lead size. They are made of softwood. Very easy to sharpen.

Faber Castell Classic Colour Pencils Long:

In the packet, there have 12 hexagonal standard color pencils + 3 Bicolor color pencils and 18 brilliant colors. They have a break-resistant lead due to the secure bonding process (SV). The wood of the pencils is from certified sustainable forestry.

Faber Castell 1423 G-Pastel Ball Pen: 

The quantity per box is 100 pieces. Gel type is oil-based gel ink. The diameter of the ball is 0.6 mm NS Tips with TC Ball. The body shape is quite attractive and colored and cap shape is attractive. One of the main features of this pen is flexibility as well as easy to grip. The lead color is black. Shelf Life is for 2 Years. Model No: G - 1423 Pastel and the quality is Standard.  Check Pen

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