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EWA 103 BT Speaker৳ 799
10 Inch LED Ring Fill Light Ring light Photography Beauty Light৳ 939
EWA A150 Portable Speaker Heavy Bass৳ 2450
EWA Portable Wireless Speaker৳ 1350
EWA A103 Super Mini Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker৳ 899
EWA A103 Super Mini Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker৳ 1190
EWA A103 Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Speaker, Mini Portable with Hard Travel Case, HD Sound and Enhanced Bass with Passive Radiator (Grey)৳ 850
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EWA Speakers In Online | AjkerDeal


EWA speakers are made in China. It is a China-based brand. This brand basically made different types of speakers. 

A speaker is a device that converts an electric signal into a sound wave. It is an instrument of change, which converts energy from one form to another. Speakers are sometimes made up of one device or many devices and filters. However many instruments are integrated for a speaker of good sound so that the sound waves are higher.

Types of Speakers

Speakers are made up of a combination of one or more instruments and filters. Speakers are sold as 2: 1, 4: 1, 5: 1 or 6: 1, including woofer and Sub-woofer. In addition to the general market, there are Bluetooth, portable, wireless speakers.

Know Before Buying a Speaker

When buying a phone or laptop, look at the configuration, and know. But when buying a speaker, the issue of configuration is ignored. Going to use later is frustrating. This is due to a lack of knowledge about speaker configuration and other technical issues. However, the packaging of the speaker also mentions various specifications, such as watts, frequency, signal ratio, input-output power, RMS, ratio. The frequency ratio is calculated in hertz. The higher the hertz, the louder the speaker. And how much power a speaker consumes can be understood by looking at watts. 

Technical Aspects

RMS-output Watts

Output power is measured in watts. Most speakers have the amount of RMS written. 4: 1 speaker usually has subwoofer 5.25 '' 4ohms 18 watts RMS. The subwoofer speaker measures 5.25 inches and has 16 watts of power. Sub-ups usually sound inferior. Again, if Satellite 5 '' 4ohms 10 watts RMS is written in the speaker box, then it should be understood that the size of the speaker's satellite drive is 4 inches and it has 10 watts power. Satellite speakers can hear medium to high-quality sound. Used to give sound frequency.

S / N Ratio

The S/N ratio refers to the difference between the sound produced in the speaker and the surrounding sound. Generally, it is better if the S/N ratio is above 65 dB. You should look into the matter at the time of purchase.

Speakers Depending on One’s Need

If you want to hear less, you can buy a 2: 1 speaker system. 4: 1 speaker is ideal for medium quality sound. And if you want to listen very loudly, you need 5: 1 or 6: 1 speaker. Small speakers fit for laptops. If you have a Bluetooth speaker, it is better. It can be kept in a laptop bag. You can take ‘Rechargeable Portable and PA’ speaker for organizing the event. They have the advantage of using a microphone.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are now a hot topic in the speaker market. The eye-catching device of various colors, features, designs, and sizes is also very popular as a gift.

There are many brands of waterproof Bluetooth speakers in the market. There is a demand for such speakers among travelers. When you go around, you want to listen to songs that are hidden in a beautiful environment and in harmony with the environment. In that case, if you have a Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy music and nature together.

However, you should buy a good-branded Bluetooth speaker. The quality of various Chinese non-brand speakers in the market is not good. In most cases, there is a problem with the charge or the battery.

EWA has introduced wireless mini size Bluetooth speakers in the country market. Its speakers are very small, can be stuck to the palm of the hand.

Some Important Tips

  • You must check the sound at the time of purchase. In that case, it should be bought from a shop where the outside noise is less penetrating.
  • Good sound is obtained by keeping the speaker in an open room. It is better not to keep the speaker in the room where the echo is. If there is carpet in the room, the echo is less.
  • Like other gadgets, the main enemy of the speaker is dust. Care should be taken so that dust does not fall on the speaker. The speaker should be wiped with a clean cloth at least once a day. Care should be taken so that the clothes do not get wet.
  • Brand and good sound speakers should be bought without spending much money on the back of the speaker for remote control or other function.

Some Products from EWA brand are Given Below -

EWA A150 Bluetooth Speaker

The model number of this speaker is A150. It works without a wireless connection. It has a strong battery, strong sound, and a microphone connected. The weight of this speaker is 1 kg. It is made in China.

AjkerDeal has brought different models of speakers from the EWA brand. To avail them, please visit