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eScan Antivirus By Shoyeb Organization৳ 410
eScan Total Security Suite 2020 1 PC-1 Year৳ 455
eScan Total Security with Anti Theft Antivirus 2021 - 1 PC / 1 Years৳ 455
eScan Universal Security Suite 2 user৳ 800
eScan Total Security Antivirus with Anti Theft৳ 347
eScan Total Security Suite with Anti-Theft 2020 - 1 PC / 1 Year৳ 455
eScan Universal Security Suite (Multi-device License)৳ 1100
eScan Total Security Suite (with Cloud Security)৳ 720
eScan Mobile Security for android৳ 297
eScan Corporate Edition (with Hybrid Network Support)৳ 2100
eScan Total Security Suite with Free Power Bank & Pen Spray৳ 500
eScan Total Security with Free Power Bank & Pen Spray৳ 500
eScan Total Security Suite with Free Power Bank T-shirt৳ 650
eScan Total Security Suite with Free T-shirt & Mobile Security৳ 550
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eScan Anti-Virus Toolkit


eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV) is an element of the eScan product range and it is one of the most famous supporting tools that is given by us. Customers apply eScan toolkit for malware/adware/spyware removal and further for removing the "after-effects" of malware infection. It is more available as a stand-alone download.


 Many forums across the world suggest and apply eScanAV Antivirus Toolkit (MWAV) for consumers who are affected by "strong" infections. As an outcome of this toolkit, eScan acquired the highest marks for malware disinfection from AV-Comparatives.


 If a consumer purchases eScan, he further gets to use this eScanAV Antivirus Toolkit (MWAV) on every computer which does not have eScan. The Toolkit is more accessible as a stand-alone download.


Endpoint Security


eScan Endpoint Security or device control is a peculiarity that helps customers to defend USB/Flash and other storage devices. Device control additionally presents white-listing and device authentication so that users can "disallow" different devices from unexpectedly infecting their systems. Endpoint Security further provides application control, which is applied for blocking illegal applications.


Lowest memory usage


eScan has one of the feeblest memory-footprints which has less than 10 MB at vacant times amongst every AV product.


FREE eScan Remote Support


eScan is the single product in the market to accommodate the eScan Remote Support facility, combined in the software, and help users to detect and solve malware-related issues, in the quickest possible time-frames.




eScan, now, can boast of the quickest scanner because, different than usual malware databases that every vendor provides, we furthermore provide white-listing databases, which assures that our monitoring only checks for "NEW" hidden files or modified files, and not the usual files.


Malware URL Filter


Socially engineered malware assaults pose one of the enormous risks to individuals and organizations associated with threatening to imperil, damage or divulge sensitive information. These are web pages among links to applications that seem to be safe and are designed to fool the user into downloading them, similar software updates, screen saver applications, video codec upgrade, Fake AV, etc. Additionally, the download link passes a malicious payload whose gratified type would lead to execution. In different words, the web is more being used to soon distribute malware and circumvent traditional security programs.


Comprehensive Protection with Virtual Keyboard


eScan affords magnified Web Protection and Privacy Protection emphasizes, such as User-based Parental Control, Pop-up Filter, and Virtual Keyboard. Parental Control and Pop-up Filters are customizable characteristics that would encourage users to block obscene content and Pop-ups, apiece.


Protection from accidental detections of Operating System files (false-positives)


During April 2010, McAfee consumers entirely across the world suffered a terrible outage because a critical Operating System file was improperly detected as malware by the McAfee engine. This problem will nevermore proceed with eScan because, with the help of Microsoft, and our individual white-listing database, we will never decompose a clean Operating System file. So the prospect of wrongly distinguishing a good OS file as malware is resembling to ZERO.


Auto-detection of gaming mode


eScan is the exclusive product that emphasizes the auto-detection of the gaming method. This means that when a gamer is operating a favorite game, the outcome will go into "idle" or "low-priority" form so that most of the CPU is carried over to the gaming product.


OS Vulnerability checks


Most commodities in the market DETECT non-presence of critical OS updates and notify the user. eScan is the only product that automatically downloads these OS updates and if needed, switches the vulnerabilities.


Auto and free feature additions during the period of contract


eScan is the only commodity that transmits out new features to customers free of cost throughout the contract period. Different vendors deliver out feature additions as a portion of brand-new product releases, for which consumers have to pay.


Auto-backup of critical files


eScan is the single commodity which produces auto-backup features of significant OS and Application files. This is important if a new exception of a file infector contaminates the system.


Windows Based eScan Rescue Disk

eScan Accomplishment Disk presents you a Windows-based clean environment that assists you to scan and clean the system and fix the Windows registry modifications done by viruses.


Works in Safe Mode


In the case of infections, eScan can scan and clean in safe mode.


Buy eScan Online


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