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Buy ESCAM Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh


ESCAM is a prominent name in the field of security products. They are the professional manufacturer of megapixels HD Network Security Cameras. Without ESCAM this is quite  incomplete to talk about security products. Escam dominates the market through their super quality and customer services. 

Nowadays people feel insecure because of unstoppable serial crime everywhere. On account of this Escam security camera is a necessary item to control crime at home and abroad. ESCAM  is specializing in R & D and trying to develop more unique services to their customers.Not only in office ESCAM products are fulfilling the demand of local customers also. Gradually ESCAM expanded  their product line to ensure more better services. They ensure advanced technologies and skilled resources to compete with giant competitors. ESCAM is establishing a global marketing sale which is based on customer-centric services with high standards. 

Not only in China Escam spread their market throughout the world. You are glad to know is giving all Escam Products on their website. is the largest local E-commerce company in Bangladesh. Currently this marketplace has become popular among sellers and buyers. Approximately 400000 products are available on ajkerdeal website. You can easily visit and find every product you need under a solitary umbrella. Consistently ajkerdeal adds  around 1000 items to their classifications to attract online buyers in Bangladesh..   

Types of Product:

Escam works with numerous products which meet the demand of thousands of customers.  Gradually they enhance their product line along with great customer service. All series of their network cameras are certificated by the national QMS, such as ISO9001:2008, CE, FCC, ROHS and so on. ESCAM is committed to provide  safe and reliable cost-effective and more convenient IP video products to satisfy their ultimate customers. They pave the way to build an Innovative tech environment all over the world. They have different types of products. They are as follows-

  1. ESCAM PVR008
  2. ESCAM QF 260
  3. ESCAM G16
  4. ESCAM V6
  5. ESCAM PNK002
  6. ESCAM PNK001
  7. ESCAM QF608
  8. ESCAM PVR002
  9. ESCAM QH005
  10. ESCAM Q2068 etc

Importance of ESCAM:

Since 2011 they are doing tremendously well in the field of technology. ESCAM is the first-class self-owned security brand in the world. They are consistently working for technology development  all over the world. As a tech company they invest heavily on Research and development and try to engage customers in their journey. ESCAM established their factory at ShenZhen,China and operates whole business process from ShenZhen.

They have business in 80 different countries including America, Europe,  Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. Generally selling security products  is a tough job as there are thousands of competitors in the market who are doing well. Though ESCAM came with advanced technologies and unique market strategies. ESCAM provides all products at a reasonable  price.  Hence It enhances customer loyalty and creates customer value. Following customer necessity ESCAM Emphasise  product design and price to grab customer attention. Besides they arrange training sessions  for their customers as they get to know how to install the products. Every year there are innumerable crimes happening all over the world. ESCAM security products keep you unworried all day long and capture all the incidents in IP cameras. Among all other products IP camera is the most popular item to customers. ESCAM earns huge market share selling different types of IP camera which have multi function facilities.

Manufacturing tech products need superior skills and resources. The manufacturing process is very complicated but maintaining  a discreet management helps to do the job. ESCAM took  all the challenges and tried to make something different than other market competitors. When you buy their product you may feel solidity and durability in every product. Though this is very tough to compete with other tech companies who are dominating the security product market. But ESCAM is going its own way. They run their battle and keep their footprints in the competitive market. ESCAM provides quality products at a reasonable price. In order to attain a market share marketer has to be proactive and implement all efficient skills and resources to compete with giant competitors. Without core marketing strategy no organisation wins the battle. ESCAM used their intellect  and  follow price strategy to attract the customers. ESCAM has introduced a large variety of quality products with exclusive, contemporary and customized design. To meet the demand of national and international market ESCAM established world class factories in ShenZhen and produces security products using best quality and best resources. Everyday bunch of new products are added in product Skus. All these products ensure top quality so that customers can get quality products at an affordable price. Besides, ESCAM provides after sales service including installation. If customers face any problem ESCAM takes the responsibility and provides best service  to them. ESCAM exports maximum products in different countries and earns foreign remittance as well.

Price on Ajkerdeal:

You can buy all ESCAM products at a reasonable price. Ajkerdeal will provide the best price rather than others e- commerce platforms.  


ESCAM is  a trustworthy name among tech lovers. If you want to keep your house safe buy ESCAM products from Ajkerdeal.