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Engage Woman Tease Deo Spray 150 ml-India ৳ 365
3pcs Combo Engage on Pocket Perfume-17ml-India ৳ 364
Engage woman body 150 ml India৳ 221
engage pocket perfume for women India ৳ 158
Engage On Citrus Fresh Pocket Perfume For Men 18ml (India)৳ 290
ENGAGE WOMEN COOL AQUA PERFUME for women 18ml India ৳ 184
ENGAGE ON ()৳ 317
Citrus Fresh Engage Pocket Perfume for Men - 18ml (Indian)৳ 131
Engage on Classic woody perfumes for men 18 ml (India)৳ 198
Engage on Classic woody + Engage Citrus Fresh Pocket Perfume for men Combo Offer৳ 374
Engage on (Sweet Blossom) ladies body spray - 18 ML - India ৳ 273
engage pocket perfume for women India৳ 162
Engage pocket perfume for men India৳ 170
Engage Citrus Fresh Pocket Perfumes - 18ml India৳ 198
Engage perfume For Women 1pcs 150 ml৳ 347
Engage on (Sweet Blossom) ladies body spray (India)-18ml৳ 408
Engage Classy Woody Pocket Perfume - 18ml৳ 284
Engage On (pocket perfume men) - 18ml India৳ 194
ENGAGE ON Pocket Perfume 18ml India 18ml India৳ 230
Engage on Classic woody Perfume for men - 18ml (India)৳ 299
engage pocket perfume for women India৳ 162
Engage Woman Pocket Perfume for Women৳ 153
AXE Pocket Perfume Champion for Men 17 ml + Engage on (Sweet Blossom) ladies body spray 18ml combo৳ 699
Engage on Classic woody Perfume for men - 18ml (India)৳ 299
Engage pocket perfume 18ml India ৳ 255
Cool Marine Pocket Perfume for Men - 18ml৳ 144
engage pocket perfume for men India৳ 162
Engage on Classic woody + Engage Citrus Fresh Pocket Perfume for Men Combo Offer৳ 300
Engage Pocket Perfume -india (3piece)৳ 378
On Floral Fresh Pocket Perfume For Women - 18 ml৳ 135
engage pocket perfume India৳ 162
ENGAGE women pocket perfume (India)৳ 199
Citrus Fresh Pocket Perfume -18ml৳ 135
engage pocket perfume India 3pcs ৳ 365
Woody Pocket Perfume - 18 ml৳ 135
Combo Of 6 On Sweet Blossom Pocket Perfume For Women - 18 ml৳ 880
Sweet Blossom Pocket Perfume - 18 ml৳ 199
Combo Of 6 On Pocket Perfume For Women - 18 ml৳ 880
Pack Of 6 Pocket Perfume For Man - 18 ml৳ 875
Combo Of 6 On Pocket Perfume For Men and Women - 18 ml৳ 780
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Engage Products Online Shop in Bangladesh - Buy Body Spray at the Cheapest Price

Engage is a personal care brand launched by ITC. In May 2013 ITC launched this personal care brand. Engage is a couple of deodorants. Engage consists of a variety of 16 deodorants - with 8 fragrances each for Men & Women. Engage's a proposition of playful chemistry has been complemented with the innovative packaging design that brings alive special couple moments engaging in a new language of affections. 

Products of Engage

Engage brand has huge personal care products. Like, Engage Does categories consists of Rush & Blush, Mate & Spell, Urge & Tease, Drizzle & Frost, Trail & Jump, O'Whiff & Intensity, Tempt & Fuzz, Abandon & Awe. Engage Cologne Sprays consists Cologne G1, Cologne G2, Cologne G3, Cologne G4, Cologne xx1, Cologne xx2, Cologne xx3, Cologne xx4. Engage Perfume Spray consists of M1 Perfume Spray, M2 Perfume Spray, M3 Perfume Spray, M4 Perfume Spray, W1 Perfume Spray, W2 Perfume Spray, W3 Perfume Spray, W4 Perfume Spray. Engage Sport consists of Sport Fresh For Him, Sport Cool For Him, Sport Fresh For Her, Sport Cool For Her. Pocket Perfume consists of ON+ Breezy Flip, ON+ Forest Flip, ON+ Musky Flip, Classic Woody, Cool Marine, Citrus Fresh, Cool Aqua, Sweet Blossom, Floral Fresh. Engage ON+ Premium Perfume consists of  Eau de Argentia, Yin, Homme, Yang. 

Engage design their products with more specialty. For men, they choose a bold, modern look and have been designed in classical black with a tinge of effervescent colors. For women, they choose bright hues of Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green on a can shape designed with contemporary feminine patterns. 

Engage Rush body spray for men

Engage Rush Deo Spray is for men, that is bold, masculine fragrance and long-lasting. The body spray comes in a net quantity of 150ml and with a modern look.  It has been designed in classical black with a tinge of effervescent colors. It has been crafted to enhance men’s personal grooming and confidence. It balances sweet and effectively removes the foul body odor-causing bacteria.

This body spray for men is gentle and non-irritating on the skin. You can use this one as regularly and also apt for every occasion from the office to parties. Spray it from 10-15cms away from the body and spray all over, concentrating more on the underarm area because it is body spray. Product descriptions are Imported from India, Provides 24-hour freshness, Engage Rush Body Spray - 165ml. 

Engage Cologne XX3 Gents Body Spray 


Engage Cologne XX3 to have a higher fragrance dosage & 0% Gas. It is made especially for men thereby enabling long-lasting chemistry. Products information are Quantity: 135ml, Item Form: Spray 0 percent gas, Target Audience: Men, Package Contents: 1 Cologne Spray, Country of Origin: India. It is suitable for both daily use and special occasions like parties, weddings, birthday. It can be used on both body and clothes. Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the can approximately 15cm from your body or clothes as you spray it.

Engage Pocket Perfume for Women(Floral Fresh)


Engage pocket perfume has a range of fresh and irresistible fragrances that keep the chemistry between men and women sizzling for 24 hours. A romantic fragrance is made for trendy, chic women. Its fragrance is a sweet blend of Rose, Violet and Pink Pepper that provide deep, sensual notes. But it is not overwhelming. It is ideal for women who want to stay irresistible and charming in the evening. It can keep you smelling all day long and ensures 24 hrs freshness. Its size is made as travel-friendly so that it easily can carry and applied on the go. Products information is Fragrance: floral fresh, 250 sprays 24 hrs long-lasting, Net vol 18.8 ml, and Made in India.

Engage Pocket Perfume for Women(Cool Aqua) 


Engage Pocket perfume Cool Aqua is an invigorating fragrance with a burst of freshness with Citrus, Lavender and rich Wood notes. It is a statement of the classic and romantic, of extravagance and elegance that keep the chemistry between him and her sizzling for 24 hours. It can keep you smelling great all day long with captivating & irresistible fragrances. It is travel-friendly perfumes, you can carry anywhere you go. It is ideal for any occasion where you want to look stunning. You can spray 250 times.

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Engage is crafted by international experts this range delivers strong and long-lasting fragrances. You can get Engage beautiful collection at affordable prices at 

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Some Important Instructions

Store it in any cold & dry place and keep away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. Keep away from children because it can cause problems for babies.