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Smart Door Lock৳ 20000
F&D Portable Bluetooth Speaker W7৳ 2400
F&D 5:1 F3000X Bluetooth Speaker ৳ 7139
F&D 1:0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker W6T৳ 1970
F&D Portable Bluetooth Speaker Web W8 - 1 pcs৳ 2400
F&D 1:0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Cronos৳ 2999
F&D W19 12 W Bluetooth Speaker (Black, Stereo Channel)৳ 3960
F&D Portable Wireless Headphone HW111৳ 3499
F&D W40 Bluetooth Speaker৳ 6600
F&D Portable Wireless Headphone HW110৳ 2499
F&D W15 Portable Bluetooth Speaker৳ 3600
F&D W24 Portable Bluetooth Speaker৳ 3240
F&D F770X Bluetooth Speaker৳ 11040
F&D T-388 Sound Bar৳ 19440
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F&D Home Theaters Buy Online | AjkerDeal 

In 2005, Fenda Company was founded in India. They started with loudspeaker development and manufacturing. Gradually it achieved its own core competence of electro-acoustic design with wireless technology and software development to give extra-ordinary experience to the users. Now they are having 26 years of experience and importing their products worldwide.

Home Theater

The home theater system is a home entertainment option that provides a great experience for both watching and listening to videos. Many consumers may be familiar with the name Home Theater but know nothing more. So if you want to use home theater, you should know its setup in detail first.

If the literal meaning of home theater is analyzed, it is found that it is a joint setup of audio and video that is done at home. In particular, setting up some fake home in the theater is called home theater. Many consumers think that home theater is a big thing and it takes a lot of money to set it up, but it is not. Many say home theater, huge high-end 4K or OLED 4K TV or video projector, Blu-ray disc player, 4K Blu-ray disc player, media server, cable or satellite connection, a separate amplifier for each channel audio, surround speakers, wall-mounted. , Many subwoofers - which can cost around 10-15 lakh rupees to set up. The only reason for these misconceptions is that the introduction of home theater has not existed in our country before. Now many people are interested in using home theater. So many companies are building home theaters within reach, most notably the F&D brand.

Setting Up a Home Theater

Home Theater is a complete package of home entertainment, with all the tech stocks for playing audio and video. It cannot be enjoyed while the movie is being released live. But after waiting for a few months, it will be possible to enjoy it in your theater. There is also a DVD for any movie and a huge collection for Blu-ray.

If you want, you can play media from a USB device, pen drive, hard drive. And if you have a large budget, a home server of a few terabytes can be installed. A home theater setup can usually be set up with a 30-50 inch LCD or LED TV, a DVD or Blu-ray player, along with a stereo receiver or home theater receiver, common speakers, and a subwoofer.

Currently, another term has been added to home theater, which is internet streaming. To watch content from the internet, the TV must be internet TV. However, even if there is no internet TV, there is no problem. Internet TV boxes are available in the market, the price of which is 3 to 4 thousand rupees. It can turn any ordinary TV into an Internet TV.

Components of Home Theater


An ideal home theater system must contain an HD TV. If you have a full HD TV or 4K TV, then it is good. Many consumers buy HD TVs, but do not get good picture quality with cable TV or analog TV cable. So not only do you have an HD TV, but you also have to play True HD content from your source. For this you must have your HD satellite receiver, otherwise, you must have an HD cable line. Or you have to play True HD video from USB media in the built-in USB port of the TV, then the real benefit of HD TV will be available. Another important piece of information is that a normal DVD player cannot play HD content, it requires a Blu-ray player or an HD DVD player. The media file to be played with must also be recorded and encoded in HD format (1280x720). If the media file is to be played by steaming a video from the Internet, then you must select 720p quality.

Surround Sound

Surround sound system helps to make the home theater system special. Surround Sound Standard, 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.1 sound system, Dolby Digital, DTS, THX, etc. can be the system.

Surround Sound System uses many types of speakers, special amplifiers, receivers to generate sound from different directions according to the source material and deliver it to the listener, it is possible to get the best experience while watching a movie or enjoying a video. The speakers are set at different distances around. Suppose the TV shows a car on the left side of the viewer and a train on the right side. The function of these special surround sound system speakers will be to provide car sound from the left speakers and train sound from the right speakers so that it looks more real and lively to the viewer. Many advanced audio technologies are used in this audio system and different audio channels are used in the speakers. For this, each speaker generates one type of sound.


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