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Esonic IT-807 801 Mouse By Shoyeb Organization৳ 185
Esonic G31 DDR2 motherboard৳ 3250
ESONIC 61 MOTHERBOARD (2nd & 3rd Generation)৳ 3900
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Esonic Motherboard Brand in Bangladesh

Esonic is mainly produced motherboards. It is a computer accessory producing brand. 


A motherboard is a printed circuit board that serves as the foundation of a computer. It is located under the computer chassis or on the backside. The motherboard supplies power to other devices on the computer and maintains communication with the CPU, RAM, and other hardware. The most important part of this is Ram.

There are many other names for motherboard like MB, Base Board, Mobo, Main Board, Main Circuit Board, M-Board, System Board, Planner Board, Logic Board, etc. There are different types of motherboards depending on the size and type of computer.

Components of Motherboard

There are many things on the motherboard, below is a list of the main components-

A memory slot, Expansion slots like PCI Express, AGP, Four pin power connector, Three-pin case pen connector, System panel connector, Back Pain connector, Floppy connection, IDE or ATA disk drive primary connection, Hit sink, Inductor, Southbridge, Northbridge, Capacitor, 24 pin ATX power supply connector, Serial port connector, USB header, Raid, FWH, CD-in, Jumpers, CPU socket, Screw hole, etc.

Some of the components are given below -


ROM or Read-Only Memory is another primary memory that is basically a permanent storage unit. There are two types, such as ROM BIOS and ROM BASIC, but ROM BASIC is not used at present. A number of instructions or instructions in ROM BASIC are given with the time of making the computer which is displayed on the screen as soon as the computer is turned on. The BIOS probe checks whether the various input and output devices are working properly by post POST Power on Self Test power on cell paste. The instructions in the room are usually deleted or erased.


RAM or random access memory is a primary memory that acts as a temporary one. Usually, the RAM on the motherboard is blank. This blank memory is usually supplied with dynamic RAM or SIMM. However, some motherboards use memory cards instead of memory banks.

USB Port USB Port 

USB ports are commonly used to connect scanners, digital cameras, etc. Currently, however, all USB keyboards are used. The Pentium or its next motherboard has a 4 pin USB port attached.

Power Connector Power Connector

The power supply from the power supply to the motherboard is supplied from the power connector. XT or Extended Technology and AT or advanced Technology motherboards have 12 pin power connectors.

Serial Port Serial Port

Usually, these two types of serial ports COM1 and COM2 are connected to the 9 Pin mail connector port, Pentium, or its subsequent motherboard. Mouse and modem are usually connected to the serial port.

Conventional Memory

The first 640kb memory used by a computer is called Conversation Memory. This is also called base memory.

VIP Switch

Only the IP switch of the XT computer can be seen. The X computer usually does not have any setup utility, so this type of computer configuration is fixed by the DIP Switch with 8 on-off switches.

LED Monitor

The full meaning of the word LED is Light Emitting Diode. The biggest advantage of LED monitors is that they consume 40% less power than LCD monitors. LED monitors use a type of backlighting diode called CCFL or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. 


Some Products from Esonic are given below -

Esonic Square LED Monitor

The model of this monitor is ES1701 17. The screen size is 17 inches. The contrast ratio is 400:1 and the resolution is 1280 x 1024. It has a panel widescreen. The monitor’s connectivity is VGA and the speakers are not included with it.

Esonic Wide Screen HD LED Monitor

The size of this monitor is 19 Inches. Its resolution is 1366 x 786.

The screen size is 19 inches and it has a panel widescreen. The contrast ratio is 1000:1.

Esonic LED Monitor

The code of this monitor M 0006. The screen size is 15 inches. It has reflected a design. It has an angle view, photo frame mode, easy color adjustment, and super eco mode. The monitor has a 1-year seller service warranty. The power supply is AC 110~220V and 50 to 60Hz.

Esonic G31 DDR2 Motherboard

This motherboard supports Intel Pentium 4 Pentium, Celeron and
Dual-Core E2XXX. The Intel G31 chipset is South Bridge Intel ICH7 chipset. The Memory is DDR 2533/667/800, SDRAM is 4GB Max is 2 DDR2. It Supports LAN Realtek RTL8103EL or RTL8100C. 

ESONIC 61 Motherboard

This motherboard supports the 2nd and 3rd Gen Intel Processor. It has 

Intel H61 Chipset. This is suitable for desktop. The Socket type is LGA 1155 and the form factor is ATX, memory is 2XDDR3. This motherboard has integrated Intel Graphics card. The Hard Drive interface is Serial ATA, LAN 10/100M Ethernet, and the audio is 5.1 HD Audio Codec. The motherboard has a year of warranty.


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